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Star Wars vs. Star Trek

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Started: 11/16/2016 Category: Movies
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I'm here to debate is star wars a remake of star trek! My opinion is that yes star wars is basically a remake of star trek. One of the reasons is that star trek was made first then star wars came out its basically just a better-animated action packed movie.


No, I believe that Star Wars is not a remake of Star Trek. Star Wars is actually completely different from Star Trek. Star Wars is about a Jedi that lost his path, and went to the Dark side, and became a Sith. The fallen Jedi had a son and a daughter that was hidden from him. The son grew up, meet the fallen Jedi's master, and was trained in the ways of the force. Then, he, the fallen Jedi's son, rescued his sister from the Sith. After that, the son confronted father, and tried to help him back on the path to the light side. He managed to save his father from the Dark Side, and the father banished the Empire, and died himself.
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Posted by mytharms 5 years ago
Thanks. I also like star wars series.
Posted by dr.jimmythefish 5 years ago
This is the 3rd stupidest debate I have seen on this site. There is such a difference that it's hard to find any similarities other than t h were both in space and ILM did the effects (from Khan)
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