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Tom(PRO) v. s. Jerry(CON)

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Started: 6/16/2016 Category: TV
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Jerry is better than Tom as Tom is an oppresser and a bully. Bullies are never good people.
Also, Tom does not obey his mistress where Jerry does.


Tom is not a bully. He is just a hungry cat who wants to eat jerry. he obey his mistress as much as he can, but jerry creates trouble such as breaking stuff and tom takes the blame. Jerry not only escapes, but also breaks many vases on tom's head in the process, which is cruel. It is sad that poor Tom can't eat jerry.
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Posted by Omniscient_Debater 5 years ago
That varies. Tom can be rather mean-spirited, sometimes he has caused conflict. I saw in episode where he was in a jet pack, and after figuring out how to use it, he taunted Spike and Jerry and started messing with them. Tom also hurt Jerry once in "Snowbody loves me", and threw him out of the door, almost freezing Jerry to death, but out if guilt, he brought him back inside to keep him warm and they became friends.
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Vote Placed by Ragnar 5 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Not very much to weight, but there's enough assertions to try to make sense of it... Pro effectively countered con's claim of what a bully the Tom is, and the harm to the mistress, by pointing out the Jerry choosing to both torture Tom and break belongings of the mistress. Further pro reminds us that Tom is just following his nature as a cat, further a cat that is not fed by the mistress thus likely needs to eat Jerry to survive.

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