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The Toronto Raptors suck and will lose to the Bucks

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Started: 5/22/2019 Category: Sports
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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The Toronto Raptors suck and will lose in 6 games to the Bucks

We The North, More like We the losers


Mic drop


The Raptors not only have a chance to beat the Bucks in this series, But now all the pressure is on the Bucks to win game 5. Here is why, Toronto has been playing lights out at home so far, Players such as Vanvleet and Ibaka are making huge differences. The first two games, Giannis could not be stopped by the Raptors, But with the adjustments that Nick Nurse has made, Giannis has been being picked up further up the court, Meaning it is harder for him to get to the basket. Brooke Lopez, Nikola Mirotic, And Illyasova are on the floor, Toronto is putting them in situations where they have to guard a person one on one, And that isn't working out great for them. Toronto has adjusted to what the Bucks did in games one and two and unless the Bucks find another way around those, Toronto will win this series.
Debate Round No. 1


I would like to thank my opponent in taking on this debate so lets continue

The Raptors have not won in Milwaukee in this series. The next game is in Milwaukee also if this goes 7 games, Game 7 is in Milwaukee.

The Bucks were the best team in the east this season. They are 33-0 after losing 2 straight games.

Kawhi Leonard has been on Load Management all season, He will not be able to sustain the rigorous playoff schedule and he is already breaking down and limping after plays, He only played 60 games in the regular season, He will not be able to keep playing at this level much longer.

The Bucks bench is better than the Raptors bench

And finally, The Raptors are losers, They have never won anything and they will not win here either.

And the biggest reason they will not win is because the billion dollar TV industry will not want to air a Raptors vs Warriors final. Nobody will watch that and the NBA is a billion dollar business, All of America wants to see the up and coming Greek Freak vs Steph Curry in the Final. The NBA has the final say in their officiating so they can decide the game for the Bucks if the Raptors attempt to win.

It's for these reasons why the Raptors will lose this series



Thank you very much!
Even with game 5 being decided, The Raptors had every right in winning that game, Now Milwaukee has to go to Toronto and try and defeat the raptors which they haven't proved to do yet so far. Even though the Bucks were the best team record wise in the East, Toronto was only 2 games behind Milwaukee in the standings.

Kawhi Leonard has been on load management this whole season, But this is the reason why he was on load management, They needed to save all of his energy for the playoffs and series like this. He may not be able to continue playing at this level if they get to the finals, But for the next couple games he will be giving it his all on the defensive and offensive. They could have played him all season but they would have been jeopardizing his health for the playoffs.

Even though on paper the bucks bench is better, So far in this series the Raptors bench has been playing better, With players like Ibaka and Vanvleet stepping up big time.

I will concede the even though the Raptors haven't won in the close past, Their best player was DeMar Derozan, Who eve though he was a good player, Is not the type of player to lead his team far. Now, They have Kawhi Leonard, A top 3 player in the league, A former finals mvp, And when last seen healthy in San Antonio with a far less talented team had a 20 point lead on the Warriors. As soon as he went out, The Spurs didn't have any chance, That is how special Kawhi Leonard is.

Toronto represents a country, All of Canada has one team and one team only, That is the Raptors, All of Canada would be watching and cheering for the Raptors, Along with NBA fans all around. Toronto is a larger city then Milwaukee, The ratings would still be up because it is the Finals. This all means that the NBA just wants a good matchup, And they will get it with the Raptors or the Bucks.
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Smug_Tomato 2 years ago
rip this take lmao
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