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We should look rich, Not poor

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Started: 12/29/2019 Category: Economics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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We shouldn't strive to look "rich, Consider we are investing so we can buy more stuff and make more stuff, Instead of clothing that doesn't make you more money to buy more stuff. Lil pump wears golden chains, Net worth less than a billion. Mark zuckerburg wears a t-shirt in his days, Net worth more than a billion.


I must be inclined to post myself into a stance which may or may not appear absolutely linear and directly proportional to the intellectual expectations of the audience. Allow me to do so,

Humanity comprises of individuals who possess faculties of attributes, Whether displayed through the physical, Emotional and mental realms of human limits, Which serves to separate one from another. In other words, No two humans are the same. The quality and quantity of innate attributes which define the average being and classify his being into his/her own state of uniqueness, Which enables him/her to differ from his/her contemporaries, And from the rest of humanity.

And as such, The ability of the individual to commit his/her energies into a state of action varies from being to being. Among them lies the abilities to reason, Listen, Respond, Hear, See etc. . . ,

Getting to the topic of the Debate, Each and every individual possesses within the confines of himself/herself, The ability to manifest his/her personality through his/her appearance. The personality of the individual is enriched and invigorated by channeling the flow of it's energies through his/her appearance, For the appearance is merely an extension of the personality.

IF one witnesses a bevy of girls or a gang of men dressed up in regular, Fashionable or peculiar style of clothing associated with the trends prevalent in the 21st century, It is not always wise to presume that the girls or the boys are trying to show off, Or trying to grab eyeballs, In an attempt to garner attention for feeding the ego, Or seeking a male-female companion for sexual intimacy. Sometimes, The girls may possess individual personalities, Which finds it convenient to manifest his/her own energies into a sense of expression, In other words, Seeking to express themselves through the language of appearance i. E. . , Clothing.

It is not far off to also presume that the children or adults of today seek to emulate their idols, Through not only imbibing the belief system which defined them, But also through seeking to emulate them by mimicking their manners, Clothing, Way of speaking, Etc. . ,

For example, Humans, Like chimpanzees, Mimic what they see, And hear. It is not surprising to watch today's generation of teenagers and adults parading themselves around the cities and towns in pants which appear like they fall off. . I. E. , Slagging pants. Why do they do this? Because they seek to emulate their celebrity idols, Who provoke such trends into the realm of reality. And any individual renowned and idolized to a certain extent garners admirers, Irrespective of race and gender, Who mimic their actions and expressions, Which also includes their way of appearing clothed.

But appearances, Endowed with the spirit of deceit, Can also serve as an inspiration to emulate. Appearances have a HUGE impact on those who come into the contact of it's impact radius. You MUST express yourselves in a way that not only manages to invoke your personalities into a state of being, But also manages to have those around you invoke their energies of their personalities, Their consciousness, Which happen to be blocked within, To reveal themselves into visual splendor WITHOUT impairing the spirit of the purpose for which it ought to be done: to manifest human consciousness into a higher state of vibration, Of being, Through the spirit of action, Which involves declaring their right to declare their worth through their appearance i. E. . , Clothing.

If you wish to dress like a rich banker, A wealthy celebrity or like a poor man, DO IT! But, It must be in the spirit of a proper state of expression, In other words, A proper state of expressing your being, Your state of individuality, Which does not deter others from witnessing your actions into being repulsed by, Which at first glance, Would appear like a narcissistic display of self-worth, But should enable them to evoke the spirit of freedom from within through a conscious expression of choice. But let not the not-so-charming opinions of those displeased by your audacity deter you from seeking to manifest your vigor.

One must ALWAYS be careful of endorsing a fad without avoiding the consent of his/her state of judgement. Appearances can be deceiving, And one must apply careful discretion while doing so. History is replete with examples which have resulted in a profound number of casualties, Due to being indifferent to the inability to differentiate and determine the contrast between what is being expressed and the motivation behind it.

CONCLUSION: IF you seek to prompt the spirit of expression through your personality into a state of profound expression of being through your way of appearance, I personally see no reason to judge you, Irrespective if you seek to appear rich or poor. BUT it should not affect yourself or those around you in a negative manner.
Debate Round No. 1


Remember your position----You are arguing for that we should look rich and not poor, And I am here to disagree. These, Whatever you call that, Bricks of letters, Rocks of paragraphs----They aren't arguing for that. They are arguing for only you should not intentionally look poor, But the key of this debate is that we should look rich or not. You are supposed to advocate for the wastage of money and the carelessness of using the money, Or anything similar that I will see like a few hours later, Or perhaps next year!

So anyways I still disagree with you as that we technically SHOULD intentionally look poor.

First, The TOP priority of clothing is always physical protection, And cheap clothes have better deals than expensive ones consider more money can be used to do other things that is not clothing, Essentially buying shares of Amazon or buy a used car instead of a diamond-sewn dress that costs as much as a car.

Technically it is not intentional, Because anyone with economic states of mind would prefer cheap clothes as long as they can protect you. No billionaires would go to any formal meeting with $12, 000 blouses, Instead a some $49 suit of formal clothing is enough and a $5 t-shirt is enough for the daily hustle.

If our clothing are poor-looking, We could have more to invest, From scarce to massive. If we drive a Toyota instead of a Lamborghini, Then about $500, 000 would be saved for your assets in the future and investments that can bring you more assets.

Thus having poor-looking clothes are saving money consider you don't need to spend $12, 000 for something you can buy for $49.

Note we are not arguing about if we should buy these clothes or not, But rather should we use it as pride. If you get sent an $12, 000 expensive piece of clothing, One would sell it in the malls and get tens of thousands they can use to invest in the future for their own company as well as products that can save the world.

Conclusion: Looking rich is basically draining your bank account. Looking poor is saving your account.


"First, The TOP priority of clothing is always physical protection, And cheap clothes have better deals than expensive ones consider more money can be used to do other things that is not clothing, Essentially buying shares of Amazon or buy a used car instead of a diamond-sewn dress that costs as much as a car. "

I do agree with the statement above. You have won the debate above. Congratulations!
Debate Round No. 2


Ok, I have no more points to argue. Have a nice day!
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Yoshikage69Kira 2 years ago
don't dress like a black person.
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