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The industrial food chain is the best food chain to sustain the world population.

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Started: 3/16/2019 Category: People
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There are almost 800 million people out there in the world who are starving. The industrial food chain's job is to mass produce cheap corn. Meaning foods that are based on industrial are cheap and accessible by almost everyone. Feeding everyone in the world should be the main concern for now, And after we can ensure that everyone has access to food, We can then transition into a more healthy food chain.


There are two main problems with the industrial food chain model that my opponent brings up. First, Is the matter of getting the food to people. Most starving people live in developing countries, Like countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, While the infrastructure needed for the industrial models are in wealthier countries like the U. S. . So, The food would have to be manufactured and then sent to starving people, And someone is going to have to pay for that process. The second problem is that it would hurt local economies. When rich countries sell mass produced food at prices that smaller local businesses can't compete with they go out of business, Thus creating more poverty and food insecurity. If we really want to end global hunger we should help local farms build up their food production. By subsidizing them and letting poorer countries into the global food market, As well as by promoting GMO crops that can grow well in harsh environments, We can attack food insecurity directly, And help to raise up poorer economies which has a litany of benefit. Thanks.
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Posted by croweupc 3 years ago
Interesting topic,

How would you guys address population growth? If we maintain our current growth rate, It will become unsustainable even if we industrialized all food production. Land needs rest from harvesting. If we need more and more land to farm, When would the land have time to rest? Also, Cutting down trees to create more agricultural land has unintended consequences. Trees use CO2 while producing Oxygen. Cutting down trees will only adds to the CO2 emissions problems our planet faces.

I work in the Environmental Technology field and this is a much needed conversation with the rise of Climate Change deniers.
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