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VAR is ruining football and should be scrapped

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Started: 5/20/2019 Category: Sports
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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The video assistant referee (VAR) is an assistant referee in association football who reviews decisions made by the head referee with the use of video footage and a headset for communication.
The VAR use has been criticized for different reasons and it seems that it has not been as useful for football as it had been thought when it was first implemented.

1) Flow of emotion

Technology should not alter the flow of emotion of the football game. VAR is an unnecessarily automated moment. It epitomizes why I think tech should be kept out of football as much as possible, Especially when it comes to the video assistant referee (VAR), A concept that so obviously has its roots in a strip-lit conference room, And which has proved a disaster since its inception into the game.
However, In order to minimize the disruption of the football experience by VAR, I suggest that referees should choose not to review incidents that have occurred beyond 5 minutes. Additionally, Referees should not stop a game to watch a review of an incident. Referees should attend to every incident immediately or stop the game only when the ball is out of play.

2) Cost too high

The CBF did not disclose the reason behind the decision not to introduce VAR for the 2018 Serie A season, But multiple reports have cited cost. GlobeEsporte. Com said the CBF wanted clubs to pay for the system, With an estimated cost of R$20m ("5. 1m/$6. 2m) over a season. Twelve clubs were reported to have voted against VAR, With seven in favour and one abstention.
Vasco president Alexandre Campello said: "This was a decision of the majority, At high cost to the clubs. For each club, (the video referee) would cost R$500, 000 just for the second round, Or R$1m for the entire championship.
Well, It depends on whether screwing up an event that absorbs the attention of the entire world and generated just under $5bn in revenue for Fifa in 2014 is a big deal or not.

3) VAR would have disallowed my goal against England " Diego Maradona

In the 51st minute, With the game goalless, Diego Maradona and Jorge Valdano attempt a one-two. Steve Hodge tries to hook the ball clear but only succeeds in sending it back into his own box and up into the air. Maradona gets to it before advancing England goalkeeper Peter Shilton and scores with his fist. Tunisian referee Ali Bin Nasser gives the goal. "A little with the head of Maradona and a little with the hand of God, " was how the Argentina captain described it.
Diego Maradona insists his controversial and iconic goal against England would have stood even with current technology. The use of the VAR proved vital on more than one occasion during the Tournament of Champions, When it was employed to detect offsides and hand-balls directly affecting goalscoring opportunities. "You get ups and downs during the course of 90 minutes of football, One team can be in control for 15 minutes and then the other team takes charge. If you score a goal, You can see a lot more of the ball and get the opposition to push out more, Which makes the game more dynamic. But if you score a goal and it gets disallowed, You can be forced back and miss your chance. And that"s not right. " Said Maradona


First, I will make my point and then I will make my rebuttals to your points.

1. ) Referees

-The game of football is about the players, Managers, And fans. These three should take center stage in every match.
-The modern game of football became increasingly tactical and quick as our knowledge of the game, Access to global markets, And technology improved.

The natural outcome of this increase in tactics and speed meant that an entire 90 minutes of playing, Strategizing, Or cheering often came down to only a handful of opportunities to win.

Unfortunately, The calls became too important and impactful for the outcome of the games. Thus, The referees were placed in the center stage; the referees were too big of a factor in deciding games. In fact, Teams and tournaments knew that refs were such a big factor that they would end up paying HUGE sums to get the best refs in the games that they knew where important for winning trophies.

In order to remove referees as a factor in the game, VAR was necessarily set up a way to effectively take referees out of the game as they previously been.


Flow of Emotion
1. ) I agree with the 5 minute and out of play part because stopping the game unnecessarily makes the VAR a self-imposed force on the game. But, In general, VAR really doesn't take away the flow of emotion. In fact, It simply adds a new element that we didn't previously have. I remember watching a game recently and have great joy at a goal that was scored. Upon VAR, The goal was disallowed. I went from joyful to surprised to depressed in the matter of three minutes. VAR didn't stop the flow of emotion; it just changed it from what we are used to. If anything, It makes the games far more of an emotional roller coaster. I. E. Champions League knockout round this year.

High Cost
2. ) Cost is only an issue for the smaller clubs. Bigger clubs certainly had an incentive to get VAR (seeing that they already had better players and it would allow them to eliminate the chances an opponent beat them on 'luck'). This is not so much an issue with VAR as it is with the clubs dividing the cost in a way that is fair and representative to the scale and money income of the clubs. Additionally, In the grand scope of the league, 20 million is nothing.

3. ) Gotta love Diego. The reality is that the game back then was different and Diego's pace and craftiness allowed him to get away with it. Let's not forget that even for him, This was a rare kind of goal.

The point is that VAR is not trying to take away legendary moments such as Diego's. Instead, It is adjusting to the modern changes of the game including speed of play, Ball technology (that makes everyones shot 100 km/h), Etc.
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