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Some DDO members are just trolling losers

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Started: 12/14/2017 Category: Arts
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Debating Period
Viewed: 1,144 times Debate No: 105844
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Some DDO users are real losers, I don't want to point a finger
but one specific member who thinks she is a thinker
while on this site she trolls and lingers
having no friends and just living on here
hoping I would stop embarrassing her and disappear
with my clever rap and about her; sounding like Shakespeare
Emilrose is this persons lame made up name
let's go, I'm all up for this rap battle game
bring what you have you trolling loser,
you are a pathetic lonely accuser
You can't contribute anything useful on this site with your lame political views
posts that fail to amuse and are just an excuse
I'm going to have to start drinking some booze
because your posts are making me snooze
this kid thinks she is so bright and intellectual
yet her post are filled with profanity and are ineffectual
These rhymes come to me so naturally and I can create them factually
I don't need hours or days to make this rap
about how Emilrose just posts crap
so bring it on and challenge to a rap battle
instead of being a crybaby and going to tattle.
Of course if you are too scared to take on this challenge
because mentally you are unbalanced
I will understand you are just a loser
with nothing useful to contribute as a DDO user
I'm throwing down the gauntlet
so lets go, you are being taunted
Lets see your creative rap now, it's wanted
Otherwise I know you are just a kid that's daunted
and my posts for you feel haunted


Fanboy McBitch, I've been waiting for this


You're a f-ggot person that's for certain

i'll leave you on the pavement hurtin'

stop makin' faces like a plastic surgeon

I'm boutta embarrass this middle-aged virgin

he's still searchin' noone will take up the burden

the only way he'll get his d-ck wet's coercion

the public is scared of me like an Arabic man wearin' a turban.


I'm a 21 savage beat assassin

I'm beatin' this geek with passion

smother you like an avalanche

and make more beef than a cattle ranch

bars bringin' fans closer

I'm dissin' f-gs over claimin' they've written raps colder

noone is doper b-tch your face will appear on a missing cat poster

when I whack you so hard it knocks your fitted cap over


I'll send you a letter with a P.S note

you open it, "ANTHRAX" your last breath choked

i got lethal penmanship like deathnote

you're a deaf bloke who can't let go

my pen strokes get thick hoes

I smack crap rap fanatics

I snap your cat like matchsticks

post it on snapchat

I smash the track and act sick

I don't pack a gat I straight clap sh-t

you can't rap fast even with practice


This dope part I spit

is sharp like Mozart

can't compose the bars like this

In the art of battling wits

My flow hard I hit a lick

on your b-tch with crowbars SICK

yo dudes always ask what's my motive?

why I'm so explosive?

my motherf-ckin' soul's corrosive

I'm the dude we all oppose

but I don't know what's worse

the spammers or lyrical slackers

who can't drop a verse

who act like attackers

hiding behind bad grammar and slander

I wouldn't have to euthanize dudes if we killed stragglers

but we ignored the hazards of equality and broke the standards

I came from self improvement to become rap fluent

they ignored the student and I became a rap mutant
Debate Round No. 1


I should have been more specific about what type of rap
Because your rap is right out of the ghetto and it's typical, murder and violence crap
But I guess I will have to settle for these vile lyrics because you are handicap
Those suicide vest you need to learn how to wear
without blowing off your legs and being on welfare
Murder and F bombs and violence and immature rap might sound all cool
if you are 14 and think that, this is awesome as you drool
But it takes more talent to come up with something that doesn't include killing
but what can I expect from a youth who thinks that violence and swearing
Is good rap battle when to me it sounds like psychobabble
to think that this is what rap is all about, ghetto talk and azz rape tearing
this is the type of rap, this individual wants to show he is uncaring
because he is young and this rap he is declaring
as his best original lyrics and creative pairing
not bad I say, but does it have to sound like it's out of the ghetto
I want to see more humor not dark falsetto
your rap is not first class
I would not sign you to any label
because you sound a little unstable


Talk about ghetto raps
speak for yourself
you make sh-t bars like you need mental help
not because you're depressed or a danger to yourself
because you made a bar about a suicide vest
I'm sorry your brain is the hand you've been dealt
I murder you without the piece in my Sam Browne belt
Man I heard you screamin' when your dad's beltin'
You think you're Superman you've been smelted
the man of steel isn't sh-t once he's been melted
am I demented?


I got wordplay like Shady, not Jim though
we need to find you something more your own speed, like Bingo
yo I own the flows I own your phone I own your home
I own your clothes I


You ducked me long enough
and this is the sh-t you come with?

Look I know you wanna marry Emily
and you want her and you to have a family
but you don't have to resort to shouting so angrily
is it because you're afraid rejection feels,
well thankfully you're unnaturally
anxiously awaiting for her number

speaking of circumstances remember when I dissed you?

you ignored me so I finally got the reward
of goring you I'll keep your body stored
in a cardboard box
with my old wrestling awards
with my restored taxidermied fox
I'm a warlord who can box
and strike a chord on a block
with prerecordings of Pac.

I got bars, do you really wanna fight wars?
you can't win even if the high ground's yours
I go on Antarctic tours, f-ck some eskimo whores
I got an overwhelming supply of metaphors
I hear your mom yellin'
she's saying do your chores
you better listen because you can't f-ck with the carnivores

Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by cakerman 4 years ago
I just wrote a whole verse and it disappeared so I'm not writing another one

you ducked me, you let the time run out just so you could talk sh-t in the comments section like a r-tard, like let it go, I already won, you lost.

TL;DR: Fanboy Mctroll is a b-tch
Posted by FanboyMctroll 4 years ago
Hello cakerman?? Just crickets I hear

apology accepted cakerman
Posted by FanboyMctroll 4 years ago
cakerman is out baking a cake
cause he doesn't have any rhymes from his head ache
go have a reefer and take a break
comeback with some more profanity and mom jokes by daybreak
c'mon ghetto cakerman the prison is waitin
for you to reoffend and be back hatin
ghetto talk and as he is known MC Cakerman is beratin
yo yo yo cakerman bring on some colorful ghetto rap, stimulatin
your violence talk is suffucatin
lack of education and no grade 12 graduatin
I can stoop down to your level of rap even when it's exasperatin
Yo Yo cakerman peace out in the hood
Fanboy OUT

(mic drop)
Posted by FanboyMctroll 4 years ago
I once posted that your use of language reflects your education
it sounds to me like cakerman is on probation
what did you do to get incarceration
jail must have been your destination
without any skills and only profanity communication
cakerman must have dropped out of high school
because he thought it would make him cool
but his rhymes sound like cesspool
and his intelligence is like, he just finished preschool
and he just likes to ridicule
because his creativeness is as good as a mule
spinning round and round with drivel like a spool
I say your rap sucks as I overrule
(mic drop)
Posted by cakerman 4 years ago
Fanboy McDucker
Is he a cuck or
A motherf-cker
Who got stuck

Can't compete
So he concedes
And pretends like he didn't mean to
He's depressing the people
Who wanted to see the sheeple
Get the sheet beat out of him
He's feeble and lacks free will
He puts people to sleep like NyQuil
Not because he hits hard its because he's far
From being competition to these bars
I leave you scarred you got slaughtered
And starstruck when you walk in on me
F-cking your daughter


You don't wanna f-ck with this
Your love to Em is unrequited
I beg your pardon beg again
Super sized mind mimes
Ive told you like 5 times
You ain't got no rhymes
Your shits fried
But when you go home and you cry
And try again to scry a rhyme that's
Fine enough for my landmines
Your rap smells like it died
You spell like a dying
Housewife on Dateline
Posted by FanboyMctroll 4 years ago
I ran out of time because I just didn't care
cakerman and his rhymes were just very bare
these aren't any creative rhymes coming from some millionaire rapper
sounds more like some low budge kidnapper
cakerman the ghetto rapping dude with the gold neckwear
wearing the wifebeater and rapping about death and despair
sounds more to me like someone who is on welfare
why does all his rap have to talk about moms and guns and death
sounds like he is heavy on crack and meth
angry young man listening to megadeath
cakerman your raps aren't worth any record label
you sound like you are unstable
how long did it take you to write this profanity at the coffee table
Posted by cakerman 4 years ago
Fanboy McBitch can't chill with my niche
he got dissed and then got real p-ssed
because his mom got him a therapist
anger management damagin' the future rapist
goin' ham on you in the basement
I'll give you a home-made facelift
bust in court and shoot the bailiff
while I karate kick the plaintiff
get outta here with your shoddy entertainment
you're lame and have no fame
you're a noob to this rap game
can't hold a match to my propane
I spit fire like a butane
gettin' fried with the wu-tang
stickin' the wu-weewee in the putang


I roast on you even after you quit
the golden snitch
the biggest b-tch
not even a flinch
from me after you ditched
writing love raps
to that b-tch emily

This is round 3 you won't believe I leaked the sh-t on purpose
I leave the pad burnin' when I'm turned on a stereo turnin' up
such a muf-ckin stick in the mud
Posted by cakerman 4 years ago
Posted by NDECD1441 4 years ago
I can't believe a guy who gone through a fight with Purushadasa, another guy I forgot, FanboyMctroll himself and currently, BryanMullinsNoChristmas just said that....
Posted by NDECD1441 4 years ago
Well I respect any rap battle however I agree with the squabbles. The petty arguments shouldn't be around.
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