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The Post Office Should Be Privatized

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Started: 6/5/2019 Category: Economics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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An incredibly two dimensional argument against the government-run post office has been making the rounds lately, And in this debate I wish to point out the flaws with the logic of those who want to privatize/dissolve the USPS.

Point 1. The USPS operates at a loss.
This point is true on its face but putting any effort into researching why reveals why. Primarily, The USPS was sabotaged by Bush and a Republican Congress in 2006. Bush forced the USPS to pay out nearly the entirety of the pensions for all retiring postal workers upfront, Completely countering what a pension is supposed to be. Compare it to a mortgage- would you pay out the entire cost of your house upfront? No. That's why mortgages exist. Pensions are basically the USPS' mortgage, But instead of paying over time to their retired workers, They have to front the entire cost. Is it a coincidence that the last time the USPS was profitable was the year after the change was implemented? No. And that same fact implies that the USPS would be profitable if it weren't being sabotaged, So the argument against the USPS is an argument against what Bush forced it to be.

In addition, The USPS isn't supposed to make a profit in the first place. Sure, It would be nice, But it's a service. The USPS builds and maintains a post office in every single town in America, And in the few cases there isn't one there's one in the zip code. If the post office is privatized, There is no way that UPS or FedEx will continue this trend, Completely stranding people in less populous areas and cutting off their ability to receive mail.

In conclusion, The USPS shouldn't be dissolved or privatized. It is only operating at a loss because it was sabotaged by Bush and if it is privatized it will lead to a divide in postal service between rural and urban communities where there currently is none. Thank you for your time.


Government is force and therefore immoral. Private market place is voluntary and therefore moral. People don't have a right to other peoples property, So taking peoples money buy force and spending it on whatever anybody means is good or necessary is always wrong.
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