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all pencils will need to be banned

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Started: 11/1/2019 Category: Technology
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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lead is the main ingredient with pencils. The high amounts of lead and the high amount of pencil usage is dangerous for the health of us human beings. This poisonous material is absorbed by our bods in many different ways. Too.
one hazard lead gives will be constipation, Memory loss, No appetite, Headaches, Pain, Weakness. That is only for short term contact. Students and school pupils will be exposed more, Especially when taking standardized tests where they are often forced to use #2 pencils. Long term effects can be; constipation, Ab pain, Depression :/, Nausea, Etc.
this is a huge safety risk for the common people, We can not let this stand. The amount of kids I see who use pencils and are affected horribly is astounding.
many people wonder why their kids are doing badly in school. The constant lead exposure is making them forget many things. It is making them feel sickly. It is making them depressed, And have many things like constipation. We wonder why teens are so moody and irritable, The cause is lead. I do not understand how no scientist has noticed the health risk of lead pencils. This is why they have to be banned. To improve school systems and quality of life.


Hi, I'll be going for the position that 'All pencils should not be banned'.

My opponent starts off with a false statement: that lead is the main ingredient with pencils. My opponent shows their level of comprehension by thinking that just because something is called a lead pencil, It would be made of lead. If my opponent had done their research, They would know that there is no lead in pencils and the 'lead' is actually graphite. The word 'lead' in lead pencils comes from the lead pencil stylus used in Roman times.

Since pencils are not made of lead, This makes Pro's entire argument redundant. However they do make some vivid depictions of what lead poisoning does to human body which I commend for being accurate.

I however do have an issue with my opponent's absolutely absurd argument: 'We wonder why teens are so moody and irritable, The cause is lead. ' If my opponent had gone through 8th-grade they would know of a type of chemical known as hormones but it appears that my opponent has skipped that field entirely.

'I do not understand how no scientist has noticed the health risk of lead pencils. This is why they have to be banned. '
If it is an issue that scientists do not deem to be important, Then it is usually an issue that is not important as they can make the best educated decisions on a topic they have studied for years. Unlike my opponent, Scientists know that there is no lead in pencils, And thus have no concern for the issue at all.

My opponent has not made some recognition that will earn them a Nobel Prize as they might be thinking, Nor have they engineered scientific innovations that people have skipped over. My opponent has simply wasted half an hour typing out an argument based on one word in a name that they unfortunately did not put into Google. Try Googling 'Is there lead in pencils' for once.

I would like to express my regret at this debate presumably ending right here and wish my opponent for some better luck next time.
Debate Round No. 1


I am not talking about graphite pencils, This debate focuses on the harm that lead pencils bring, And the fact that they should be banned. The hormones you are thinking of comes from the lead. Below is the link to where I found this information:
https://www. Cdc. Gov/niosh/topics/lead/health. Html
unrelated to the debate but you brought this into it; I have gone through 8th grade, Graduated from middle school recently and I'm very proud of my accomplishments. I actually own a NASA research lab facility. Because I got a NASA scholarship. Anywho, The youth of today have to be aware of problems going on in our world so we can make tomorrow better. Just because scientists haven't said anything about the harm of lead pencils does not mean that they don't exist. The risks of using lead so often are very real, And the link I provided can prove that. Your lack of progressive thinking is holding the world back.


i've browsed your account and realised i'm wasting my time, You mention yourself that you're a troll lmfao

but i'd love to see you tell me of the existence of lead pencils at least
Debate Round No. 2


welp you said you own a NASA research lab facility but you literally made a debate which had a topic of 'chemcial reactions are not real. We oughta rethink science'. It doesn't take a genius to recognise a troll.

Plus this isnt' helping you at all from your previous debates:
'As a "troll" or whatever, I am purposely using incorrect grammar, Spelling and punctuation, But if you're trying to be serious you gotta check yourdelf before you post your arguments :)' - tellytiger

So yeah you played me into wasting my time, But really man you gotta get a life, Who really makes trolling ppl by sounding dumb a hobby? Your arguments are weirdly elongated and overexaggerated too, And as a result really damn transparent.

Either that or you're a pathological liar, And if you are I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours as you're going to have a hard road ahead of your life.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Anonymous03 2 years ago
it's not like he's gonna put forth a debate, This is tellytiger the troll we're talking about here
Posted by Masterful 2 years ago
Debate me professionally telly tiger. I want a rematch from a year ago!
Posted by Anonymous03 2 years ago
nah there aren't
Posted by Ecto167 2 years ago
I don't even think their are pencils with lead anymore. . .
Posted by Anonymous03 2 years ago
no lead pencils were never a thing IIRC
Posted by anc2006 2 years ago
Most lead pencils are replaced with graphite ones.
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