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abortion should be illegal due to how ammoral it is

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Started: 10/8/2019 Category: Society
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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debate. Org has once again censored my response, So I have once again provided a google document containing my statement

remove the spaces in it for the link because ddo is broken

https://docs. Google. Com/document/d/1O-9WuGX62dp7H2prOOjIVnhl8_nKjJiTfCRptBkWYkk/edit? Usp=sharing


1. It's good that they take the organ systems of the unborn fetus. A fetus's stem cells can be used to save countless cancer and other deadly disease patient's lives.

2. You don't need rape or incest to perform an abortion. All you need to do is not want the baby.

3. Abortionists are trained medical professionals so they don't just "throw the corpse in the dumpster". It's not alive, Therefore it cannot be dead.
Debate Round No. 1


1. The fetuses are being kept alive and allowed to develop further to allow the process to work. Therefore this process is essentially a version of death row, Except the "inmates" haven't killed anyone, Nor have they done anything wrong.

2. Roe vs wade and the whole abortion system was put in place to kill the unborn babies in rape and incest cases.

3. *see below*

After looking through your previous debates on this topic, You seem to be confused on the concept of "alive" versus "human".

"alive" is a concept with a loose definition. However, It is simply fact that if something is made of any type of muscle tissue, It has to be alive due to how biology works. For example if you were to separate a single cell of human skin, That one cell would be alive (for a short amount of time because it would die shortly after separation, But still alive).

"human" means, For debate standards at least, Something that is alive that has 23 pairs of chromosomes.

you state that the fetus is not alive, But that is completely false.

The fetus, Since day one of conception, Shows signs of life. The fetal cells multiply, Move around the womb, And eventually form the baby.

And before you even try and state things like "the fetus isn't alive until its born, So it isn't murder. ", Allow me to respond.

if the fetus isn't alive, Then how could the following scenario happen?

An expecting mother goes into a doctor's office to get an ultrasound, Or some other routine action any parent-to-be has in such an area. The doctor runs tests, Checks the baby's status, And suddenly is overcome with shock. A miscarriage has occurred. The previously healthy fetus has died in the mothers womb.

in a somewhat related tangent, How come if a pregnant woman intentionally has a miscarriage, Its infanticide, But if they go to a planned parenthood, Its perfectly legal.


1. Fetuses aren't suffering. They essentially aren't human/alive.

2. Roe v. Wade created a legal nation-wide precedent that allows women to control what happens with their bodies. And it doesn't allow it in just cases of rape and incest, It just legalizes abortion in any case.

3. "Alive" means born. That's it. Also, Humans have more or less than 23 chromosomes and some breeds of animals can have mutations that give them 23 chromosomes.
Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by 1leroy 2 years ago
A woman can do what she wants to with her own body. The thing is that life inside the mother is not her body. If a man is in a coma and is living because of a machine, Does this mean that we can kill the man because we can do anything we want to do to the machine keeping the man alive?
This is a sick debate, Thinking that an alive unborn baby, Which is alive because it is growing, Can be murdered.
Posted by John_C_1812_II 2 years ago
People who are opposed to female specific amputation preserve an idea of universal guilt upon woman, So all woman who become pregnancy must bring a person across an international border as united state.
Posted by itdobelikethat 2 years ago
but out of policy I'll respond

Im saying that people are saying that abortion is better that putting up the child for adoption, So all the orphans should have been killed before they were born so "they wouldn't have to suffer". Which is basically saying that they are overdue for execution. Which is cringe.
Posted by itdobelikethat 2 years ago
this is not part of the debate please refrain from fighting in the comments my goblins thanks
Posted by ReturneeDebator 2 years ago
No one is suggesting murdering orphans or that orphans would be happier dead (though some would). Not bringing their own sentient being into existence in the first place would, In the opposers' eyes, Not be "killing an orphan", It would be preventing the creation of one. Because YOU believe that abortion is indeed murder, That instantly makes you biased in terms of the argument that it's best for children not to come into the world if they're just going to be orphaned because you believe they're already children, Whereas the opposer quite clearly does not.
However, From the opposers perspective, The idea is that because it is not a human child yet, You aren't killing a to-be orphan, You're killing (because yes, While, Unarguably, It is a life, It is not a sentient being) something that has the potential to be a human child. Your logic on that part is severely flawed, At best.
Posted by itdobelikethat 2 years ago
since I have a platform to speak here informally, I will.

I hate it when abortionists say that its better to abort than orphan, And stuff like "uuh don't put them in an orphanage, That's baaad! " like ok then you're saying that orphans would be happier if they were dead? Which means its helping them out by killing orphans?
Posted by itdobelikethat 2 years ago
yay, DDO didn't censor me!
Posted by Kaiser_Wilhelm-II 2 years ago
https://www. Debate. Org/debates/Abortion-should-be-legal/56/
Posted by John_C_1812_II 2 years ago
"You don't need rape or incest to perform an abortion. All you need to do is not want the baby. "

Are you aware that the introduction of democracy globally has created female pregnancy abortion as a international immigration issue? A woman wanting the egg and sperm to continue a path together to death the United State constitutional fact. Incest and sexual assault are not the only issue and by fact are not a united state create for all woman by pregnancy and its termination. A woman is asked by nature to risk her life, To nurture a second life in the form of human egg, It is pregnancy that places that life in danger when bring a person across an international border into a country. This is a united state as fact.
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