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Would it be worthwhile financially/effortwise for the average person to attempt to write a book

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Started: 7/2/2019 Category: Arts
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Though I 'say average person, I really mean myself. Eh, I like reading books, Like jotting down ideas, But as for actual 'writing? Eh, Never done really. I suppose anyone if they actually spent 8 or so hours a day nose to the grindstone would be able to make 'some kind of book.

But an 'average person, Is not a writer. While I'm willing to admit near anyone, Myself or others could 'become writers, Or eventually write worthwhile books. It's not a dream of mine to become a writer, I just think at times that it would be nice.

Hm, Anyway. To my train of thought, Most good books are written by people with something to say, People of experience, Or people with a goldust of an idea.
Some books are populer, But this is more akin to winning the lottery than a likelyhood for the average person I think.


If the book would be good enough, Why not? People start their own businesses all the time. Take advantage of capitalism. If you are able to find a cheap way to publish the book, And you're able to network and hustle to make money, Do it! People always complain about the rich but we have the ability to be the rich. That all starts with a risk.
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I'm not saying that it 'couldn't be done, But that it is unlikely to be done well enough to be worth the effort.

It's a toss up in luck if a book will be popular or not, And worse luck if you don't have experience in writing books.
Is it more likely that a person with experience in writing, Whether by college, Newspaper, Or hobby will write a good book or a person who has never written before?

A skilled or experienced person has a chance, They are after all putting time toward such as a career. But I return to the average man. If he put forth one to three months of effort in writing a book, Though he may write a book, Is it likely to shine or be seen as worth others time?

I don't think so myself.

Even with the entrepreneur example, Businesses started without a talent, Understanding, Or experience with them have little in them, That ought make a person think the business will be worthwhile, Other than a hope in luck. Just like Babu Bhatt in Seinfeld.
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Posted by robouryman 2 years ago
Most people have more free time than they realize. I manage to work, Go to college and learn Japanese on the side. Though maybe my case is different because I don't have kids, But I could still study on break, Or I could write during break. 30 min/day on a book, You could probably finish something fairly decent in size and quality after a couple years.
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