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Volunteer hacker action groups could restore Democracy

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Started: 7/26/2019 Category: Society
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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As Russian intelligence agencies successfully keeps brainwashing the American people into supporting Trump through online communities and also by hacking in to computers for the sake of stealing information aimed to be used in undermining all opposition to Trump, The best way to counter such activities would be to respond in kind by hacking in to Russian intelligence services computers and gather all such information that which clearly shows that there indeed is collusion between the Trump administration and the Russians, For the explicit reason of giving Trump 4 more years.

Given that US intelligence agencies (NSA, CIA, FBI, Etc) are barred from engaging in such activities their Russian counterparts have no whatsoever restrictions on, The only way to fight the Russians would be for volunteer hackers or hacker groups to take on the chore of finding their way in to Russian servers and take it from there.

Granted, It would have to be goodhearted hackers who believes that Democracy is worth saving who volunteers for such a mission, People who embraces such values such as righteousness, Honesty, Decency, To mention a few.

Trump aside, Democracy is dwindling faster and faster down into oblivion, Only to end up paving the way for Totalitarian States of America.

Is this really the future we want?


While it is true that Russia interfered into the election, It"s effect on the election was minimal. To start off, You claim that Russia "keeps brainwashing American people into supporting Trump" is flawed. First off people get to decide for themselves who to vote for, So it is their own fault if they become brainwashed due to lack of research. Second, If you are claiming that Russia is "brainwashing" people, Than this claim can be applied to the media as well. All they talk ab is trump and how they are credible when they have been known to fake hurricane rescues, Crime scenes, And even been caught on camera saying the Russia conspiracy theory is a "witch hunt" and "nothing burger. " Now for the main argument, I believe that our democracy is dwindling but not bc of the Russians. They have merely told people who to vote for and supposedly hacked into a power grid. This country"s democracy is falling due to leftist politicians who literally support SOCIALISM (which was our sworn enemy 3 decades ago) but just slap the tag DEMOCRATIC on the front, The rise of the lgbtqabcdefg community who wants everyone to AGREE with them and take away Bible passages that talk ab how it is wrong thus violating the core of our democracy (freedom of religion). So no, Russia is clearly not the problem that is paramount here. Btw, That hacking would be illegal
Debate Round No. 1


And here it is, As should be expected from the one who takes the con side of such a debate such as this.

Discrediting main stream media, Disregarding the findings of the Mueller report, "so it is their own fault if they become brainwashed due to lack of research", "They [the Russians] have merely told people who to vote for", Followed by the main reason for trying to Trumpfaking what the Russians did and continue doing: The dreaded S word, Which of course refers to the word Socialism.

And as for the sworn enemy 3 decades ago (remember the USSR, With Russia being the main state? ) that which you're referring to you should have said Communism, Which by and large has died out by now, Only to have been replaced with Democracy, Mainly, Leaving only a few such totalitarian states/nations left, Who on a daily basis in fact are being more and more driven towards abandoning their deranged idea of how to control peoples lives, Only to give way for Democracy to come in and take over and restore freedom of speech, Religion, Etc.

"The rise of the lgbtqabcdefg community".
Bigoted much?
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