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Socialism is inevitable

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Started: 10/13/2019 Category: Politics
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Socialism has failed many time in history, Doesn't matter how many times did you fail before you learned to walk or swim, How many centuries did man try and fail to fly? Now we land on the moon and mars, We will get where we want to go


Hello billsands, I look forward to debating this topic with you.

I am interested to hear your points as to why socialism is inevitable.

I hope you can provide clarification, As I cannot see the points you are attempting to make in your opening statement. You begin the presentation of your stance by stating "socialism as failed many time in history", A statement that blatantly refutes your initial claim. If is has failed many times, It is very logical that an attempt at making a country socialist will fail again, And in fact socialism is not inevitable.

You then go on to try to compare a nation enacting socialism to the process of learning how to walk, Or man learning how to fly. I honestly cannot see how socialism relates in the slightest to these topics.

And finally you state, "We will get where we want to go". But who is to say that socialism is always the desired outcome? An extremely large portion of the world's population has a negative view of socialism, And thus your view that "we want to go" towards a state of socialism is simply incorrect.
Debate Round No. 1


how many times did you fail before you made a girl orgasm? When you went to drive a car did it take practice did you make mistakes? For 500 years we failed at attempts to fly then we had balloons lighter than air then we put a washing machine engine of a kite then we landed on the moon how many failures were there till we got that rocket off the ground? Did democracy work the first time. . I refer you to the french revolution that failed to and yet all successful societies embrace the values of that failed revolution don't they? Don't they? Well like that. . It may take 1000 years but we will get there it won't be a straight trajectory but eventually in our wanders we will arrive


Did you really just compare the implementation of socialism to learning sex? The fact that you base your political views on your personal sex history is honestly quite disturbing.

You failed to attempt to respond to any of my points in my first post, And instead simply brought up random historical events that don't have anything to do with socialism. It leaves me honestly wondering, Do you even know what socialism is?

And then you try to say that because the French revolution failed, We will arrive at socialism? This does not make any logical sense whatsoever. The fact that the french revolution failed has nothing to do with socialism.
Debate Round No. 2


yes i did and they are the same so id riding a bicycle


I have no further arguments. The instigator has not responded to many of my points, And has stated that sex and socialism are the same thing, To which I firmly disagree.

End of argument.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by billsands 2 years ago
you assume that the wealth was theirs in the first place wealth is the theft redistribution is reparation
Posted by anc2006 2 years ago
"how many times did you fail before you made a girl orgasm? "

What kind of example is that?
Posted by NathanH12 2 years ago
Socialism is evil because you cannot steal someone else's money even if you vote to steal it.

Change my mind
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