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The God of the Bible Created the World

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Started: 12/31/2019 Category: Religion
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Hello there! I am here today to convince you that the Lord God of the Bible created this universe and everything in it, Including you and me. I will let you begin by giving me your reason why you think He did not, And for you to tell me if not God, Then who or what did.
Let's begin!


While I have to admit it's a bit cowardly of you to simply want to respond to my arguments instead of stating your own, I'll be sure to go ahead.

Starting off, I believe any argument of God's creation based on the bible to be discardable, Because the bible was written by humans. We know the bible can be incorrect based on the fact that there's several books we don't obey anymore, Because they justified slavery or beating your wives (because they had wiveS, Plural) We know these books are products of their time and of the humans who lived in that time. Were the bible written by an all-knowing, Never-mistaking God, This wouldn't be the case

My second reason for not believing God created the world, Is because this is an incredibly selfish thought. The universe is infinite, And goes on long past earth and its solar system. To state all of this was created simply for our small planet, Is incredible in it's literal sense. While this may have been a reassuring thought back when we didn't have explanations for natural phenomena, Nowadays we have science to explain to us how it really goes.

I'd like to close off by stating I don't intend to convince you, Merely to provoke some thoughts. On a normal day I'd say everyone's allowed to their beliefs, But seeing as you offered to debate I took the challenge. I merely want to state that outside of this debate, I fully believe you're entitled to your religion.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for your opinion about my character. I really appreciate it. Now lets do what we came here to do.

"Starting off, I believe any argument of God's creation based on the bible to be discardable, Because the bible was written by humans. "
"Were the bible written by an all-knowing, Never-mistaking God, This wouldn't be the case"

This was the first "evidence" you gave to me. However, You are wrong, Not the bible. The Bible was written by an all-knowing, Never mistaking God. Every single word that is written in the Bible are God's words from his own mouth. God himself put those words into the mouths of his disciples, Holy men who lived on an unholy earth in the Bible times. A few examples of these men are Paul, Who wrote many of the letters in the NewTestament, Matthew, Mark, Luke, And John, Who wrote those books in the New Testament by their same names. The Bible is God"s letter to humanity collected into 66 books written by 40 divinely inspired writers. God did not physically write the Bible with a pen and paper, He chose people to do it for him and they transcribed it perfectly to what he told them. According to 2 Timothy 3:16, Scripture is "breathed out" by God. Throughout the Bible, It is obvious that God is being quoted: over 400 times in the Bible, We find the words "thus says the Lord".

The next reason you gave was "because it is incredibly selfish". You said "To state all of this was created simply for our small planet, Is incredible in it's literal sense". That is not what I stated, And anyone who states this is wrong. The universe was not created for our small planet. It was created for God. He created it for himself. And why shouldn't he have? If you were God and had all that power, Wouldn't you create marvelous, Woundrous works like our universe? The universe doesn't revolve around our planet, Our planet revolves around the universe. This was not all created for you or me or any other human.

You also said " Nowadays we have science to explain to us how it really goes. " How does it really go? The Big Bang Theory? That the universe began from an initial point or singularity, Which has expanded over billions of years to form the universe as we now know it? Is that what you believe? There was nothing before our universe. NOTHING. Particles of matter or energy or temperature are SOMETHING. How did those get there? Who created those? You think the Earth just evolved? Every perfect tree, Ocean, Every piece of sand and blade of grass, Every animal, Every person? You think they just mindlessly happened to come about? Science is wrong. Charles Darwin was wrong. Prove me wrong. You say science explains to us how it really goes? Tell me if I'm wrong. Is this not what you believe? If not, Then what do you believe? You are giving extremely vague answers.

You stated that you don't intend to convince me. Well, Your intentions have worked out perfectly. You have not convince me, Though you have provoked some thoughts. Thoughts about why people believe the things they believe. Why do you believe that God isn't real? It's because you don't want to. You settle with science without digging deeper for the facts. I am not trying to convert you to Christianity either, And I do believe you are entitled to your opinion. You just need to find out why.
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Yoshikage69Kira 2 years ago
We don't know if the universe is infinite, A resent study suggests that it my have negative curvature.
Posted by missmedic 2 years ago
Only religious arrogance would make the claim of knowing something no one could know. Far from being arrogant the scientific method is one of humility. It acknowledges the limits of our current knowledge. It doesn't provide explanations or answers from a position of ignorance, But investigates the unknown in an attempt to reach understanding based on empirical evidence. Surely it is the superstitious or religious approach which claims to know the answers without any evidence except "faith" that is the arrogant approach.
Is faith-based belief an authentic form of knowledge, Or just irrational superstition?
Posted by Haytham 2 years ago
"The God of the Bible Created the World"

if you're talking about God The Father Who Created the heavens and the earth, Then this title is correct, Because He is The same God who sent Mohammad (pbuh) after Jesus (pbuh), Moses, Noah, Abraham and all the messengers before them peace be upon them all.

There is only One God, Who has no image, No human form, No form at all.

Concerning the bible, What @aquariumkind says about the bible is true, "the bible was written by humans", We Muslims believe (according to Quran) in the original Gospel, We believe in the original Torah, But we also believe that man-made additions took place and unfortunately the Bible of today is not the original and the pure word of God that was revealed upon Moses and Jesus peace be upon them.

Quran in the other hand invites the people of the book (Christians and Jews) to come to common terms between the three of us, And at least agree on the main titles of faith.

The Bible itself directly says in many verses that God is One and Only, Not two not three, Jesus insists in the bible on inviting everyone to worship The One True God, By telling them "my God and your God, My Lord and your Lord", Jesus (pbuh) clearly distinguished between him and God, And this is where we should all start comparing texts and historical facts.

Jesus (pbuh) predicted the coming of Mohammad (pbuh), And he told the children of Israel that Mohammad (pbuh) will teach mankind to honor Jesus (pbuh), And we Muslims can't call ourselves Muslims if we don't honor and believe in Jesus Christ (pbuh) as on of the greatest messengers of God.

The paths of science in the other are getting closer to theism, We, The followers of the three major faiths on earth, Should search, Compare, And then link between what's true and what's false, We're all human beings after all, We're all the same creation, And we certainly have the same Creator.
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