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The God of Religion is an excuse and is not real

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Started: 2/18/2020 Category: Religion
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Voting Period
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it have flaw


Please elaborate sir.
Debate Round No. 1


If god of religion is true, Then:

1. God could not possibly make humans write the bible, Consider he can write it himself.
2. God would not need messengers because he can educate the whole earth.
3. God, In its definition could wipe all evil out of the universe, So potentially we don't need to avoid any of his sins, And not anything else either.
4. God would remove all brain cells that contribute me to criticizing him. If no? He is false. God would not even let me exist by definition.
5. God is in the middle of the 2 places where humanity is in its max potential, And its existence technically hindered the humans.
One is: Humans are living under god's knowledge, Without pain. Humanity in unison.
Two is: God does not interfere with humanity, Atheistic unison.
With god, Our knowledge has departed as far as unison as there are christians as well as atheists. God would not allow atheism or what? He wouldn't let such of a theory exist. If he did, That means christianity is false and god does not care about us.
6. God has so many claims but so few proofs that many of them we have to try again then connect the dots backwards.
7. God in definition saw the beginning to end of the entire space-time continuum, Yet the bible has flaws and outdates stuff that would signify that god saw no further than 1st century AD.
8. God list superstition as a sin, But chrsitianity itself is superstitious at some point. So that is either poor description or a failure of logic, Which god should not make at all.
9. God should not use blind faith over facts, And use words like "I am the true god" but bearing no actual proof and refutes against that could knock out the atheist league 20, 000 leagues away.


Thank you for your elaboration, Now let"s begin.
1. 2 Peter 1:21 shows that God (the Holy Spirit) worked through man to create the Bible. Throughout the Bible holy objects were shown to have consequences to those who touch or read them. These consequences could have also occurred if someone read a Bible written by God. A good example is the ark. When one of the Israelites touched the casing he was struck down.
2. He wants us to learn of him and make our own conclusions. This includes having other or no religion. By gathering information and making conclusions we become our own person. This is his goal. He wants us to choose him, Not to force himself on us.
3. Humans brought evil into the universe with the first sin. The reason evil exists is because of free will. Without free will we wouldn"t be able to sin in the first place. God could remove all evil but in the process he would take away our free will.
4-5. He would let you exist as you have been granted free will to believe whatever you want. Atheists are allowed to exist because he cares about us. He wants us to have our own ideas and beliefs. Free will is a big thing. Without free will we wouldn"t be able to disobey him whatsoever, And as you can see all humans don"t follow his doctrine to a tee. We all make mistakes. He wants us to grow through our own choices, Come to our own conclusions, And strive to be better.
6. Which claims are you talking about?
7. The first century AD? Theologians have done the math based on age and length of events mentioned and found that the Bible goes back somewhere between 10, 000 and 6, 000 BC. If you mean into the future look at Revelations. The entire book is focused on events that haven"t happened yet, So the future.
8. Superstition is defined as "belief or practice resulting from ignorance, Fear of the unknown, Trust in magic or chance, Or a false conception of causation. " Examples of this are a black cat crossing your path or opening an umbrella inside. I can see how this can be connected to religion from an atheist prospective. You see, Everything is relative. From your point of view believing in a god of any sort is foolish and an uneducated decision. From my prospective it is the same for atheism. The idea that everything occurred thanks to random chance can be called superstition as well. If God is real and a being that has power and control over this plane then it is fact and not superstition.
9. Creationist scientists have used science as evidence of God since the start. Many of the original scientists were Christians. Since science can"t study the supernatural it can neither prove nor disprove God. It can lead us to believe in him or to not do so. It is up to us. If you have hard proof that God doesn"t exist then please give it. Since I made the claim I will give some examples.
1) The creation of the universe. Where did everything come from? The big bang is the answer to most atheists. However this explanation gives no origin of matter and energy. The space alone has no explanation.
2) The earth. Earth is in an orbit that is perfect for life to exist and water to be liquid. The chances of this are astronomically small. The design of all the animals is also evidence. Evolution can"t explain the complex organism in existence, Or even the microscopic ones. Where did life come from? If the universe was all Energy and matter, How did life form?
Debate Round No. 2


Excuses, Excuses. At least your excuses has some levels of logic.

1. There is no proof other than blind faith that the bible is true. It is certainly a possibility that the bible is fake and we are living in propaganda.

2. He could shape our mind, And not let us be atheistic. If he doesn't shape our mind, Then he would not care about us. Prove why a god would create someone on an unstable base in which a possibility is foreign religion or atheism. WHY. Why a god would shape human minds this way. PLUS, Why don't we see gods' artifacts 200 million years ago, If he want all organisms on earth know that he created us?

3. COULD HE JUST SHAPE OUR MIND INTO A SINLESS STATE? Millions of problems could be solved if he has done that and this is perfectly rational, And if this is not done then it means god may not exist. Plus, He cannot determine what we want without determining himself, And plus god would not make mistakes, So his mind should be similar to ours. And because of this, Why hadn't he done it?

4-5. If he let us have free will then Christianity would not exist, As to me it is mere religious propaganda, Signifying the god described in religion is false. PLUS they use blind faith as a major point in belief, As important to facts when in fact they are inferior.

"God Exist"
"God would make mistakes"
"God is the only true god"
"Earth is good"
"Christianity is good"
Other than what we are forced to believe, There is really no proof other than blind faith and no else.

7. Why doesn't god give us future artifacts, Knowing it will help us improve?

8. No proof that god is not a superstition. In fact Masturbation without addiction(such as occasionally, Like once in a month and a half) is still OK, But Christians don't do it because they will go to hell. Prove Hell. Others, Such as not praying to god, Hey y'know what? Let me NOT waste 10 minutes of my time communicating to an unknown creature. This very unknown creature would know what we need before we even pray, So there is essentially no purpose for praying if god is real.

9: "Because they can't find a reason, Thus conclude that god did it. "
1) Unlike normal things, Universe CAN create itself.
2) The earth can coincidentally exist. Look how big is the universe. Everything can happen as long as it obeys the laws of physics. Doesn't earth obey the laws of physics? Yes. And no. A small chance doesn't mean impossible, As that evolution is perfectly rational and there is no need for god separately making them exist per day, Because bacteria, Bunch of them, Can create humans on a billion-year scale of time, Not a week.


1. Archaeologists have dug up old cities/towns/historic sights depicted in the Bible and show evidence that events depicted have occurred. And "we"? I thought you were atheist?
2-3. I already explained this but for the arguments sake I will do so again. He doesn"t want us to be mindless. He wants us to have our own minds and thoughts. This includes Atheism and other religions. He wants us to seek him out. Yes, I admit that many problems could be fixed from brainwashing humanity, But this would take free will away from the creation he made to have it. How would a God altering our minds show how cares for us? Wouldn"t him letting us have freedom show he cares? He doesn"t want us to be his slaves, But his children, And as any parent can tell you, Children rebel" a lot. His "artifact" is the universe itself. The universe shows his power and majesty. And it has existed since "day one" even is it was empty. We are made in his image, But we are our own person. If a clone is made it will look like its "father/mother" but will be a completely different person.
4-5. How would having free will cause Christianity to not happen? If God exists, Then of course there would be a group that follow and worships him. "As to me"" Just because you believe something this doesn"t make it true. If I were to say the earth is flat this doesn"t mean it is. I admit some Christians function on blind faith, But most have some form of evidence to back up their claims. Most Christians use science of some kind to prove Christianity.
6. Going down the list:
1) If he exists and he "claims" to exist then this isn"t a claim it"s a fact. Evidence can be seen throughout all of creation" also grammar.
2) No. God is perfect and makes no mistakes. All he does he means to do.
3) If there are no other gods this is true. If he is the creator of the universe and knows all then if he says there are no other gods, Then this is true. It is true that no human can prove this so we must go on the fact that he shows himself to us and others in the past, While no other god has.
4) Earth was never claimed to be good. After the first few books of Genesis when Adam and Eve made the first sin, The earth was shown to be a cruel and wicked place. So much so God hade to wipe out almost all life with a flood. So no, Earth isn"t good.
5) We follow the teachings of the being that created good so" I know some perversions of Christianity exist, Like the 17 century Catholics, But they are few and far between. They don"t follow the teachings they claim to so please don"t take them as an example of the rest of us.
7. Many books have been written on what may happen if we advanced that quickly. Most say some form of collapse will occur. We would fight over technology we wouldn"t even know how to use or make. If you gave a gun to someone in the middle ages and they SOMEHOW managed to recreate it how would war change? Or even medical technology. It would have been fought over, And some may even use it to make themselves a "god". Man is naturally greedy and selfish, And it would be abused. With everything advancing at a steady rate we are able to normalize the amazing and make it not worth the trouble as no one would have some form of advantage.
8. This isn"t true. Some Christians may think this, But most don"t. Nowhere in the Bible does it say you can"t masturbate. Even if it did, Thanks to Jesus" sacrifice you wouldn"t go to hell for it. Prayer doesn"t have to be for ten minutes. I assume this is a catholic ideal of some kind. Prayer can be for ten seconds or all throughout the day. It doesn"t matter how long it is. I agree that prayer isn"t a necessity. It is like having a rich best friend who knows everything you need and can/will give it to you without you asking. You don"t have to talk to him, But you still do because you enjoy it. He will still give prosperity and hope to you if you believe, But he would like to hear you speak to him. Also, Disprove an afterlife.
9. 1) Matter can"t be created or destroyed so how can the universe create itself? This would go against a fundamental law of nature.
2) I see I didn"t give a detailed enough description. Allow me to fix this. Yes, A small chance doesn"t mean impossible, But how many planets have we found that are even similar earth with plants, Animals, Liquid water, And a climate suitable for life? And yes, The earth does follow the laws of physics. I never said it would take a week. Evolution has never been seen since the creation of the idea of evolution. It would be a very slow process but we surly would have seen something at least finishing some stage of evolution if it were true. Adaptation isn"t evolution. Any change in the genome causes the animal to weaken and die, So how can anything evolve? Even over a multi-billion-year tie scale this wouldn"t work. The question still must be asked where did the first cell come from? How did all the complex micro-organs form? How was the INCREADABLY complicated DNA strand first formed? Humans have never succeeding in creating life and we were trying. So how could random chance? Even if we did succeed, It would still have a creator.
Thank you for the debate. It felt a bit short so if you wish to continue in another debate I will oblige.
Debate Round No. 3
7 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 7 records.
Posted by mall 2 years ago
These are all beliefs I gather. God of religion is not real is a belief I gather. Are we saying deism is true or more likely to be?
Posted by anc2006 2 years ago
@WisdomOfages, I think that is a little extreme.
Posted by WisdomOfAges 2 years ago
Religion is nothing more than ORGANIZED CRIME to subdue and brainwash weak minded humans into
VOLUNTARY SAVERY of some circus clown human PREACHER who prances arouns in a Halloween Glory Gown Costume and himself PLAYS GOD in his GOD hoax name!
Posted by WisdomOfAges 2 years ago
GOD? 3 letters. . . . Each represents the "TRUTH" of what the GODS truly are. . .

. . . . . . . G= genius O= of D= deception. . . This is the "TRUTH" of the word GOD. . . It is an acronym and it is
used by psychotic HUMANS as a TOOL to hypnotize and brainwash the weak minded into SLAVERY and
SERVITUDE of some idiotic RELIGION and COMIC BOOK Bible. Quran, Torah VOMIT. . . .

HUMANS invent GODS to use as scapegoats for an agenda of POWER and CONTROL over the weak minded masses of asszess. . . = just plain STUPID HUMANS. . .

GODS come and go just like the retarded humans that invent them. . . Today year 2020 there are 3 Abrahamic GODS left after humdreds / thousands of other GODS have been reduced to Mythology or
forgotten and lost in time. . . Where did all the GODS GO? Disneyland? What a pathetic JOKE GODS
truly are. . . Just human Comic Book GARBAGE. . . . Turned into a TOOL to commit MURDER and DESTRUCTION in the name of some puppet GOD HOAX invention. . . . Disgusting
Posted by anc2006 2 years ago
(sin Q)/(cos Q). I changed the title.
Posted by canis 2 years ago
"Religion is an excuse and is not real". . You would lose that one. I would change religion to god. . . .
Posted by anc2006 2 years ago
God could not possibly intentionally let us waste 1/7 of our lives begging towards the unproven.
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