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The Nissan R33 and R34 should be legal in the US.

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Started: 11/8/2017 Category: Cars
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I think the Nissan R33 and R34 sports cars should be allowed in the US. These are great cars, and I think it would stop a lot of illegal importing of these cars since they are very popular among the car community. One of the main arguments is that they shouldn't be road legal because the engines are capable of 1000+ HP and the cops would not be able to keep up with it. This argument is not valid since other cars such as the Toyota Supra are also easily capable of 1000+ HP. There are also some cars that are sold with way high stock horsepower than the R34, such as the Dodge Challenger/Charger Hellcat, Ford Mustang Shelby GT350/500, and most Lamborghini, McLaren, Ferrari, Bugatti, etc. cars.


My position is that all fuel burning cars should be illegal in the U.S.

Public transportation should be extended in all major cities, and in smaller and more rural areas public transportation consisting of electric buses should be implemented. In addition, all highways should be destroys and current roadways should be replaced with bike lanes and pedestrian areas for social interaction. High speed rail lines should be implemented across the U.S, and airlines should be forced to use biofuels instead of petroleum based fuel, and replace all outdated fleet with highly fuel efficient aircraft. This will solve our transportation problem. As for cars, only non-fuel burning cars should be legal, and the automobile sector should be forced to produce electric vehicles.
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Posted by Enquired 4 years ago
Sure a Toyota Supra's engine has the capability to exceed over 1000HP+ but it is rare for that to happen, I don't think a lot of people push their Supra's to that limit.
As for the GTR, it isn't ban do to its horsepower, it is because it isn't not certified for sale here. The R34 is a
right hand drive. It also does not meet the DOT emissions controls test. It also has not been crash tested and certified by the DOT.
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