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The physical existence of darkness will never occupy illuminated space

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Started: 2/22/2020 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Imagine two ordinary rooms having one shared wall, No windows, And one closed door, With a sealing door sill, Is in the shared wall. The door and the wall are the only objects that close each room off from the other. One room is fully illuminated, And the other is in complete darkness. The dark room is not a black hole, And industry standard lighting illuminates the other room. Both rooms are completely ordinary rooms of typical construct in the housing industry.
When the door is opened, Which room's condition will partially occupy the other? I contend the light will always invade the dark, Without exception.


No doubt your capacity to imagine "INFINITE SPACE" is NON EXISTENT. . . So you are CORRECT. . . As a very small and
pathetic CLOSED MINDED HUMAN the concept of "DARK ENERGY" is beyond your ability to consider. . . Obviously YOU
have never observed the night sky from a truly DARK environment on this planet. . . So you are trapped in some absurd
little room with a 20 watt lightbulb. . . You MIND is DIMMED by illusion and utter IGNORANCE. . . So WHAT! You have the
right to close your mind and exist in some teeny irrlevent empty room with a dim light on! Congratulations!

No "GOD" is necessary you are in your HEAVEN for ETERNITY. . . Keep the light ON! So you can validate your existence in
an empty room is a worthwhile endeavor!

NOW. . For those humans who are awed by the vastness of what is currently know as the UNIVERSE. . . Which of all things
is 95 % + darkness. . . The only LIGHT so far comes from the star forming regions of each GALAXY for which there are BILLIONS seemingly suspended in UTTER DARK SPACE! And is continually expanding. . . But NOT for YOU. . . Make sure
your little BOX has a TOILET. . . . Because that is where your MIND is. . . . OK. . . Like "MOTEL 6" you keep the light on!

and the OPEN MINDED HUMAN EXPLORERS will continue to wonder and reach for the STARS and BEYOND. . . Humanity
is just on the cusp of TRUE MIND BLOWING EXPANSION. . . But not for you. . . Just close the door of your teeny BOX and
wait for DEATH to arrive! OH. . . And YOU will end up in the same place for ETERNITY. . . Enjoy your EMPTINESS. . . .

OH, Quantum scientists are considering a MULTIVERSE. . . Oh, But never mind. . . Your UNIVERSE is a TEENY BOX. . . . .
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for your response. I appreciate being told, Without knowledge on your part of who or what I am, And therefore entirely in the dark on the subject, So to speak, I acknowledge there are obstacles in my path of knowledge acquisition.

As for dark places on earth to view the night sky, Will 20 miles, On foot, Into a Thai jungle in Ta Phraya, East of Bangkok, Satisfy you? How about on the summit of Mount Whitney in Sequoia National Park? Or, Try on a country road one klick from Les Planchettes, Switzerland in a winter forest? Ninety-two nautical miles off the Olympic peninsula, Washington State, On a 50-foot yacht? Or, Twenty klicks due north into the desert from Khor Rori, On the Omani coast of the Indian Ocean? I have been in all these places, And others in over two dozen countries. They all have sufficiently dark places to see the grandeur of the exposed universe. But, Did I argue this journey? No. You did.

Did I mention God? Did I mention Dark Energy? Did I mention Motel 6? Did I mention quantum physics? In any manner, Derogatory, Or not? No, I did not. I spoke to two, Simple rooms in a house, And their relative, Easily perceivable conditions of light and dark. Stay on point; that is the matter and substance of debate. The size of my universe is not your challenge to make a flaccid argument of premature efactulation. Stop stroking the brain stem and put it back in the pants. This is wisdom.
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by fauxlaw 1 year ago
Eyes open. That is the construct of my original argument, Obviously, Since I posited seeing how light and darkness interact.
The brain? Gel like? Really. Have you ever held a human brain, Immediately after extraction in an autopsy? I have. In fact, The extraction was by my hands. Gert it? The brain is a rather solid mass of tissue, And of substantial weight. I know most other organs, As well. I know the construct of the human body, And its functions and relative condition of mass, But there is no way for you to know that, Is there? So, Why assume you do? Know of what you speak. The brain is a rather solid mass of tissue, And of substantial weight.
Posted by WisdomOfAges 1 year ago
ILLUMINATION is only visible if the eyes are open and functioning. . . Yet the brain exists in DARKNESS
and is a gel like mass of billions of BIO CIRCUITS. . . . YOU are a construct in a biological computer. . .

There is NO YOU. . . Within the neural bio electric network. . . You are a CONSTRUCT. . . As are the GODS. . .
darkness is the CONSTANT not illumination. . . Illumination is CONDITIONAL. . . Dark matter / dark energy?
UNKNOWN at this time of human existence. . .

YOU have LIGHT is not the CONSTANT. . . DARKNESS or absence of LIGHT IS. . . . . Wake UP! And see the
DARKNESS the UNIVERSE seems to be made of?
Posted by fauxlaw 1 year ago
wisdom stays on point. Again, Did I mention God in my debate arguments. No, I merely acknowledged your reference, Noting in rebuttal that God is not relevant to the debate, Yert you bring the subject up again, Along with the argument that light is not seen by the human eye. Well, The human eye can sure distinguish the EFFECT of light and distinguish it from shadow; shadow all the way to black. Laser light? Did I mention laser light? God ion heaven I don't care if you use candle. Light, The eeffect of which still invades a darkened room. OK. Are your feelings satisfied? I'm certain by now your brain stem has climaxed.
Posted by WisdomOfAges 1 year ago
WE? The entire UNIVERSE is in some kind of BLACK SOUP. . . . Humans label it DARK MATTER / DARK ENERGY
for now. . . It like so many other things is OPEN for exploration and DISCOVERY. . .

The SCUM behind the "GOD" hoax want OBEDIENCE. . . Question NOTHING. . . Do as "GOD" commands. .
yet there is NO GOD visible or available. . EVER. . Just HUMANS who themselves PLAY GOD. . And that is
what "the "GOD" construct is designed for. . . So HUMANS can PLAY GOD and exploit anyone to OBEY
their DOGMA or be subject to SUFFERING and PUNISHMENT in LIFE and DEATH. . .

TRULY the stuff of CRIMINAL PSYCHOPATH LIARS and CON ARTISTS for power and control. . . Nothing more
Posted by WisdomOfAges 1 year ago
IDIOTS. . . . . Light cannot is NOT VISIBLE to the human EYE. . Only reflection and absorbtion of wavelengths
the eye recognizes. . . .

if you are on the MOON. . . The COSMOS are BLACK EMPTY SPACE illumination comes from the SUN's
activity it ILLUMINATES in 360 space. . . Yet on the Moon's surface no ILLUMINATION is VISIBLE only
the source (again the SUN is processing particles through fusion ) the sky around IT and the MOON
is PITCH BLACK >>>>>>>>>>>FOOL. . .

OK imbecile. . . Lock yourself in a totally dark square room / space. . . . Drill a hole through one wall about
the size of a baseball. . . On the wall directly accross from it do the same at the same position. .
place a LASER behind the wall and turn it on so that it goes through the other hole. . .

TURN OUT THE LIGHTS. . . . Unless there is DUST or fog/smoke. . . Atmoshere dust etc. . . The beam cannot be
SEEN by the human EYE. . . . . Humans cannot SEE light particles. . . . I D I OT. . . .
Posted by fauxlaw 1 year ago
To anc2006:
When constructing a darkroom for photographic purposes [virtually no one does this anymore], Or for my debate posit, I acknowledge that there are probably minor light leaks occurring, But not sufficient to either affect film or photo paper, Or to spoil the condition of my posit. The test is simple: Once the room is prepared, A continuous stretch of 10 minutes within the enclosure is typically enough to determine if there is a light leak. If one can see anything but darkness in that period of time, There is a leak. My darkroom was constructed to endure 20 minutes of exposure without detecting anything but darkness. I propose the same for my posited room. Yes, There probably still were light leaks, But the human eye is insufficiently designed to detect light at such low levels; therefore, It has effectively met the conditions required for darkness. Let's be practical here. It's why I made the added comment that the room is not a black hole.
Posted by anc2006 1 year ago
Either way, I support Pro.
Posted by anc2006 1 year ago
To Fauxlaw:

"To Flex Seal: I have constructed a small room just as I describe. In my hobby as a photographer thirty years ago, I called it a "darkroom;" sufficiently dark to declare no light was present unless I turned on the safelight during film processing or paper development. No black hole required not desired. "

Your "dark room" still has light. You must create a full-on black hole in order to achieve full darkness as there is technically no technology to seal literally every particle of literally everything away. Look at your phone, Light with your light. You see your face, And that would mean that the black is not black enough. It has to be something blacker than VantaBlack to be declared true darkness.

To make it a fair match, What is the opposite of light? Darkness. What is the opposite of A light? A black hole. Emit light, Absorb light. However I agree if there is no black hole present, The darkness may not invade the light.
Posted by fauxlaw 1 year ago
I could add to the journeys mentioned in round 2 I have taken, But I'll add just one. When I passed off my Astronomy merit badge at 14, I was in the Griffith Park Observatory Planetarium, Because in L. A. , The night sky, On a good night, Will reveal about 2 constellations. I had to identify 40; thus, The planetarium. Afterward, The astronomer conducting my merit badge passage offered to show me the universe from our Los Angeles perspective, 20, 000 years into the future. I remarked that the constellation that should have been Leo, One of the 40 identified minutes earlier, Then will look like a satellite dish, A sight the Greeks never had.
Posted by fauxlaw 1 year ago
To Flex Seal: I have constructed a small room just as I describe. In my hobby as a photographer thirty years ago, I called it a "darkroom;" sufficiently dark to declare no light was present unless I turned on the safelight during film processing or paper development. No black hole required not desired.
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