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Should the UN ban compaines from genetically modifying their livestock?

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Started: 1/13/2020 Category: Science
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Should the UN ban companies from GMO'ing their livestock to make a larger profit?


Genetically modified food is important in society - whether or not you know it. Without it, Agriculture would be much more difficult than it is today, Meaning prices of everyday food items go up. This not only affects crops, But animal products as well. GMO modifications allow for farmers to more easily grow the very foods that you eat. Imagine if YOU were a farmer and had to worry about whether or not your crops were going to even last enough to bear anything useful to sell. Meanwhile, The consumer (you), Can ONLY stand to benefit from GMO since it helps make the production aspects easier and more efficient - which means the price is LOWER due to less expensive and simplified agriculture.

The changing of genetics has ALWAYS been a thing - only it was done over centuries through BREEDING plants and animals. Now, The process is much easier - since you can change the genetics yourself selectively.

Imagine making cows more resistant to mad cow disease - so you don't have to worry about eating contaminated meat that came from a cow infected under the radar. Think of pigs who were genetically modified with some spinach genes which made the meat healthier. Imagine having cows producing milk that's closer to the nutritional content of a human woman's breast milk - so that the milk is more beneficial to us.

Moreover, It doesn't even make sense for GMO food to be dangerous since it's literally the tweaking of genes. Evolution has been doing this for the past 4 or so billion years. Every cow has a different genetic code than any other cow. The FDA has approved GMO foods for human consumption, And there has been no study showing they have any danger to us. Therefore, There's NO REASON to ban companies from genetically engineering either their plants or animals - as long as it's humane.

This is a good article to read:

washingtonpost - avoiding-gmos-isnt-just-anti-science-its-immoral

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