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The Lacerta files is real

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Started: 1/18/2020 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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(This was copied from my other site of using. If you managed to find me there somehow, Leave a comment so I know you are there. )

(Anyways, Let me start disproving the Lacerta files. )

There are several points I can figure out to poke this idea.

If the Illojims have the same levels of technology as the Lacertas, And Illojims put a "curse" on our genes, And Lacertas are alive from then to near now, Why hadn"t it remove it? The Soviet Union technically have failed attempts of landing the moon: the greatest achievement made by human in space. Hadn"t it been dissolved, It may actually happen. The Lacertas have never dissolved, And why can"t it fix our genes, Knowing the Illojims can put a "curse" on every possible human on earth, And Lacertas may have the same reverse power?
Why are inter-galactic societies fighting over a little pot of gold? Couldn"t they just make them out of free quanta? I mean, They possibly said that science is not true, But they could find other ways to finish this problem. Why fight over a little bit of copper on an intergalactic project?
The humans doesn"t need outer force to evolve. It is proven by evolution.
Some things within so far have been semi-proven, And the reason it is almost scary that it is true, Is because the author of this article may team up with sci-fi writers and conspiracists to make a make-believe truth that is believable, But it just"Isn"t. They chained the events to make it seem true.
I have heard that our understanding of the universe is worse than about 500 years ago according to Lacerta. 500 years ago we thought the sun orbits earth, And god created the things that was proven as the foreigns" work(e. G. Silk), And science was mere scam. How do we have a better understanding, When we understand"nothing? Lacerta could change our view about science and maths, But it is impossible for her to completely alter our history that is proven true and nothing else, And Lacerta did not describe anything invisible but harmful in the times, So her saying this is contradicting herself.
There are only one sighting of the Lacertas in the whole entire world. She thinks she can hide by creating an illusion in front of our eyes. So, If she looks weird, Why didn"t she hide as a normal earthling?
Last point so far: She thinks our sciences is wrong, But her logic is as connected as a brain-cut-in-half-plus-IQ-equals-a-normal-donkey lunatic running around town. She had committed enough fallacies that even a 14 year old could hear out, Such as not really proving anything she said.
LAST POINT: ok, She thinks the universe can be whatever we imagine. GREAT. Why does the Lacertas and the other aliens have a common mind, And we do too? We could poke her brain the same way she flipped our mind. None is wrong, If so, Why is she bothering to be here to talk and correct us?


Well actually, The Lacerta files is/are real. You can buy the book on amazon. Https://www. Amazon. Com/Lacerta-Files-Jimmy-Bergman/dp/B005D2Q8A6

The concept itself exists. Whether or not they are valid/authentic or not is a different story, But the topic of the debate is whether they are 'real' or not, And since you're arguing about them, They have to be 'real'.
Debate Round No. 1


Real, At this point has the opposite of Fake, Which means it is NOT authentic.

I gave reasons that it is a fraud.
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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