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The physical existence of darkness will never occupy illuminated space

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Started: 2/22/2020 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Imagine two ordinary rooms having one shared wall, No windows, And one closed door, With a sealing door sill, Is in the shared wall. The door and the wall are the only objects that close each room off from the other. One room is fully illuminated, And the other is in complete darkness. The dark room is not a black hole, And industry standard lighting illuminates the other room. Both rooms are completely ordinary rooms of typical construct in the housing industry.
When the door is opened, Which room's condition will partially occupy the other? I contend the light will always invade the dark, Without exception.


No doubt your capacity to imagine "INFINITE SPACE" is NON EXISTENT. . . So you are CORRECT. . . As a very small and
pathetic CLOSED MINDED HUMAN the concept of "DARK ENERGY" is beyond your ability to consider. . . Obviously YOU
have never observed the night sky from a truly DARK environment on this planet. . . So you are trapped in some absurd
little room with a 20 watt lightbulb. . . You MIND is DIMMED by illusion and utter IGNORANCE. . . So WHAT! You have the
right to close your mind and exist in some teeny irrlevent empty room with a dim light on! Congratulations!

No "GOD" is necessary you are in your HEAVEN for ETERNITY. . . Keep the light ON! So you can validate your existence in
an empty room is a worthwhile endeavor!

NOW. . For those humans who are awed by the vastness of what is currently know as the UNIVERSE. . . Which of all things
is 95 % + darkness. . . The only LIGHT so far comes from the star forming regions of each GALAXY for which there are BILLIONS seemingly suspended in UTTER DARK SPACE! And is continually expanding. . . But NOT for YOU. . . Make sure
your little BOX has a TOILET. . . . Because that is where your MIND is. . . . OK. . . Like "MOTEL 6" you keep the light on!

and the OPEN MINDED HUMAN EXPLORERS will continue to wonder and reach for the STARS and BEYOND. . . Humanity
is just on the cusp of TRUE MIND BLOWING EXPANSION. . . But not for you. . . Just close the door of your teeny BOX and
wait for DEATH to arrive! OH. . . And YOU will end up in the same place for ETERNITY. . . Enjoy your EMPTINESS. . . .

OH, Quantum scientists are considering a MULTIVERSE. . . Oh, But never mind. . . Your UNIVERSE is a TEENY BOX. . . . .
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for your response. I appreciate being told, Without knowledge on your part of who or what I am, And therefore entirely in the dark on the subject, So to speak, I acknowledge there are obstacles in my path of knowledge acquisition.

As for dark places on earth to view the night sky, Will 20 miles, On foot, Into a Thai jungle in Ta Phraya, East of Bangkok, Satisfy you? How about on the summit of Mount Whitney in Sequoia National Park? Or, Try on a country road one klick from Les Planchettes, Switzerland in a winter forest? Ninety-two nautical miles off the Olympic peninsula, Washington State, On a 50-foot yacht? Or, Twenty klicks due north into the desert from Khor Rori, On the Omani coast of the Indian Ocean? I have been in all these places, And others in over two dozen countries. They all have sufficiently dark places to see the grandeur of the exposed universe. But, Did I argue this journey? No. You did.

Did I mention God? Did I mention Dark Energy? Did I mention Motel 6? Did I mention quantum physics? In any manner, Derogatory, Or not? No, I did not. I spoke to two, Simple rooms in a house, And their relative, Easily perceivable conditions of light and dark. Stay on point; that is the matter and substance of debate. The size of my universe is not your challenge to make a flaccid argument of premature efactulation. Stop stroking the brain stem and put it back in the pants. This is wisdom.
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by anc2006 2 years ago
And, I am not accepting this debate because I totally agree with you in the given situation. But even though your given situation is impossible to replicate.
Posted by anc2006 2 years ago
Well your argument has several flaws.

1. The door cannot seal literally everything. Some air particles will still travel through even it is reduced. So the room cannot be completely dark without a use of black hole.

Let' just assume the second room is a controlled black hole, Then it will make the light a bent silk, And eventually there are less light. So conclusions here:

1) It is impossible to have the absence of light without a black hole, In a room with a door.
2) If there is a black hole, Its darkness can invade the light.
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