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baseball games are too long

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Started: 5/3/2019 Category: Sports
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Baseball games are crazy long and boring sometimes. A change needs to be made.


How so? Baseball takes a long time and takes dedication and practice. Maybe it's just not the sport for you, If you truly liked it you would've been able to stomach its time instead of demanding a change.
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Posted by cheesynachos123 3 years ago
it is fine as is. 7 would not leave for error. 11 would not give players a chance to go to the restroom.
Posted by FanboyMctroll 3 years ago
Baseball games are not too long, They are on average between 2. 5 and 3 hours without extra innings. We don't need to change everything. It's fine the way it is. Go watch something else if you don't like it
Posted by Smug_Tomato 3 years ago
Baseball is already implementing changes to speed up the game. Unfortunately, It is just a naturally slow paced game by default. You have to change the core of the sport to make it faster.
Posted by anc2006 3 years ago
nope. Baseball games are just boring. Not long. What about marathon? It is even longer
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