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You can't scientifically turn yourself into a trans gender.

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Started: 5/10/2019 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Yeah I'm just bored and picked some random topic. Hope you have fun seeing either me or my opponent failing badly. Opponent can state their argument(s) first. . .


To my understanding, This topic is written with an incredibly large amount of grammatical error. I don't quite understand what the instigator is saying, Which just shows the incoherent and frazzled manner of the instigator.

If my opponent is saying people can't change the gender their brain identifies themself as, I agree. However, If they're saying that people can or cannot turn into "a transgender, " I disagree because "a transgender" isn't a thing. Their entire idea of being able to turn into "a transgender" is wrong.

Firstly, When transgender is used in the debate topic it's used as a noun. The Oxford English Dictionary defined transgender as an adjective, Meaning "denoting or relating to a person whose sense of personal identity and gender does not correspond with their birth sex. " This is monumentally insensitive and incompetent. This is a very rookie mistake.

Second, A transgender person usually doesn't actually identify in their brain as transgender. Society labels them as so because they can't stand the idea of not labeling someone. Actual ftm or mtf people see themselves as regular females or males once they've gone through sex reassignment surgery. They never think, "I'm transgender. " They think, "I'm a female, " or "I'm a male. " Transgender is only a label--an adjective--and doesn't actually exist.

For the sake of grammar and stopping harmful labeling, My case is much stronger and more ethical than the instigator's.
Debate Round No. 1


To my understanding, The topic HAS NO GRAMMATICAL ERROR, EXCEPT THAT TRANS GENDER IS SUPPOSED TO HAVE A HYPHEN. WOW. SO HUGE, SUCH A LARGE AMOUNT. And hold on, If you don't understand the debate, Why accept it? Easier was is to just COMMENT and NOT accept the debate. . . ? Just because you are nerd enough to search up transgender on Oxford English Dictionary to know its an adjective doesn't mean that you should have a lack of common sense. If you don't understand a debate, DON'T ACCEPT IT.

And if you wanna go all "grammar and english nerd" style, I'll do it. Thanks a lot you ruined my weekend sped.

Firstly, I think you know what I mean. I swear, Are you some nerd that kills him/herself just because they spelt "their" instead of "there" once? You know what this debate means, And pointing out some grammar issue with the topic does not help win the debate. It is actually irrelavent, And therefore YOU CAN STOP BEING A F*CKING NERD.

I don't really get your second point. Why don't they identify themselves in their brain as transgender. Do you identify yourself as a male or female in your brain? I think you do. If you were a male, You will identify yourself as a male in a brain. Legit bro, What are you saying. Also, You point out that "Transgender is only a label--an adjective--and doesn't actually exist. " WOAH, THANKS A LOT. That means that transgenderism doesn't scientifically exist. You legit said it didn't. I guess I won. . ?

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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
1 comment has been posted on this debate.
Posted by Anonymous03 3 years ago
'To my understanding, This topic is written with an incredible amount of grammatical error. ' To my understanding, Debaters don't just go ahead and lead with that statement in their first round. You also carry on to rebut *two different words* for your entire 'case' and claim that that somehow makes your argument 'ethically correct' and somehow something that denounces Pro's grammar. Do you even know the meaning of the words you're using here?

Pro used the first round as acceptance. They haven't defined anything, Or said any arguments leaving you with the option to define 'transgender' and possibly interpret what the topic means, Not somehow wrench the idea of your opponent having stated 'an idea' out of thin air and present it as a case for a more 'ethical argument'.
'This is a very rookie mistake. ' A very rookie mistake is using those condescending words as a 15-year old yourself (this is also your very first debate on this site) on something to which those words don't apply- I think Pro's stance explains their usage of the word 'trans'.

Let me paraphrase your arguments. '"A transgender" isn't a thing because the Oxford dictionary defines transgender as an adjective. Your referring to it as a noun is 'monumentally insensitive and incompetent, And a rookie mistake'. Oh, And people don't call themselves trans and society just doesn't get them and labels them as trans because they can't stand not labelling things [I'd love to see sources by the way], So this somehow directly rebuts the topic.

Grammar used as nit-picking for rebuttal? No substantiation and just rebuttal in the first round? A no-no. Especially if you were invited to state your argument and your opponent specifically stated that they were going to use the first round as an acceptance round.

'My case is stronger than the instigator's. ' Your case has lots of points with no sources that frankly sounds like a bit of an opportunistic rant, And by looking at your profile, I think I understand why
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