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Will Kevin Durant leave Golden State?

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Started: 4/17/2019 Category: Sports
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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You may start. . .


With the way Kevin Durant has carried himself since the start of this season, It is pretty obvious that he will likely be playing somewhere else next year, Thus handing you a free win, But I figured I'd still take the debate, Because it seems interesting enough. I will just provide a few reasons why I think he will stay with Golden State.

1) Championships.
The very reason KD left Oklahoma City in the first place was to win a championship, And while he has already accomplished that feat twice in a row (and likely will again this season, For the 3-peat), I doubt he'll ever get sick of the feeling. This Golden State team is built to win Championships for a very long time with their current core of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, And Draymond Green, As well as their solid roleplayers coming off the bench. Even if Klay or Draymond leaves, They still have 3 other all-stars for KD to count on. And assuming DeMarcus Cousins resigns with the team (he did sign with them at an extremely discounted price), They will likely be set for another title run and many more to come.

2) Money.
KD was willing to take a pay-cut (albeit a relatively slight one) to help the Warriors resign key bench players to bolster the roster and set them up for a repeat title, So money doesn't appear to be a major factor in his decision. KD appears to be more focused on winning, And will do whatever it takes to achieve that goal. Golden State is the greatest option for him in this regard.

3) Where to go.
The most likely destination (at least the one the media seems to be pushing) that KD is heading for is New York, To play for the Knicks. I won't go deep into the logistics of this, But the decision seems to be dependent on the assumption that the Knicks will draft Zion Williamson with the #1 overall pick (assuming they even receive the pick in the first place), And then sign all-star point guard Kyrie Irving in free agency this offseason. While this seems very likely (Kyrie, To my disappointment, Seems to be checked out of Boston, So I have doubts he'll remain with the team after this season barring a fluke title run, And the Knicks do have the best chance of landing the number 1 pick in the draft lottery), These are still only assumptions at this point. None of it is set in stone. Kyrie could still resign with the Celtics. The Knicks might not get the number 1 pick, And if they do, Might not even draft Williamson (these are the Knicks we're talking about here). At this point, It's all rumors, And heavily dependent on a lot of things going right for it to happen. If something goes wrong, KD probably won't go.
The main reason why I don't think KD would want to go to New York, However, Is the fact that New York's media is vicious, And quick to react to anything that happens, Positive or negative. KD has shown to be mentally weak in this regard. He doesn't handle criticism well at all. He made burner accounts (fake accounts) on Twitter to give himself a positive reception about his decision to go to Golden State, As well as defending himself after a video surfaced of Boogie (Demarcus Cousins) dunking on him, Saying he traveled. My point is, KD is not mentally capable handling a media market that is quick to crucify players that don't meet their ridiculously high expectations, And, Assuming they land KD, Their expectations will be outrageous.

Now, Of course, All of my argument is based on the assumption that KD is going to New York and nowhere else. If you can provide a better option, I may not be able to argue against it, But as far as I can tell, The dominant narrative is that KD is probably going to the Knicks. Anywhere else appears to just be rumors.

Your go.
Debate Round No. 1


Durant has already gotten what he wanted. A championship. He wants to now be a star on anew team where he can be the number 1 player without question. Where he can always take the last shot. He already is a champion so now he can focus on the money and fun of being the star of a team.

Sorry about the quick couple sentances im in a bit of a rush.


No problem my guy. It happens.

Durant has certainly gotten the championship(s) that he was looking for, However, The feeling of winning a championship never gets old. I know that some players are really only playing for the money, But for others, Especially a player of KD's rank, Winning championships is the game. He's still making plenty of money with Golden State, So why not make a little bit less and continue to increase your value by winning Finals and Finals MVPs, Which will likely translate to more sales in his memorabilia, And shoe sales (his "KD" brand by Nike). This actually leads to my next rebuttal. . .

KD is already the star of the Warriors. While Curry may be more vital to the team's success, KD has proven to be the star of the team by winning Finals MVP in both of their championships, Knocking down extremely clutch shots in game 3 of both series, And proving to be the difference maker in crunch time. So stardom does not seem to be a big factor here.
Even with that being said, The Warriors play a team-oriented style of basketball with the flow offense, Which is heavily based on passing and allowing everyone on the team an opportunity to score and playmake. No one player is supposed to take over for the Warriors. If anything, Playing more iso-ball tends to hurt them, As seen when Curry goes down and they are forced to rely purely on KD. This is not a knock on KD, Necessarily, But it seems that KD thrives in a more team-oriented offense, Where he is not required to be the primary scorer and playmaker, And can in-turn, Simply play his game, And maximize his talent and ability. For him to leave and go to a team that has nowhere near as much talent, Meaning that he will have to contribute far more (in essence, Carry), Simply does not make sense, Unless he gets signed to a ridiculous deal.
Debate Round No. 2


Kevin Durant does not have the best relationship with his teammates. He lived with the setting so he can win titles. He will probably want to be in a place where he is happy. He is a talented player that will want more money now. Championship after championship is fun and all but the teammates he has might not make the experience the same. Durant can move to the Knicks and dominate the east witch will be a change for him playing against the easier teams. For a close Kevin Durant will be a key asset on a new team where he will stand out.

Thank You


My opponent says that KD does not have the best relationship with his teammates, But does not provide any proof for this claim. There is more proof to say otherwise, Such as how during last year's Finals, He did everything in his power to help his teammate Stephen Curry win Finals MVP for that series, By continuously passing him the ball, And not taking any shots of his own in game 4 after they had the game locked up. While KD still ended up winning Finals MVP, He showed that he cares more for the success of his teammates than he does his own accolades.
My opponent also says that, "He will probably want to be in a place where he is happy. " KD seems to be pretty happy with Golden State. They are far and away the best team in the NBA, Likely to 3-peat as champions, And he is making plenty of money not only with the team, But with advertisers as well. Plus, He is living on the beautiful coast of California. I find it hard to believe that he is discontent where he currently is.

There is also no reason to believe that KD will "dominate" the East if he were to go to the Knicks. The East has continued to get better each and every season, And this progress was simply overshadowed by Lebron James, But as shown last year, The East was very close to dethroning him, As both the Pacers and Celtics (without Kyrie Irving nor Gordon Hayward) were able to take his Cavaliers to seven games, In hard fought series. And with the new influx of talent circulating throughout the East, I believe the days of a single team running the conference are over. The Bucks, Raptors, Sixers, Celtics, Pacers, Etc. Have all proven to be real contenders, And other teams, Such as the Nets are also on the comeup. KD would struggle to win the East if he were to come over, And considering that he would be playing for a Knicks team that has nowhere near the talent (nor a competent enough front office) to really compete, I highly doubt he would want to join them with the expectation that he was going to win more championships.

To conclude, I don't believe that Kevin Durant has any real incentive to leave the Golden State Warriors in the offseason. They provide him with money, A beautiful place to live, A positive media reception, And most importantly, A perfect opportunity to win championships. The only perk the Knicks can provide is more money, But considering that KD makes more money through advertisements and merchandise sales, Money should not be much of a factor here. For these reasons, Vote con.

Thanks for the debate.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by goalieab25 3 years ago
Thx man hope we can do a debate toghether soon
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