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Vermont is better than New Hampshire

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Started: 2/17/2016 Category: Places-Travel
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Vermont is a way better state than NH in many ways. VT is known for so many things, like Maple Syrup, Cheese, Skiing, Wildlife, Ice Cream, Hiking, Atv & Dirt Bike trails, Scenery, and chances are you didn't know VT is the 2nd safest state in the country and NH is 4th. 2 Presidents were born in Vt, Clavin Coolidge and Chester Arthur. None were born in NH. In New Hampshire you don't have to wear a helmet on a motorcycle and after that there deaths increased majorly, but they didn't change it for some reason. If you"re happy and you know it, you must live in Vermont. The state consistently ranks in the top states for health, happiness and intelligence. In 2013, Vermonters were crowned the fifth happiest residents in the country, as well as put in the top five states for happiest Twitter users the same year.( Jake Burton, founder of Burton clothing was born and lives in VT. The popular movie BeetleJuice was filmed in Vermont along with other movies. More than 3/4 of Vermont is covered in forests. Vermont does not allow Billboards! Vermont was to first state to prohibit Slavery!!! Vermont has the smallest state capital (Montpelier) With only 9,000 people and is the only state capital without a McDonalds. Vermont is the top producer of teddy bears. There is 543 organic farms in Vermont. Vermont has more covered bridges per sguare mile than any other state. IBM was founded in Vermont. Amazingly Vermont was it's own country for 14 years! The biggest corn maze is in Danville VT and it is 10 acres! Vermont owns 1/2 of the dairy farms in New England.



Vermont and New Hampshire are both beautiful states, but I believe NH has more to offer.

NH is one of only five states that has no sales tax. VT is not of those states.

Public Elementary and Secondary School Teachers in NH earn over $1000 more per year than in VT.

NH has the 4th lowest unemployment rate in the country. Vermont is rated at 10th.

NH has the lowest poverty rate in the United States.

NH has lower energy consumption than Vermont.

Mount Washington as well as the majority of New England's tallest mountains are in NH.

NH has one of the longest zip lines in the continental United States.

NH was one of the 13 colonies.

In 1833, the world's first free public library supported by taxation was established in Peterborough, NH.

NH has 11 more colleges/universities than VT.

NH simply has it all. Mountains, lakes, biking, skiing and hiking trails, and sledding hills. The state is also perfectly situated. It has the Atlantic Ocean which makes for a great beach season. Maine lobster rolls are always nearby. Boston is just down south.

To conclude round one, I leave you with New Hampshire's state motto: live free or die!
Debate Round No. 1


JDSanborn312 forfeited this round.


That's unfortunate. Extend arguments.
Debate Round No. 2


JDSanborn312 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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