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What is the proof that God exists?

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Started: 2/17/2020 Category: Science
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Voting Period
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Disclaimer : Regardless of the setup for voting win or lose, The aim of this interaction, Is for those that view it, Learn and or take away anything that will amount to any constructive value ultimately. So that counts as anything that'll cause one to reconsider an idea, Understand a subject better, Help build a greater wealth of knowledge getting closer to truth. When either of us has accomplished that with any individual here, That's who the victor of the debate goes to.

So present proof that God exists. Attempt to show practical examples and analogies. There's no point in links and citations as I'm only reading what's on this platform. You're the presenter, Present your case.

I'll attempt to question for validity and consistency. For the sake of this discussion I'm in opposition's advocate.

Any questions for me, For clarity, Please send a message or comment.


Yes I know, God exists, And I accepted a debate that has been out for only 2 minutes. Of course I will wait, Just for establishing pure intimidation.

1. God is not defined yet. You did not tell me about whether we are debating about the god in the bible or just any god. Because of a lack of definition, I will debate at the general point of god. There is no point about debating about the biblical as it is never confirmed if it is lies or not, And it is certainly easier to refute it.

2. God is defined as the being that has control over the universe. Universe must be controlled to exist. There are 2 possibilities:
1. A being created the universe, And he has control over universe. That being is god. This is theism.
2. Universe created itself, And the universe is autonomous. This is deism.

There are also articles about how the universe is conscious. The only reason you can win is if you can prove that the universe doesn't exist or it is never controlled.

Argument done. Await for yours.
Debate Round No. 1


Remember if anything was unclear of the premise, You were to send a message or comment. You've accepted the debate. Can't help you on that now.

Now you've mentioned definitions and about what articles say.
What's the proof that God exists? Remember to give examples and to demonstrate in some sort of deductive fashion.

I'm not here to prove anything. According to the premise, I'll show where there is validity and consistency. The person that wins according to the premise is the one that the premise has outlined in it.

I'm not here to prove there is no God or control of the universe or a negative.
Present the proof that God exist.


You asked for it, I will do it.

God exists because by definition god is in control of the entire universe. A thing must need control or it wouldn't come into existence. So if the universe exists, God exists. It is not how we prove god exists. It is god is always there because the universe exists, No matter the shape and form.

I presented whatever you asked.
Debate Round No. 2


So the proof that God exists is causality. In order to have an effect is to have a cause.

Let me ask, How is causality needed to work before it even exists, Presumably?

Presumably we have no empirical data because let's roll with causality for a moment, In that if there was no observation of God causing things to exist, What's to say it wasn't some other cause? It would still be some form of causality, Just not necessarily God.

Since we're on causality, Dare we go into what caused God?


As I stated in round 1.

1. If the universe created itself, Then the universe IS God.
2. If an external being created God, That means something on top of it or something that is more upon the creation chain created himself, And that would potentially mean everything can have a cause. And before you ask, The universe can create itself, So God could be self-creation and potentially be in the universe, Or how about, The universe itself? Is this explainable?
Debate Round No. 3


There's a couple of "ifs". We need an actual confirmation that some thing has been proven. Once proven, I would suppose all kinds of religion would be eliminated.

You've given possibilities for many us of to believe in or consider. But no empirical evidence has been presented.


So far my idea is rational and logical.

Prove to me that a god doesn't exist better than I do proving god exists.
Debate Round No. 4


Yes causality is rational and logical. You've demonstrated that. You haven't proven a God exists. You haven't shown empirical examples of a God, Workings of a God. Causality can be applied with many things. Any variable could be used to explained causality, Not necessarily tied to God.

There could be other natural factors. It could be something to do with an everlasting multiverse. So because of these possibilities and not a single one of them has been eliminated from this exchange, What's else is left for you to do except run to me having to prove a negative. Which you're aware or should be aware that it can't be done in this case.
But as I stated before, The premise was not for me to prove anything but for the other side's offer of proof to be tested for no holes and to hold water.


1. God is just something that caused the universe to exist and stabilize. Your "god" could be just a bundle of dark energy. Who knows? But to truly prove that there is no god, You have to prove that the universe doesn't exist or died, And that there is no cause of universe, Because the thing caused the universe to stabilize is technically god. You can't limit yourself to the christian god and other religions. God exists and these religions are at most interpretations.
Debate Round No. 5
1 comment has been posted on this debate.
Posted by mall 1 year ago
No proof was represented a God exists. This thing about proving a God doesn't exist cannot be done. The negative can't be proven. Folks, You must not be intellectually dishonest. Those that claim they have evidence but religions still exists, Means their arguments are circular as demonstrated here.
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