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Should society be forced to accept the LGBTQ?

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Started: 1/15/2020 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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In the really start I want to say that I speak with a clear mind, And do not hate people who belong in the LGBTQ community. I believe that many of these people are good, But some. . . . Are a**holes. For example, Their was a situation where a gay couple were getting married and ordered a wedding cake from a christian wedding catering service. When requesting how their cake will look, They asked the man to put two groom figurines at the top, To which the man declined, Saying it was against his beliefs. When hearing this, The couple sued the Man and his establishment in court, In which they won, And the man was forced to shut down his business. Another example are many transgender people, Who believe they have "changed", And are now either a he or a she. By calling them by what they biologically are, A person is being a "hater" and disrespectful. I am not alright with this not because of what the person thinks they are, But the fact that they force me to accept them and play along with their imagination. These are just some of the examples, But I feel that some LGBTQ people abuse and harass others with the excuse of that they are homophobic, Haters, Religious bigots, Etc. Any thoughts?


Typical. I didn't even need to look at your profile to fully understand that you are in your teens and you support Donald rancid bar fly sandpaper to his you know where areas nuclear holocaust Trump, Easily the worst president that this country has ever seen, By far. It's not even a contest. This says one heck-of-a-lot about your debate.
"And do not hate people who belong in the LGBTQ community. " Actually you do hate the LGBTQ community, Otherwise you would have not created this debate. You might not hate it as much as the next person or the next person next to you, But you do hate them.
Everything you've mentioned is over and done with and has happened a few years ago for crying out loud.
Oh and btw, There are sweaty pieces of rear end wipes in every single community on earth to screw everything up. However, There doesn't have to be. But you know what? People have evolved. According to PBS's Nova that was shown about a month ago, There was an episode on violence. 10, 000 years ago 1 in 1, 000 was murdered. Today it's one in one million that are murdered. It's because back then there was practically no government and equality. Today there is in comparison. Also, And this is a biggie, Human skulls have evolved and because of that, The testosterone levels have decreased dramatically. Being gay has nothing to do with it. It's like you put that LGBTQ stamp on the foreheads of those who are gay in just for the sake of it as a stumbling block because you are just looking for something to argue about and bring up something to drive home YOUR ideals on. . . Yeah you guessed it, Hate. So again, If it's not hate, Pull your debate. If it is hate, Let everybody see your GLORIOUS words of eloquence. Wow.
Also religion, You mentioned it. Really? Leviticus 20:13. Now look up the MANY translations of that very specific verse. Just the English translations are fine. Do you really think that it's just and noble to issue death warrants on someone just because they are gay? Y____? N____? If not, Then why did you mention it? If it's a yes, Then this solidifies your positioning of hate.
So really, What message are you trying to spread? It's not one of peace, Love, And harmony that's for sure.
Debate Round No. 1


Alrighty then! Before I continue with my argument, Here are a few things that I want everyone to understand.

1. I do not condemn the LGBT, I condemn some actions that happen inside the community.

2. My political and religious views have nothing to do with my opinion, Therefor I ask for us not to stray from the Debate.

I believe, That as people who lives in a country that was founded on democracy, All people have the right to do what they want, Without being persecuted by an opposing group and the society. The main thing that I am concerned is: Must people be forced to accept them, Such as certain religious groups or political parties, By having penalties put up on them if they speak against it? This is the paradox that comes with freedom. It would seem that everyone, Since they have the chance to practice free speech and opinion, Should live in harmony. Sadly, This is not true. Usually, It always ends up being that one party will always be in a better situation than the other one, And this ruins the scale of justice that I think both groups deserve to have equally. When explaining the situation with the baker, It would that as a individual, He would have the right to refuse to make the cake with something with the idealogy that his religion forbade him, And yet, He still is punished for something that by logic, He should have the right to practice. It isn´t that he necessarily hated the people, It is that he truly did believe in what he is doing is right, And for that he was condemned. (Here is an article on the story)
https://www. Nbcnews. Com/politics/politics-news/baker-who-refused-make-cake-gay-wedding-i-don-t-n880061

That is what I have a problem with, The fact that some, Not all, But very vocal members of the LGBT will not stop until I fully embrace what they are doing, Without any regard that by doing so, I am throwing away my personal idealogies and potentially everything I was raised in to believe is good. About your mention of the verse in the old testament, I understand your point, And how you might believe that by following the lord, Christians are just waiting to get their hands on you. . . No, That is not so. I am a religious, Yet I have 3 friends who identify themselves as part of the LGBT community. They are very fine and wonderful people, Of which I sometimes think are even better than the so-called christians out there. But there are some individuals who use their sexuality as their some sort of a free pass, Which everyone one must now let them out on things that straight people must go through. . . .

An experience I know is one that happened to me personally. If I recall correctly, Homosexuality/same sex marriage became legal around 2015, And this was about the time when I was in middle school. At first, Nothing seemed to change. Nothing was different, Though some individuals were more brighter than usual. Eventually, One by one people started coming out as gay, Lesbian, Etc. Some people were angry, While most accepted them, And life went on like normal. Everything was fine until I got to high school. In that time, I remember 3 girls coming up to me, Asking to be friends. I thought since we had many classes, They really wanted to hang out, Maybe even one of them liked me! For a couple of weeks we hanged out, But after a while, They seemed to become distant, As if they were not satisfied with what they found. After a month, They asked me if I was gay, To which I replied that, No, I wasn´t. After that, I still saw them around, But our friendship had come to an end. About investigating more about this event, It turned out that being gay was a trend. It was popular, And greatly increased your social status if you were gay or had a gay friend. This moment was really shocking to me because I did not think people would change their attitude towards a person just because they have a different sexuality. Later in life, I begin to notice more cases where people would become, Or at least pretend, To be gay for the benefits that came with it. I am frustrated because homosexuality stopped being someone"7; feelings towards a their special somebody, And more like a branding of some sort. You could´ve been a lonely, Boring person, But now. . . . . You are brave, Suddenly you are free as a bird, The God of art and fashion, And a poor soul of a woman who ended up in a man"7; body.

Not only do you have a bonus in character (i guess), But now you can do whatever you like. . .

¨What! ? You think I am a bad person? I think you are a homophobe!
¨What! ? I still have moral rules to follow? Get lost you Religious Bigot!

These are only examples of people who are trying to have more freedom in their life, But then there are people who are truly evil, And get to the point of harassing anybody who doesn´t do everything they say. The worst I believe are Homosexuals who target straight teenagers and their whole love life consists out of ¨converting¨ teenagers who are still trying to find themselves as an individual. Stuff like this is what I hate that a few of the members of the LGBT do. Not all are bad, But the bad ones are putting up a horrible reputation for the rest of the people that are similiar to them in sexual identity.

The Bottom line for this round is that I wish homosexuality was not the only thing that Gay people had. That it wasn´t just unorthodox dressing and a big fat sign that screams: Accept me OR ELSE. . . . . I wish the fact that they are homosexual was not shoved up my throte, But instead, Their good personalities and that they are just like us, And that our differences should not seperate us. I wish that both the LGBT community and Religious groups had a bubble which was respected by both parties. If a man likes a man, Christians should not persecute them, While if a man refuses to make a cake for a gay couple because it is against what he believes in, Let him do what he believes is right.

The only way the LGBT community will be accepted is when they stop forcing everyone one to do it. This is, What I think, Is a message of Love. If not love, Than at least their is a mutual respect between the two parties, Which will not force anyone onto their side.
Hope to hear soon.



"1. I do not condemn the LGBT, I condemn some actions that happen inside the community. "
Would you condemn Hitler and the nazi's? What about Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, Hong Xiuquan, God, Religion, Serial killers, Satanists, Robbers, Rapists, Pedophiles, Those who belong to expressive cults, Donald yeast infection Trump who has lied and or made misleading claims 15, 413 since taking office until Dec 19, 2019 according to The Washington Post and should rightly and justly be impeached, Etc etc and what has happened and continues to happen within their communities in which are clearly without question far far far worse? Y____? N____?
In other words, Why are you singling out the LGBTQ community and not some other despondent thing and or community that truly matters and or makes a difference in this world especially when the LGBTQ community has a lot going for it and a lot of horrific things have hit hard or did you forget what happened at The Pulse a few years ago? You haven't forgotten the other things you mentioned which are truly ridiculous. And let's be REAL honest here, The LGBTQ community has pretty much ---always--- been squashed all around the world simply because of religion, Especially because of an ignorant positioning of a so-called unproven storybook character god of print only in its bible.
"The main thing that I am concerned is: Must people be forced to accept them, " EVERY community, Every person MUST take the positioning of forcing their ideals otherwise individuals and communities cannot be respected and accepted. If you don't stand up and be even a little bit forceful, And always remain passive, Life will pass that specific individual or community by and not even think twice. Politicians as examples are so grand at forcing their ideals down everybody's throats. They MUST force their ideals for what they state, Not necessarily for what they believe in as nearly all politicians don't, Down the throats of voters in order to be elected.

Obviously you are religious. So again what do you think about your unproven god wanting to put you to death simply because you are gay? Do you think it's just____? Or unjust ____? Here's some other things your so-called god wants to put you to death for. . .
According to your unproven storybook character god of print only you should be put to death if you blaspheme. Should this act be carried out, Namely death, If you break your unproven god's law? Also is this a proper belief that everyone should cling to just because it's in the bible? Y____? N____? Leviticus 24:16. According to your unproven god, You should be put to death if you work on the sabbath. Should this act be carried out, Namely death, If you break your so-called god's law? Also is this a proper belief that everyone should cling to just because it is in the bible? Y____? N____? Exodus 31:14, And Numbers 15: 32-36. According to your unproven god you should be put to death if you curse at your parents. Should this act be carried out, Namely death, If you break your so-called god's law? Also is this a proper belief that everyone should cling to just because it is in the bible? Y____? N____? Exodus 21:17, Leviticus 20:9, Mark 7:10, Matthew 15:4. Should this act be carried out, Namely death, If you break your so-called god's law? Also is this a proper belief that everyone should cling to just because it is in the bible? Y____? N____? Leviticus 20:10. Those 4 death warrants are directly from YOUR 10 commandments so you cannot argue with them as much as you'd like to. Should this act be carried out, Namely death, If you break your so-called god's law? Also is this a proper belief that everyone should cling to just because it is in the bible? Y____? N____? Deuteronomy 13: 9-10 and Deuteronomy 17: 2-5. Sure! Please do look up the verses for yourself!
But this debate is supposed to be about the forcefulness of the LGBTQ community. Um no. Is it? Not really. You've more than proven that.
In other words following what is printed in the bible is one thing. Following what is true in your heart, Mind, And soul and working towards peace, Prosperity, And care is quite another.

"But there are some individuals who use their sexuality as their some sort of a free pass, " Some, But it's so ridiculously negligible that everybody mentioned previously in this RD easily takes precedence as well as many others not listed as they get free passes. Now let's be r-e-a-l honest here also, You in being only 17, Do you r-e-a-l-l-y- know what s-e-x is? Especially from a homosexual standpoint of view? Admittedly in me being 58, And no I did not accept your debate just to "pick on teenagers day" it's to "stop anyone from picking subjects that they don't know what they are talking about day AND especially stop others from stepping on toes of others from seclusion by delusion day" and you being 17, You've got a long way to go before you understand your surroundings in which case you may never understand them. I somewhat do. It's an ongoing process and I do the research for the subjects that I care about so I have the knowledge, Education and intelligence to be able to stand up for what I know. But with this type of a debate that you've harnessed, Let's be real honest here, You didn't do much research if any. That's your fault and problem. Your entire "An experience. . . " paragraph is proof of that. It's a great story, Sure, But it proves nothing. It's not valid research. No offense.

"The worst I believe are Homosexuals who target straight teenagers and their whole love life consists out of "converting" teenagers who are still trying to find themselves as an individual. " How many does that happen to? Do you even know? Have you done some actual research on this? No, You haven't. So until you do, All you say is just hearsay and nothing more. And until you do some actual research on this and come up with some valid statements, Something that can be verified as evidence and truth, Not just your truth which is a very big difference, Then your entire debate falls completely apart and is in total shambles.
Debate Round No. 2
This round has not been posted yet.
This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Noemad5v 2 years ago
This could have been an interesting debate as it is such a socially prevalent topic. Ghost and 1000L seemed to This could have been an interesting debate as it is such a socially prevalent topic. Ghost and 1000L seemed to offer intelligent perspectives and comments. I"m not a fan of a strict formal debate format but I also can"t even follow Backwardseden's train of thought other than he is very angry, Feels he knows a lot and is apparently in a position to both know others by what they write and judge them. Personal attacks, Of a President (any) or otherwise, Have no place in a true dialog of opposing ideas if, As with many of us, The act of debate is a means to change hearts and minds, Either our own or others. Its amazing what can happen from talking. You should give the topic another try. I am struggling with the issue and would find a dialog with someone who can intelligently support an affirmative view meaningful.
Posted by Ghost_Of_David 2 years ago
So, I guess I win?
He just ran away from the issue in the most fancy way possible, But the only thing he did was ramble and give me a headache, Nothing more. I believe this is one of the reasons we are not getting along. Because these type of people only spit out hate and blame, And excuse all of this by saying they were hurt. I sincerely did try to be rooted in facts and have a respectful view of the opponent"s opinion, But next time, If we have a debate that is somewhat similar to this, Backwardseden should not be the person to represent his side"s cause.
Posted by 1000lifetimes 2 years ago
"If you "hate the one to tell me", Then don't tell me. DUH" " Unfortunately, Whether I want to tell you or not, Clarifying your mistake was necessary.

"But there's nothing you can tell me that I don't already know. " " Are you sure? "I"m old, Therefore I know EVERYTHING" can"t possibly be your position, Can it?

The remainder of your first response to me was incoherent. More "rubber ducky spotted testicle fur roast meat side odors" rambling. I can only conclude that if you had a valid point to make, You"d have made it clearly by now.

Your next post begins with rambling about education. May I suggest you using free text-to-speech software to read your own posts back to you? They are unintelligible and suggest the author may have a substance abuse issue.

Next, You"ve decided to bring up how many friends you have and the longevity of your friendships. This is immaterial to the discussion of "Should society be forced to accept the LGBTQ? " You"ve also assumed that many of the people on DDO (including me) have no friends? Bringing us back to you being arrogant, Irrelevant and wrong (at least about me)!

"Bring---it---on. I DO NOT fear comcrete parachuters like you. " And "OK that was fun. You lost my interest. Time for my nap! " don"t work together! You can"t say "bring it on! " and then run away expecting to be taken seriously. They ALWAYS run away! So disappointing!

Regarding the TOPIC! I don"t think you can force people to FULLY accept anything like this. Human Rights Laws in which you add "LGBTQ+" next to "Race, Religion, Gender, Age etc. " can be helpful, But in the end, You"re always going to have detractors and naysayers. I believe the key is to get people to WANT to accept you, Not to demand acceptance at the point of the proverbial bayonet (which will only result in lip-service). Hate, Ignorance and unfair assumptions from EITHER SIDE will only stifle progress. Remember, If you hate someone, The simplest course of action is to hate you back!
Posted by backwardseden 2 years ago
@Ghost_Of_David - Who and or what would say that "Hate is not Intellect. "? That's one of the dumbest things stated of all time. It's puked out from your stem of hate right up there easily in the top 5 dumbest things ever stated with someone actually knowing unto himself that one of the 10 commandments is overeating and obesity.
Nearly every single serial killer that has ever lived is all considered to be intellectuals. They have to be as they stalk their prey and thus murder their what they catch and kill and get away with it for nearly all of them. Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Hong Xiuquan, Stalin, Are all intellectuals. They have to be as well even for them to get off the ground, Thus propagate their hate and gain somewhat of a following and then to commit their wars against those that they hate. YOUR unproven character storybook god of print only is pure unadulterated hate according to your bible. You might want to read it sometime. Sure that's a lot of intelligence according to you! This line of thinking can go on and on and on and on. . . You are flat out 100% wrong.
"I cannot judge you on something that I did not experience, " OK I'm ending this. Of course you 100% do. Either you twiddle your lips and you do not know any better or you are a 100% flat out liar. If I was gay, In which case I'm not, You'd most assuredly ---JUDGE--- me and you do judge others, Otherwise you would have not created this s--t of a debate. You just got caught in a supermassive hypocritical contradiction. Investing any more of my esteemed time with you is a complete waste of time because of your crappy excuses that in no possible way can you justify. Yeah. Absolutely I judge YOU for your hate against an entire group of people which is a HUGE MONUMENTAL DIFFERENCE. And YOU can go into denial all you want. Bye.
Posted by Ghost_Of_David 2 years ago
@ backwardseden

Hate is not Intellect. I cannot judge you on something that I did not experience, But so have you, Not experienced what I have in life which was affected by politics and religion (in a good way). This is why my debate had the message of a Community having the respect for their counterparts, Without getting on something that is sacred and personal. We all have a different path and destiny in life, But that doesn"t mean we need to condemn people who follow a different moral compass and way of life than us. This has to be mutual between Religion and the LGBT. If we can show respect to each other, We will be able to teach both of the parties to be tolerant to each other.
Posted by backwardseden 2 years ago
"That"s not how "relevance" works. " Really? TO YOU it might not. OK that was fun. You lost my interest. And I'm not going to give you your needed and required attention on my other debate. You don't deserve it. Time for my nap after Jeopardy. Bye.
Posted by backwardseden 2 years ago
Then it is my right to insult, Degrade, And dehumanize that person. This is taught in college. And if that person does this to any of his supposed genuine friends or loved ones = no genuine friends or loved ones. This is so ridiculously easy to spot and so so so many here on DDO have none. Do you rank among them? It's a HUGE red flag. AND if these people do it to their teachers = instant F every single time. So I'm certainly not going to deal with it. Yeah there's another solution also. I---can---walk---away in which case many times I do. Now what moron wants to hang around with these people = 0? Oh and btw, Try harder because I've got 5 lifelong friends my dear lovely tinker toy. 3 for 45+ years (the very year I became an atheist), 1 for 18 years and another for 19 years. Why? We don't B. S. Each other. Honesty f--ks up a friendship much worse a genuine friendship. So what's your pigeonholed excuse in which I know you've got some? Bring---it---on. I DO NOT fear comcrete parachuters like you.
4 minutes until the news to see how the first day of the impeachment trial went.
Posted by backwardseden 2 years ago
@1000lifetimes - If you "hate the one to tell me", Then don't tell me. DUH. But there's nothing you can tell me that I don't already know. I've seen ---everything--- that there is to see, And then some and then I could tell you about wee little ole me. You have no idea what paint by the numbers suffering is as I could tell you some true stories that would turn your good ole skippy heart black. Btw, You can call me blind, Arrogant, A sheepish doggie doo all you want. Your spotted testicle fur that surrounds your aura isn't much to brag about until you take a dip in a pool of wading pinching piranhas. Oh and btw, The teeny boppers that you desperately defend, When they come out of their smokestacks and attack others if you wish to call my garlic onion beer deodorant belly lint ominous on their paper lunch sacks, Yeah, You know that transparent oblivion wrap that you give them for "pump me up" roast meat side odors, Is it Tokyo Story or Jaws: The Revenge?
Goodie for you that you find my hate for Donald typhoid malaria bubonic plague Trump the worst president of all time to be quite amusing. I mean you do fully understand that it has quite a few things in common with the unproven storybook character god of print only bumbling babbling baby brained big black bible - correct? You probably do also. But that would take a few more of your posts to properly analyze.
Oooo ouch. That hurt. Aaaagony. Pain. Discomfort. I know! My pet rubber ducky will come to my aid and give my heated red rectal itch some super needed bionic healing powers from the dastardly deeds of terrorizer words of villainous discouragement you have flung at me.
Um no idiot. . . When morons like you come on in here and show 0% of intelligence or education especially on the topic that you profess to have knowledge upon but really don't and yet you pretend you do, And because you don't you invent excuses for it and or flat out lie. Bad idea which is so f--king easy to spot.
Posted by 1000lifetimes 2 years ago
@backwardseden I hate to be the one to tell you, But your blind assumptions about me hit the trifecta of "arrogant", "irrelevant" and "incorrect". Although, I do find your hate for Donald Trump to be quite amusing, Mainly because you and The Donald both use similar tactics: Ignoring the argument, And simply attacking the person making it, In the manner appropriate for a 15-year-old (what with all the "muffy-wuffy" name calling).

"Donald Trump is WORSE than the gay community, Therefore it"s relevant! " - That"s not how "relevance" works. Liberian warlords are EVEN WORSE than Donald Trump, Does that make them relevant too? EVEN WORSE are people who put PINEAPPLE ON PIZZA! Therefore, If GhostOfDavid puts pineapple on his pizza, His views on LGBTQ+ MUST BE WRONG! XD

"GhostOfDavid also brought up religion. . . I didn't" -- Are you sure? You may want to check again. He used one or two words initially, But you were the one who brought it up and started thumping your bible!

"For me, It's that word "forced". This was an interesting point, I was curious where you were going with this, But what you wrote after just seemed like rambling.

""Neither party has the whole thing figured out" WRONG. " Do tell - which group has the WHOLE THING figured out?

"You accept people as they are. You do not turn people into what you want them to be. " Then why attack someone for liking Trump or being religious?

Your statements are either self-contradicting or comes off like rambling. I recommend reading what you post before you post it. You"ve failed to make any logical coherent arguments. While being on the side advocating acceptance, You"ve demonstrated a LACK of acceptance for someone else"s beliefs.
Posted by backwardseden 2 years ago
@Ghost_Of_David - There are many reasons why DDO could have possibly not accepted your argument for RD3 and yep, It's pure s--t in which case is the fault of DDO in which case you could have not known. Personally I hate it and so does nearly everybody else that has an account here.
OK rule #1 type your debates and posts out in google docs FOR EVERYTHING. Google docs saves everything you type so that way when you are finished, All you have to do is merely copy and paste what you have thus typed and should DDO not accept it, You will have it saved in google docs.
* Most of the main reasons why arguments and posts fail on DDO is because of the coding of links, Especially extended links. Get rid of them. However, Nearly every single time DDO will take youtube links. Sometimes DDO will take links, It depends on which ones and their codes.
* Sometimes DDO will not take bible verses. It depends on which ones. Get rid of them.
* DDO WILL NOT take curse world such as a$$. Get rid of all curse words.
* DDO will not take lists. Such as the number 1 billion. Type out the number instead of all the 0's. If you use the number 500, 000 too many times in your debate, DDO will not take it. Type the number out.
* The same is true with lists of words like no no no too many times will doom your argument/ post and DDO will erase it.
There's a few other nasty little unnecessary little things DDO does that are really disturbing that screw up people's debates. Hopefully those are helpful.
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