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Started: 5/18/2019 Category: Economics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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You may start.


So i looked at your political views and saw you were pro Barack Obama. So lets debate that

1. He had the worst economic recovery ever.
2. He bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia
3. His friend said:"God bless American, No no no, God damn America"
4. Black unemployment was a ALL TIME HIGH and he said"Stop crying, Stop your grumbling and get a job! "
5. He refereed to his own people, Black people as the n word.
6. He let Russia take over Crimea and let them bomb Syria with no consequences
Debate Round No. 1


My opponent misunderstand the title of the debate. The objective of the opposite side is to argue that this isn't a debate.


This is not a debate, Because I agree that this is not a debate, So if we disagree, No debate
Debate Round No. 2


you can treat this as an argument, And an argument still needs 2 sides with at least 1 subjects each, But with insufficient words and hard-to-tell language.

of course I will call this a debate since this is my side and you won't because that is your side, But I mean, You can basically argue like an informal argument with me and prove this isn't a debate, Not pushing the responsibility and avoids the opportunity.

because I call this a debate, I will treat this like one. A new topic would be introduced after this and it won't disappoint anybody (or nobody). Since this has 2 rounds left, Let's just leave 2 rounds of trashtalking and moving forward to a 2-round debate. You have the right to debate, Forfeit or to do anything. I don't expect anything due to your specific viewpoint, And you have the right to do nothing.

New topic: Nintendo is better than PlayStation (Everybody except dr. Franklin are obligatory to read the things below)

Argument 1(new)

the company Nintendo created many successful games such as Mario kart 7 and Mario 3d land, Games that a casual gamer would find fun with. While on the playstation almost only 3rd party games exists, And are most likely only being played by true gamers that are hardcore.

first is that if the games are more for casual gamers, The amount of business would go up sufficiently and efficiently, While hardcore games would possibly go nothing too much from a steady rate. Also Playstation teams only design consoles but make barely any games, And even they do it couldn't be anything better than tiger, Ljn and Big rigs.

and second many Nintendo/playstation owners are children. They own consoles like Wii U and Ps3. Well not if better technology is always better, Because too much ahead-of-time technology replica would be too harsh like the virtual boy (and even that they tried, While playstation are bland). I said Playstation(especially 2 and up)s are for hardcore gamers and Nintendo consoles are for casual gamers such as the 2ds, The gamecube, And even the snes are timeless classics that adapts casual gamers very nicely and smoothly while the playstations would simply thrash the new gamers and except they find it fun, That would be 2 extremes: too much addiction to hate to the thing. Nintendo keeps up the the casuals because they're the moderation: none are perfect but anyone could find it fun (like Wii sports). And that means Ps owners that are children will either slack school or throw it in the garbage, While Nintendo children would play it as long as it's fun.


I agree, No debating needed. This is not a debate
Debate Round No. 3
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by anc2006 2 years ago
Posted by bruh101 2 years ago
franklin wins
Posted by anc2006 3 years ago
okay so i can debate like this is an debate then
Posted by Dr.Franklin 3 years ago
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