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The Best Kind Of Shoe? Velcro.

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Started: 7/18/2018 Category: Funny
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Imagine this. Your walking down the aisle. that special day, about to marry the love of your life. Then suddenly! Your shoe flies off! It shoots over the bride, straight into the pastor. Not only are you not getting married, but now you look like an absolute fool. So think, what could've prevented this? Easy! Velcro! Velcro shoes are not only the past, but also the future, and present. Prove me wrong.


In this round I would just like to give rebuttals for your preface. I will give my arguments in the next round.
Ok, so here we go,
Your entire anecdote heavily relies on the fact that the normal lace-style boot easily 'flies off', causes discomfort and generally has more problems/hazards than the velcro shoe.
Two things,
1) That could depend and differ from person to person, we could virtually never end this debate if you rely on your own experiences and anecdotes. Which is why I advise you give examples and evidence on a more all-rounded scale with a more open perspective .
2) Since your anecdote is just an imaginary situation, not much I can say although I do have to say that you have in no way substantiated how your substitute of velcro manages to outperform the normal shoe which in my experience isn't even the case, this is something that I will substantiate from the next round.
Also, I find it slightly absurd that you consider the shoe-flying incident will make one look like a fool whereas I argue that due to society's current ideals and notions, the image of a grown man at a wedding getting married (using your own example) wearing velcro shoes will look nothing short of a three-year old's play date. Why is this, because velcro was made only and only for the purpose of the youth (below 8) who couldn't physically tie a shoelace due to their lack of expertise, and still exists predominantly for the same cause. So wearing these very type of shoes for a marriage or any other occasion will not fall under society's constructs thus will be looked down upon and the individual will be left feeling like even bigger a fool if not of the same level as in your mentioned incident..
Also, I would like to remind you that the opposite of velcro isn't always the lace-style boot, due to modernisation there are even slippers, slip-ons, sliders, etc.
It is because of all of this that I feel I have taken your challenge and done justice to it of 'proving you wrong'.
Hoping for more arguments from your end!
Debate Round No. 1


Hello, good to see your opinion, but sadly, Velcro shoes are still the most efficient and cost effective shoes you could find anywhere. With a single strap, you would never have to worry or concern yourself with the time it takes to tie, and untie a shoe. Velcro latches on, providing both quick and easy access at any given time. Not to also mention, a simple search of the web will showcase how cost affordable Velcro is compared to non Velcro shoes. Many examples being $20 compared to many a Nike brand shoe being $60. And you believe Velcro is purely made for children 8 and younger, i have bad news for you. Adult Velcro shoes are also manufactured by companies such as New Balance and Puma, They look nice, and are made for both formal and casual occasion. Not to mention even athletic, with a strong and firm sole allowing for almost any activity. So while you may prefer tennis shoes, or slip ons, the most efficient, cost effective, and formal adult or child shoes you can obtain are clearly Velcro.


Three things that you put forth about velcro's-
1) Cost effectiveness
2) Time efficiency
3) Availability of aesthetically pleasing and age appropriate velcro's.
Heres what I have to say about these points-
1) Even though you put your velcro up against a $60 Nike shoe, I would like to remind you that because of the extent of demand in the shoe industry, you can find lace-style boots at as effective if not more effective and affordable prices. Not only that but this also means that the quantity and quality of the shoe you would like would be of your choice and the price would also be accustomed to your preferences. So because velcro doesn't pose any significant advantage in terms of cost, I win this argument.
2) Okay, here's one point that your side does pit itself slightly higher on. But even to this argument I tell you that the easiness brought into one's life with the adjustment of velcro's on shoes means that the higher-level thinking species that we are, deteriorates. Also, for centuries people have been accustomed to the usage of laces and therefore although velcro might make life more convenient, it doesn't necessarily make life easier because we do know how to tie laces and that too very easily.
3) Okay, agreed that there might be the availability of good looking velcro shoes for adults and for children, I tell you that the image associated with a nice Oxford formal shoe or a pair of leather loafers or hand-crafted moccasins, are what society currently falls for. So replacing these age-old shoes that define us on a daily basis is nothing short of renaming the planet. Even then, referring back to my initial rebuttal, if there is a presence of an array of options in velcro's I tell you that the lace-style boot or tennis shoe or slip-on industry has a much larger collection, as it has been running for longer than velcro and is generally a much larger industry. On that note, you should also realise that the velcro industry is still new and upcoming and therefore there is no way you can pit the collection of velcro with that of lace-style and win.
For my arguments I tell you-
1) The current image in society looks upon lace-style and not the same way upon velcro.
2) Velcro is a relatively newer and emerging industry thus can not provide as much or as well as their older lace-style counterparts.
3) Easiness, such as associated with using velcro instead of laces, is not always beneficial for the mind or the species altogether.
I have incorporated the analysis of these three arguments in my rebuttal.
Hoping for some rebuttal from your end!
Debate Round No. 2


Well, your final points, which weren't rebuttals of mine, were

1) The current image in society looks upon lace-style and not the same way upon velcro.
2) Velcro is a relatively newer and emerging industry thus can not provide as much or as well as their older lace-style counterparts.
3) Easiness, such as associated with using velcro instead of laces, is not always beneficial for the mind or the species altogether.

So as you did, and as i see fit in a debate, i will argue your points. And also to mention, except for being easier to put on, you never mentioned them being worse in terms of cost nor style, but instead showed there are substitutes that some may find preferable. Well, the same thing can always be said to my side, a substitute for tennis shoes some (such as me) may find preferable, are Velcro. Other than that, good points, lets see how i can unravel them.

1) True, society has never looked in a respectable tone upon Velcro, however, with the tennis shoe market taking off in such a boom in the early 1900s and 2000s, many completely forgot Velcro was even a viable option. I feel as if Velcro was reintroduced, and rebranded, it could easily take off again. But you may say, many nowadays do know of Velcro and still call it childish. However, even you, in the first round, barely knew of the adult variety of Velcro, pointing out the child's variant. If many more were introduced, i believe Velcro could either gain a following, or at least some respect. Plus, an example of my point lies in automobiles. Many saw horses and coaches as a long time viable option, and a classy way of transport. To quote:

"The horse is here to stay, while the automobile is a novelty--a fad." -President of Michigan's Savings Bank advising Henry Ford's lawyer Horace Rakem to abandon his client.

Many agreed with this false belief, but as time went on, like Velcro hopefully will, people found it more effective, and grew to give it some respect. Velcro is the next Automobile! (Kinda.)

2) As i said of the horse versus the car, old industries, die out all the time. Many new ways, even if it takes years, will one day rise up. You can't predict the future, but you do know one thing about tomorrow, its always gonna be different then the day before. I say if Velcro got its recognition, tomorrow, could come a lot sooner.

3) If you meant to say, making life easy, even if only a few steps, is not beneficial to the mind, nor species, i disagree. In fact, menial tasks and labors may be good to repeat over and over again, such as tying shoes, but think about it. When was the last time you consciously tied your shoes? And didn't just do it then move on? I have yet to find any proof that tying a shoe or a similar operation gives you any benefit. And before you say it, yes, i do know of studies that say easier lives are dangerous. But ask yourself this. Was tying a shoe ever difficult past age 10? Did it ever force your brain to adapt and grow? No. In fact, if you want to argue that it does or needs to, then why don't we make it harder? We in fact, attempted to make it easier. Why? Because life is a struggle. Its your job to be here, and there when called on. Thats whats never gonna get easy, but why spend time tying shoes, when you could latch your shoes on and get going into the problems of life? A shoe isn't meant to challenge you, or be a task, its meant to get you to life's challenges and tasks. And Velcro is an easier solution to that then tying a shoe will ever be.

In conclusion:
My argument remains, and i know, my points rely on a future where Velcro can make a name for itself. But by sitting around and not considering its power, we only prevent a future where we can try it, and learn of it. We use Velcro on bags, straps, and other modern inventions. Lets go back to the good ol days, and put it on shoes. Most of your argument is that Velcro is looked down upon. True, it looks good, is as cheap, and as efficient, but you say society will always prefer laces and sneakers. Do you not think society can adapt? I dont care what others think, nor how it sells. I wanted an argument about how it wasn't the best functionally. So if you still don't agree, at least now you can look back when you wore Velcro, and remember the good old days where tying shoes was only for the 5th graders...


I really like that you finally gave some substantive in terms of your arguments, but even then you yourself realise your flaws and own up the fact that your entire stance relies on the future where velcros are accepted as openly as lace-style boots, which is the most integral of my rebuttals, something you failed to rebut properly.
In this round I will just do one thing, that will send your side toppling down a hill. I will prove that the future you hope for, wherein velcro is accepted openly is utopic, unreal and a thing out a fairytale book.
1) You yourself seem unsure about such a future wherein you yourself concede and say 'I feel as if Velcro was reintroduced, and rebranded, it could easily take off again'. This is just a sign of your uncertainty.
2) Why is it improbable, velcro was made for children and even though now there is availability of options, these velcros can't even manage to compete with that of lace-style. Just search online for the difference between consumption patters.
3) And because I have shown that currently people don't use velcro even close to the amount of lace-style it'll really tale some incredible change to be able to overtake the industry.
But this debate wasn't even about which industry is better or more product focussed. It was about which individual style of shoe is better, be it in terms of comfort, looks, brain requirement, adaptability.
And if you scroll up through the debate you would see that I have proved how all of these clashes are clearly in favour of lace-style boots.
And because of all this, I feel I have been a successful opposition and believe that the motion should fall.
Debate Round No. 3
1 comment has been posted on this debate.
Posted by The_Master_Cheese 3 years ago
I really didn't even like Velcro, but i wanted to take a journey back, and see if any shoe could possibly be as functional and efficient as Velcro was, and boy, looking back, i was, and am still an idiot.

(Not for liking Velcro though)
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