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The word "GIF" is pronounced "JIF"

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Started: 7/18/2018 Category: Funny
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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When i hop onto the wonderful world we call the internet, i occasionally need a 3 to 5 second clip, silent, peaceful, and yet ever so powerful. That is why i turn to the GIF. However, i hear people pronouncing it like it looks, with a hard G. But me, I always used a J sound. How is it pronounced? Clearly, the truth is the J sound. Even the creator of the format pronounces it that way, not to mention words like Gym, and Gigantic. Both are G's following an I or Y with a similar sounds, and all use the J version of G. And that, example wise, is why it has to be Jif, like the Peanut Butter, and not whatever a "GIF" is.


Graphics has a hard G, therefore the acronym GIF should be treated with the same respect.

Jif is just a bad habit.

No disrespect meant to any similarly named food products.
Debate Round No. 1


The word GIF may be an acronym, but there is no rule in the human language that claims the words that make an acronym decide how the acronym is pronounced or used, for example:

KYS, while yourself is one word, the expression is not KY

Plus, who better to trust then its creator, who argued it was Jif after even he was dumbstruck by the idea of saying it with a hard G. And while the dictionary says its GIF. they claimed it was so because the population mostly pronounced it that way. Can we truly trust the popular way of doing things? A majority of people also thought pineapples grew on trees, but they clearly don't.


Mr Wilhite's gift to the world were great graphics.

Or should that be.

Mr Wilhite's jift to the world were jreat jraphics.

As you see, when an R follows a G the G is always hard. It's the rule.

Your KYS argument is counter intuitive. The pronunciation of the K remains constant and relative to it's representative word. The same applies to the G in graphics, therefore GIF has a hard G, it's the rule.

I expect Mr Wilhite was dumbstruck when he realised his glaring mistake. Or should that be jlaring mistake?

If the popular way of doing things works ok, then why change it.

I think that pineapples are delicious. I also think that green grapes are great too.

Sorry. I should have said, jreen jrapes are jreat too.
Debate Round No. 2


Once again, your entire argument is shortened down to:

If the G in GIF stands for graphics, the G should be hard.

HOWEVER! You must've forgotten these examples:

NASA, the first A is for aeronautics, however the A in NASA is not long.
NATO, the A is for Atlantic, however the A in NATO is long.
POTUS, the U is for United, however the U in POTUS is not long.
SCOTUS, the U is again for United, however again, it isn't long.
PHAT, the P is for pretty and H is for hot, however in PHAT they sound like an F.
DARE, the E is for Education, yet it remains silent in the word DARE.
AARP, (Used as both abbreviation and acronym, we look at acronym.) The first A stands for American, but its used in a hard A, which sounds more like "Ah" then "Uh.
NASDAQ, the Q is for Quotation, however the Q in NASDAQ sounds like a K or a C.
SWAT, the A is for And, however the A in SWAT is a hard A, which sounds more like an "Ah" then "Uh"

See, your point has remained invalid for many of these words, most of which are recognized by most world governments.
So to close, just because the G in graphics is hard, doesn't mean it is in GIF.

And for your information, Jreen Jrapes sounds lovely right about now.


Poor Mr Wilhite.

He made such a gaff, a GIF gaff you might say. Certainly not a JIF jaff.

A hard G for me please Mr Wilhite.

Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by qwaszxplm 3 years ago
Have faith in whatever you believe...
its always true
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