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Uncle Iroh is a good person in every way (ATLA)

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Started: 1/20/2019 Category: Movies
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I'll let my opponent go first. Every time I start, I lose. XD


You have already started so you have therefore gone first.

The fictional reality of Uncle Iroh exists only in one brain.

Other brains are only capable of making assumptions.

I will assume that Uncle Iroh is a paedophile. Uncle is a dubious fixation.

Do you have unequivocal proof that Uncle Iroh isn't a paedophile.
Debate Round No. 1


While I technically don't know that he isn't, There is no evidence to suggest that he is. He is 60, Based on the anime, And 61 in the manga. He is shown to flirt with some women, Whose ages are unknown, But, As they flirt back, You cannot condemn him for his relations with women. June, The bounty hunter, Is probably 30-ish, Though I don't really have any evidence. The passport lady that he flirts with as well is probably 40 or older. On no occasion is he shown to have sexual or romantic interest in children. I conclude that while there is no definitive way to be sure, That you cannot prove him to be a pedophile. I say that he is innocent until proven guilty.


Does Uncle Iroh have a wife and children?

Flirting with young women could simply be a distraction or a more significant manifestation of his confused sexuality. And of course he would keep his true intentions hidden in public and on screen.

Innocent until proven otherwise, Should be the watchword. But once those seeds of doubt have been sown it's so difficult to prevent things from getting out of hand.

As you admit, We just cannot be sure. So best not take any chances.

Perhaps the watchword in Uncle Iroh's case should be, Caution until proven innocent.
Debate Round No. 2


He had a wife and son, Who he loved dearly. You still have no evidence towards pedophilia.
Confused sexuality? That's out of nowhere and has no backing either. Those who are confused by their own preferred sexual orientation, The "Q" for questioning in LGBTQ+, Could include Iroh in their numbers, But there's no evidence. You can't cite his flirting with girls as evidence towards confused orientation. Because heterosexual, Binary males flirt with girls. A LOT. Furthermore, You cite confused orientation as a bad quality. Prove first that it is bad.
"Caution until proven innocent. " NO! You can't flip the justice system on its head just to put doubt in Iroh's specific case of whether he is moral or not! You cannot assume the worst of a man who has no proven background. It undermines the system of justice. If everyone suspected of a crime was jailed if they couldn't prove their innocence, Then I could accuse you of anything without evidence, And you would be convicted unless you could prove your innocence.


Good fun.
Your argument is very good. But I hope you don't actually take fantasy this seriously.

Of course, The obvious response to your question would be to point out that Uncle Iroh isn't actually a person but merely a fictional character and as such their state of mind can be anything we want it to be.

Though, I suppose that ultimately the responsibility for Uncle Iroh rests with his creators.

Have a nice day.
Debate Round No. 3
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