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The polite lick on the 4 year-old girl's cheek

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Started: 4/9/2019 Category: Economics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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If a 4 year-old girl wants to be licked by a grown up man, To deny her of that would be a crime. If she licks a grown up man, It is only polite for the man to lick her back. We must teach our children to be friendly with strangers and insist to be licked by them. Children who aren't licked are worth nothing. When I walk on the streets, If I see a child alone, I am going to lick it. Children should be kissed and tickled and licked by grown ups. Lick a 4 year-old girl's cheek as if she was a lollipop, As if she was a sweet candy. Seeking her as a precious jewel, For to give up I would be a fool. Even if she doesn't want to be licked, Give her politely the unwanted lick.


I assume by lick, You do no literally mean lick. I'm going to assume you mean "show affection to".

There is a reason parents teach children to say no to strangers. Children that cannot defend themselves are prime prey for adults who are interested in them. From a parent standpoint, I agree with this post. But strangers? Strangers can be very dangerous to children they show affection to. For example, An adult showing affection to a four-year-old girl could have the want to kidnap or even rape the child. Not all strangers are polite. Even though I agree you should always be polite to strangers, If they begin showing affection it can be dangerous.

Assuming you DO mean to literally mean to lick someone with your tongue, Just no. Not only is that extremely creepy and unwanted, But is dangerous. Licking a child is very odd and can be taken as some kind of sexual offence or assault. Licking a random child that does not wish to be licked especially is assault, And can make most feel very, Extremely uncomfortable.
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Posted by DaynaDebating808 3 years ago
Is when you say lick in your argument a type of figurative language or are you saying that if you see a little girl on the street you should be able to lick her?
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