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The earth is a globe

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Started: 1/5/2020 Category: Science
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Hello there!

I am just very confused as to why an individual would choose to believe that the earth is flat. I am sure, That there are many debates on this already, But I still wanted to be able to participate in a debate.

I just have a very basic question. . How do you deny the curvature of the earth? You know, If you look into the horizon, You'll only be able to see the very top of a ship sailing to shore. Of course continued by the rest of the ship as it is coming closer.
How would you explain that?

Also, How do you deny a person, Who has seen the earth from space with their own eyes. I cannot believe, That 500 + astronauts would lie about this, But please educate me, If possible :)

- Please do NOT bring the bible or religion into this, I would like to keep it as scientific as possible, Please :)

I sincerely hope, That I am not offending anyone, I am just very curious and willing to gain a bit more knowledge and perspective.


Some people think the earth is flat because people were afraid of sea travel. At the time, People would travel just out of sight of land, And never come back. So, People thought that they had fallen off the world.
Debate Round No. 1


Okay, Thank you for your response! :)

I still just do not get how a flat-earther could EVER deny that scientific observation. I heard some people were talking about heat, But this does not deny anything? It is the most basic observation, How could you ever question it? And do they not realize just how far we would be able to see if the earth was flat?

An of course people lie, But 536 astronauts. . Who all devoted part of their lives to being in space? I am not buying it. It is just an absurd thing to lie about. Not to talk about the 17. 000+ people working at Nasa?

- - - - - If any flat earther would like to further debate / explain / educate me on this, Feel free to write me a message or write a comment, I am really interested about this topic!
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Posted by Thomas57 1 year ago
Well I believe the earth is flat but round, Like a bowl, The sun raising every day more or less east and set west, I don't believe the earth is spinning as been told, If that is true, Then why is it that the moon and stars are not moving? Unless they are moving with the earth, Which doesn't make sense.
Question for you. Why is it that countries have different time zone? If it a round ball.
Posted by Leaning 2 years ago
Well, You've got 'red in your name. Maybe you'll have some luck playing the devils advocate.
Posted by TheRedPlanet 2 years ago
Sorry, I just noticed I didn't answer your second question.
Although this isn't purely scientific, It shows a very good reason

Everyone lies. Even astronauts. So people could think that astronauts are lying.

It's actually kind of hard to argue this position, Because I believe the earth is round.
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