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We should not flush Jesus down the toilet

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Started: 6/28/2019 Category: Economics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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you start


WE? We. . Like the 7 billion + humans that exist on Earth at this time?

JESUS? The wonder boy GOD? Or is he the Son of some GOD? (if so who is JESUS Daddy? ). . . .

JESUS arrives via some illiterate VIRGIN JEW TRIBE GIRL. . . As an infant. . . REALLY. . . Why not through some CHINESE PEASANT?
or ABORIGINAL TRIBE GIRL? Or perhaps an ESKIMO? Oh NO. . . No way. . . JESUS had to arrive in the Middle East where GODS
come and go like FLIES on CRAP. . . BUT WAIT! JESUS is different from all the OTHER GODS! ?

Let's visit Ancient Sumerian Culture around 5000 BC in what is now known as modern day IRAQ and KUWAIT
Where was JESUS? GOD of GODS and creator of billions of galaxies and trillions of worlds and the pathetic HUMAN LIFE FORM. . . A species so inept so incompetent it's sole purpose is to EXTERMINATE ITSELF. . . .
(great design very well thought out! )

BUT WAIT! There is a PROBLEM. . . . As noted JESUS was not around in Sumerian times, But they had their very own GOD versions. . . Not just 1 GOD but several GODS? BUT WAIT! . . . . . Let's just erase the 5000 years of human civilizations on EARTH
Like FLUSH THEM and ALL of their GODS and CULTURE. . . . Down the TOILET!

What say the JEWS about this action? Oh sure absolutely. . . All of ISRAEL will stop. . . Flush everything about their GOD
and culture DOWN the TOILET. . . . And fall to the ground begging JESUS for salvation! YES. . . . ABSOLUTELY. . . Oh, But which
CHURCH and BIBLE should they convert to? CATHOLIC. . . PROTESTANT. . . JEHOVAH's WITNESS. . . LATTER DAY SAINT. . .
gee there are to many CHURCH and BIBLE VOMIT spins on boy wonder-GOD JESUS. . . Which one is the TRUTH?

OK that settles it for the JEWS. . . Now move to their neighbors. . . The ones on the other side of the WALL they built to keep them from being slaughtered? ( gee where is the JEW GOD of MOSES to save the JEWS again? Oh that GOD was trashed for JESUS. . )

OK. . . The JEWS are converted "PRAISE JESUS" now move on to their friendly neighbors on the other side of the WALL they
built to prevent from being SLAUGHTERED! ? Slaughtered. . . OH YES! In the name of ALLAH! Allah. The Arab GOD hoax invention. . . Showed up 600 years after poor WHITE JEW WONDER BOY GOD JESUS was beaten up and nailed to a cross to
ROT! Some illiterate (GOD really loves his illiterate PROPHETS! A sign of true intelligent design! ) gee why didn't boy
wonder JESUS speak to MUHAMMAD? No it had to be an ARAB GOD GUY! So ALLAH says. . . ? Who knows, The result is
ISLAM and 2 billion Muslim lunatics that follow ALLAH? Where is JESUS?

POINT. . . . . Regardless of TIME. . . The human Parasite VAMPIRES that invented the JESUS is GOD hoax are nothing more than
clever world class MIND and LIFE MOLESTING Con Artists. . . Who STOLE stories and strategies for POWER and CONTROL
over the masses from all the other civilizations. . . THE JEWS were wanderlusting tribal OUTCASTS. . . Desperate for an IDENTITY. . They stole from others and twisted their very own GOD and TORAH Comic Book VOMIT Dogma. . . The JEW GOD
is for the JEW ONLY! It's no wonder other cultures got so outraged by the JEW HOAX. . . They too the JEW boy wonder hoax
JESUS and martyred him into a GOD. . . The same JEW BOY the JEWS THEMSELVES CONDEMNED and convinced PONTIUS PILATE (Roman prefect of Jerusalem at the time) to EXECUTE JESUS! And he did in classic ROMAN SPECTACLE!

. . . . Then to HUMILIATE and PUNISH the arrogant self centered OUR GOD id for the JEW ONLY lunatics. . . . JESUS was made GOD by Emperor Constantine! Around 300 years after his MURDER! A real KICK IN THE JEW CROTCH! Then to add more
insult the ARABS invented ALLAH 300 years after Constantine's announcement! VOILA. . . ALLAH! Another spin off the
JEW GOD storybook GOD hoax!

3 GODS all neighbors. . . All at WAR. . . . And only 1 is the TRUE GOD of GODS! But WAIT! What of all the other GODS humans
worship today? What of their GODS? No matter. . For the JESUS CON ARTIST SCUM. . . There is only JESUS!

the TRUTH = JESUS is used as a SCAPEGOAT just like the JEW GOD, And ALLAH. . . These 3 Middle East GOD puppet stooges
don't exist and never have. . . . Only the HUMANS who PLAY GOD in their names do. . . And they are NOT GODS they are
LIARS and PARASITES who use and abuse humanity for self gain. . .

JESUS must be relegated to COMIC BOOK MYTHOLOGY like Zeus and Odin +++ countless other GODS humans have invented and TRASHED. . .

Ultimately JESUS must be flushed down the TOILET to become utterly worthless as an EXCUSE to HARM anyone or anything

NO HUMAN EVER NEEDS JESUS or any other GOD to exist and thrive. . . Ever. . . Humans are extraordinary LIFE FORMS not
some brainwashed and dumbed down slave drone of psychopaths. . . The GODS must go to MEANINGLESS STATUS going
Debate Round No. 1


Yes, The 7 billion people,

Jesus the son

Because Jesus had to be a jew,

Jesus din't exist back then 5000 BC, But some prophets did.

Those Gods were proven to be fraudulent by the Moses story.

You see they are all the truth, God has a plan for all of them.

Your next point makes no sense

Islamic terrorism isn't real religion

There is not a jew God or a Christian God, It's one God


JESUS is a human invention. . . . An absurd story that was stolen from the works of other civilizations. . . . If he existed he obviously was powerless and a voice of compassion towards others in a time of utter idiocy over the GODS. . . . Many other GODS up to JESUS time were discarded. . . . . WHY? Because the construct of a GOD has proven to be effective for the HUMANS that want to PLAY GOD. . . . Ever see a story where a GOD was upset by being reduced to meaningless? NO. . . Because the GODS did not exist to serve the humans. . . They were ALIENS who came to earth to exploit its resources. . . Humans are genetic designed slaves

When the so called GOD decided Earth was tapped out they left. . . And the humans exploited the GOD construct to use as
TOOLS for power and control. . . TOOLS = ILLUSION. . . The human was just that a CON ARTIST seeking POWER!

The GOD himself. . . (always some guy. . . Never a female. . At least for the Abrahamic psychopaths) was never available or visible this made the JESUS hoax very effective. . . . He arrives via some VIRGIN JEW TRIBE GIRL! And the storytellers go all in with the baby GOD! No other GODS who were infants had the level of commitment to HYPNOTIZE and BRAINWASH weak minded humans into slavery like the JESUS HOAX. . .

the JEWS ran with the mono (single GOD construct) and invented MOSES and his idiotic story to validate themselves!

Angered and JEALOUS of the JEW GHOST GOD HOAX that made the JEWS "the CHOSEN ones"! Really. . . . What a JOKE!

The JEWS were wandering imbeciles without an identity. . . They realized they needed a GOD so they invented one!
so did the Christian psychopaths who hated the JEW GOD for the JEW only construct. . . Later ARABS who also were offended
by the GOD for the JEW only hoax invented ALLAH. . . So all 3 Abrahamic ghost GODS are bogus. . .

All 3 are used to this day as scapegoats for human psychopaths to assimilate and enslave stupid people into oppressive CULTS. . . All 3 GODS are at WAR against each other. . . All 3 insist HE is the ONLY GOD the others are heretics and false. . .
and all who do not accept the GOD are to be PUNISHED and EXECUTED!

Even NOW ISLAM wants the JEWS totally EXTERMINATED. . . . And the JEWS want ISLAM to FCK OFF. . . The Christians condemn everyone who does not accept their JESUS HOAX!

CONCLUSION. . . . JESUS - JEW - ALLAH are man made inventions. . . HUMANS use these GOD hoaxes as TOOLS to play GOD themselves. . . The GODS are never available. . They were visitors. . . They could care less about humans and left the species
to fend for itself knowing the probability that the humans they genetically created will ultimately exterminate itself

This DEATH SENTENCE is the work of the Abrahamic GOD psychopaths who want to incite the "END of DAYS" and destroy
humanity. . . ISRAEL and the desire for its total annihilation is PROF of the construct deliberately added to the Comic Book
Bible / Koran / Torah VOMIT. . .

JESUS - the JEW GOD - and ALLAH must be reduced to MEANINGLESS IMMEDIATELY. . . . = FLUSH and FORGET. . . As they have
done to all the other GODS
Debate Round No. 2


nothing to do with the debate title, Just more swauaking


Where is YOUR perspective? YOU don't have one. . . This is not a DEBATE it is a JOKE. . . . Another GAME played by the HYPNOTIZED and BRAINWASHED Church clown who is INCAPABLE of debate and reasoning. . . YOU are a BRAINWASHED slave drone trapped in some JESU maze without an exit. . . .

JESUS is a ROMAN invention. . . A tool used to kick the JEWS in the crotch for being so arrogant to invent a GOD that only recognizes them and no one else! The JEWS stole GOD stories from other civilizations and invented the MOSES meets their GOD hoax. . .

Rome was totally PISSED off with these arrogant JEW tribe lunatics and their ANTI ZEUS and other Roman GODS view. . .

JESUS became the perfect scapegoat to invent a NEW GOD for the NON JEW. . . And continue the Roman Empire cloaked as
a Religious Empire!

When Moses was stoned on MUSHROOMS and seeking his GOD on the mountain his JEW TRIBE LUNATICS were partying
with Romans and a Golden Calf GOD idol! In BELIZE the Mayan city of LAMANAI humans were being sacrificed for their
GOD! Where the HELL was JESUS or the JEW GOD of MOSES!

OK enough of this idiocy. . . YOU are a brainwashed slave drone and this HOAX of a DEBATE is OVER. . All YOU are concerned with is assimilating stupid people into some Church CULT. . . . Go to HEAVEN! Like NOW. . . . . JESUS is waiting for YOU
Debate Round No. 3


thank you
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Debate Round No. 4
This round has not been posted yet.
This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 5
3 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 3 records.
Posted by Dr.Franklin 2 years ago
well I don't like YOU
Posted by kathy_debater 2 years ago
Dr Franklin:
It's true what anc2006 and said about you and your bad conduct. This debate is a huge joke and I hate it! Although I don't quite agree with WisdomOfAges, I find you worse.
Posted by kathy_debater 2 years ago
Excuse me, Zeus and Odin (etc) ARE NOT trashed.
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