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There should just one language all over the world

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Started: 3/29/2019 Category: Society
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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The language barrier is a serious thing. A lot of people from older generations have to now learn several languages to get some job or to travel somewhere. There is lot of countries where more than a half of population cannot speak any other language just their native language. This problem is influencing tourism industry and also the whole economy in that state.


I disagree. There should be a language that the whole world speaks, But having only one language in the whole world would kill thousands of years of history and many languages and cultures from which the economically advanced world has benefited from. Variety is the leading factor for innovation. If everyone is equal there are no new ideas.
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Posted by omar2345 3 years ago
1 language is best. Waste of time to learn various languages when we can all have one.
Posted by K_Michael_Tolman 3 years ago
Look up Esperanto. It didn't go over too well.
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