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The Earth is Flat

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Started: 6/3/2018 Category: Places-Travel
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I believe that it is completely stupid to believe that the earth is flat, prove me wrong flat-earthers.


This is simple. If the earth was round, the oceans would fall off into space! Need I say more?
Debate Round No. 1


Well, that is a stupid starting argument, ever heard of gravity? Now let me tell you some evidence against the flat-earth theory. There is an overwhelmingly huge amount of photograph and video. In fact, a space team at MY HIGH SCHOOL sent a camera up into space and clearly saw the Earth's curve. And secondly, eclipses.


Gravity? Stupid? Let me show you something. All over the world, when you jump, you fall back down. If the earth was round, that would only work at the north pole! And also, you clearly need to put more money into your space team if the camera was that distorted. Do you even care? Also, eclipses still make sense, The MOON goes in front of the SUN. What does the earth's shape have to do with that? You haven't given me a single good piece of evidence.
Debate Round No. 2


First of all, what grade level are you. And second, are you a troll? You clearly don't really understand gravity. Well, the more mass an object has, the stronger its gravitational pull is. And since the Earth has lots of mass, we fall back down on it. Please, do some actual research because this is just embarrassing.


Okay, I'm so sorry for wasting your time, but I know the Earth is round and all that. This was just a big joke to see what would happen. Pretending to be dumb is very amusing, and you've been a great opponent. Thank You.

Also, the Illuminati is coming and the moon landing didn't happen.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Block19 3 years ago
You can not use the weight of objects to argue against gravity, Because the weight of an object is dependent on the force of gravity the object is experiencing. Do not confuse weight and mass, Mass is a constant and weight is relative.
Posted by SirDarkStar 3 years ago
I'd also like to address this strawman argument: "gravity can't hold a helium balloon onto the ground but the billions, possibly trillions of litres of water that the earth has on its surface, no problem"

The FORCE of gravity is F=GMm/r" -- this is verified by thousands of experiments, including cold atomic fountain interferometry experiments. But let's set even all of that aside for a moment.

You can simplify this equation down to F=ma -- the very normal Newtonian equation.

It says that the FORCE is equal to the MASS times the ACCELERATION. Anyone can very easily verify that this is the case by applying known amounts of FORCE to a known amount of MASS and simply observing the resulting ACCELERATION with a ruler and high-speed camera (even iPhone 250 FPS will suffice).

The FACT that you have missed here is that FORCE of gravity isn't ONE thing -- it does NOT hold "all the oceans with a massive force" -- it holds each individual MOLECULE of water with a vanishingly TINY amount of force.*%5BEarth+gravity%5D

That gives you:

2.93"10^-25 N (newtons)

THAT is the "massive" force of gravity acting on each Water molecule.

The next step is to look at Escape Velocity required for a molecule to leave the Earth's sphere of influence -- when you do that you'll find that Earth should mostly be losing Hydrogen and, to a lesser degree, Helium, and so on -- heavier molecules have more mass and thus require increasingly more focused energy for them to Escape and so fewer and fewer manage it.

I show (a bit of) how that works here:

Posted by SirDarkStar 3 years ago
Tetrahalf is incorrect about 'Gravity'.

I cover Gravity here:

Tetrahalf -- let's say you set up your smartphone to record the "accelerations" it experiences -- ok so far?

Now, drop that phone, onto a pillow -- what will the accelerometers read as the phone falls?

Will it read 9.8 meters per second per second of acceleration?

No -- it doesn't -- it reads ZERO acceleration. Now -- please show us another case where an object is CLEARLY accelerating but shows ZERO acceleration measured. You can't do it. Gravity is unique in this respect and that is why Einstein concluded that Gravity was the shape of Spacetime itself.

Now set your phone on your desk -- what does it read? It reads 1G UPWARDS acceleration. Not down, UP.

It doesn't matter one BIT what the density of your phone is -- it doesn't matter what the MASS of your phone is.


Buoyancy is a product of gravity acting on a fluid -- you can verify this because the Buoyant force doesn't depend on the 'density' of the object being buoyed up.

The Buoyant force is p*V*g
p is the density of the FLUID medium
V is the volume of FLUID medium displaced
g is the acceleration -- in a static system g is ABOUT 9.8m/s/s or the acceleration of gravity on Earth -- however, if the system is in motion the acceleration changes. In a Free Fall therefore g = ZERO and 'buoyancy' does NOTHING. there are numerous YouTube videos that show this both with ping pong balls in water, columns of liquids of various densities, etc.

Your appeal by ASSERTION to 'Density' and 'Buoyancy' therefore FAILS.
Posted by factandevidence1234 3 years ago
There's an amazing thing, called the moon. It happens to be the reason the earth is round, and the oceans don't "fall off". Its completely absurd to say the earth is flat. Obviously you've never gone to kindergarten.
Posted by Tetrahalf 3 years ago
I don't believe in the globe heliocentric model. Either that the flat earther is waiting for something or he actually is an idiot.
This is going to sound crazy but basically...
Gravity, does NOT exist. Gravity was created by Greek philosophers to explain how you could stick to the underside of a globe earth. Now why do we fall is explained by 'Density and buoyancy'. Hear me out. if I take an Apple, it's made up of molecules that give it weight. That means the Apple will fall if dropped in air. Now, a helium balloon dropped in air rises. Now I'm supposed to assume that gravity can't hold a helium balloon onto the ground but the billions, possibly trillions of litres of water that the earth has on its surface, no problem?. The same goes for a normal 'air' balloon put under water will float, not because it's escaping the force of gravity but because the air inside that balloon is less dense than the water that surrounds it.
If this makes sense. Things fall, because the MEDIUM cannot support the weight of the object.
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