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Toss into the gutter the 10 commandments as all were negative and let's create something positive

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Started: 2/14/2020 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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We all know that the original 10 commandments of the bumbling bible are fraudulent and fake brought on by a fraudulent and fake god in which 4 of them demanded death if not obeyed. Hey they were revised at least 4 times by moses, A terrorist and murderer anyway who cannot be proved has ever existed. So its time to change the commandments and bring in some working proper commandments that are not overseen by an idiot god that nobody can even prove exists for god's sake. Btw, There doesn't have to be 10. There can be 13 or who knows how many? It really depends on what works best. And no, Controlling people as what the original commandments were clearly for, Will not be the answer here either. These are just working suggestions.

In no particular order even though the first two are easy ones. . .

* Thou shalt always honor and protect children and never knowingly cause harm unto them.
* Thou shalt get rid of ALL religion.
* Thou shalt never slap, Hit, Or abuse women for any reason.
* Thou shalt get rid of slavery everywhere.
* Thou shalt get rid of all bigotry and racism.
* Thou shalt not care if someone is a party to being gay.
* Thou shalt always treat everybody as equals UNLESS as an equal the boundary of individuality is violated to cause harm to another.
* Thou shalt never bully anyone.
* Thou shalt not seek power.
* Thou shalt not terrorize anyone through fear.
* Thou shalt not torture anyone.
* Thou shalt not seek to oppress.
* Thou shalt get rid of all guns and weapons of superior firepower.
* Thou shalt get rid of all street drugs and never have anything to do with them.
* Thou shalt have nothing to do with Donald toilet dust Trump, Easily the worst president of all time and make sure he goes under for his crimes against the people of the U. S. A.
* Thou shalt always believe in oneself, That you know you are somebody, That you know you can contribute to society and that you know you are worthwhile.
* Thou shalt hug your neighbor as a mark of a peaceful gesture because you know you believe in peace and you know you will always work towards peace to create peace wherever you go.
* Thou shalt help your neighbor when he needs help and is in trouble if you are not in trouble.
* Thou shalt not ever rape the earth. . . Meaning thou shalt not pollute the skies, Thou shalt not pollute the oceans, Thou shalt not deforest the lands.
* Thou shalt not lever let money or wealth guide and corrupt you.
* Thou shalt not ever kill a man.
* Thou shalt not ever go to war.
* Thou shalt not ever hate.
* Thou shalt not even think about, Dream about or use violence towards anybody or anything.
* Thou shalt always protect rare species and never knowingly cause harm unto them.
* Thou shalt not ever abuse or torture animals.
* Thou shalt not ever kill animals for sport.
* Thou shalt not ever dabble in materialistic things.
* Thou shalt always dream big in an effort to achieve those dreams.
* Thou shalt always help those who are less fortunate than you.
* Thou shalt always take time to grieve if you need to.
* Thou shalt always be prepared to be judged.
* Thou shalt always be a good listener and take in what people around you have to say.
* Thou shalt always be ready to learn something new.
* Thou shalt always look forward to both the moonrise and the sunrise.
* Thou shalt always wonder and look forward to knowing if there is life elsewhere in the universe.
* Thou shalt always take vacations and travel the world if possible.
* Thou shalt never cause anyone to deliberately suffer.
* Thou shalt always take time in one's day to put your feet up and relax.

OK, So its your turn. Think of a couple of commandments that would benefit humankind and or this planet to make it a better place to live in. Naturally, I will be thinking of a few more as this debate rolls on and thus I will list them.

Anybody can participate except for dsjpk5 and those who think negatively and those who are racist bigots and believe that suffering is a good thing - christ anyone? All you have to do if you are not the one who has accepted this debate is to post a couple of your commandments in the comments section. Good luck! And let's all dream big!

Dsjpk5 is disqualified from the voting procedures as he tries to pretend he's god and thus change the voting structure of who wins and loses here on DDO.


1. Do to others what you would have them do to you.

2. Always try to be kind, Even though doing so is not always going to be easy. If one should find themselves in a difficult situation, They should turn over to their inner voice of reason and resolve the matter with the best of their given abilities and intention, For the greater good.
Debate Round No. 1


Your #1 is something that has already been invented by another and I got to say as a personal opinion it doesn't work because as an example what if you are Donald aphid spit Trump, Easily the worst president of all time, Can anyone "do unto others what you would have them do to you? In this specific case? What about Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, Hong Xiuquan, All serial killers, Rapists, Pedophiles, Torturers, Sodomizers, Etc etc etc That answer is a very HUGE NO! There's many more examples.

2. I agree with #2. I don't think it would be hard to be kind as with many on this planet, It's natural within their eternal clock and being.

Personally, The rest should be separated so that it should be a #3 in which I also agree with = very very good!

here's a few more. . .
* Thou shalt always get along with nature/ Mother Earth and treat her with dignity and respect and never plunder her for selfish reasons.
* Thou shalt never be totally selfish and bring thy self unto giving.
* Thou shalt never be overbearing in one's life to ruin it.
* Thou shalt always look forward to tomorrow and the next day beyond for what it brings as it will be better than the previous.
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by canis 1 year ago
There is not such thing as positive commandments. . It makes no sense. .
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