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conservatives hate Pedosexuals and the LGBTP+ community, So are conservatives a hate group?

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Started: 1/3/2020 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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It is a well known fact that conservatives hates everyone who is not like them and not heterosexual. The LGBTP+community have been abused by conservatives for many years. Conservatives are the ones who hate free speech and free will by creating an anti reality campaign stating things about consent, Rape, And age, Which never existed. Therefore it is fact that Pedosexuals are victims of conservatives who are nothing more than a hate group.

Furthermore, Pedosexuality like homosexuality or bisexuality is 100 percent perfectly fine, And that conservatives are using the fake news propaganda machines to create a heterosexual based conservative state and does not have humanity's best interest at heart. They choose hetrosexuals over Pedosexuals, Bisexuals, Transgender, Gay and lesbians etc, Just as conservatives choose Israel over Palestine.

Consent and age is anti free will that only conservatives promote and believe in. Consent and age never existed, And these things are nothing more than fake news. Nobody needs permission to live their lives. They just do it. Nobody needs consent to live or die. However, Pedosexuals do have the right to have sex and to love whoever they want just as heterosexuals do. This has nothing to do with abuse on the LGBTP+ side, But the abuse done by the conservatives against not only the LGBTP+ community, But on humanity as a whole.


Most conservatives hate cancer, Does that make them a hate group? The reason why conservatives (actually everyone) don't like pedophiles is because a child CAN NOT GIVE CONSENT, If you have sexual relations with a child or even a teenager you are taking advantage of them. Their is a reason why an age of consent exists in the first place. Their brains have not developed to the point where they could make such a choice.

Do you support people being allowed to do a dog? Because "love is love"? You kind of people disgust me, You want to normalize child rape. What you want is different to being gay or trans because two adults of the same sex are able to give consent.
Debate Round No. 1


Yes conservatives are a hate group. Liking one thing does not make them innocent of hate crimes. Most people are liberal not conservative and only conservatives hate Pedosexuals and the LGBTP+ community as a whole. It os a known fact that for hundreds pf years, Conservatives have made excuses to hate people. From being racist to blacks, To taking land from the indians, Etc, Conservatives can't seem to co exist with those who are different then them.

The real reason why conservatives hate Pedosexuals is because they are brainwashed and delusional. Consent never existed. We as human beings have free will. Children don't exiat, We are all human beings and are all equal.

Having sex is not taking advantage of someone. Stop spreading fake news. Conservative hatred against innocent human beings is taking advantage of humanity. Just like the conservative government takes advantage of the middle east. Pedosexuals are still the victims.

Age and consent never existed and there is no reason why conservatives have the right to persecute the innocent.
The human mind is a very advance and intelligent part of the body. To insult humanity by calling them stupid is the very reason why I am glad that I am not a conservative like you.

Your judgement of people is appalling. Love is love and who a person has sex with is none of Your concern. So Pedosexuals are still victims and innocent.

What you want is the destruction of the LGBTP+ community in order to promote the dream of a hetrosexual conservative state. Just like you conservatives choose Israel over Palestine.


So are you denying the fact that children's brains are less developed? Is that your stance? Are you claiming that children don't exist? If so, Then you are simply wrong.

You're calling me a conservative because I support protecting children from sexual preditors. I'm actualy a Marxist If you want proof of that claim, I'm debating someone on the subject. Conservatives are not the only ones who don't like what you do, If you actualy ask the avarage democrat then you'll be disopointed. Ask Anarcho-Capitalists (supprizing I know) and even the LGBTQ+ community! Even they don't want you pedos.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning, And Intersex. I don't sea kidy diddlers? Get some help.
Debate Round No. 2


Children never existed and human beings don't need the help of uneducated brainwashed conservatives like yourself manipulating them into believing that they are to dumb to control their own lives, When the fact is that it's not true. That's my stance. That human beings are more then capable of controlling their own lives without conservative intervention or meddling. So I am correct and you are wrong. Because clearly humanity exist.

You are a conservative and you are protecting no one. What you are doing is forcing your hatred of anyone who is not heterosexual on others and promoting a separatist conservative state aka Conservatives for the world and everyone else can die.
Sexual predators never existed. Conservatives are the only ones who hate other people for their sexuality.

Democrats support the LGBTP+ community. Republicans hates them. It's a well known fact. So you are incorrect. Capitalism is a cancer to humanity and pedo is not even a word. The LGBTP+ community is open minded. We love everyone and hate no one. You conservatives are the ones slandering the LGBTP plus community by claiming that we hate people, When it is you who is doing the hating.

You don't see kiddie diddlers because they never existed. That's a delusion of your conservative mindset. That's not even a word. This is why it is so hard to take you seriously. You are so closed minded, That you choose to make up words and spread fake news, Then to state facts.

The only people who need help are conservatives like yourself who persecution against the LGBTP+ community is a proud moment and your hatred against free will, Equal rights, And love as a whole, Is something that you are proud of. Shame on you. Your hate group will never change the spirit of the LGBTP+ community and your hate speech and slurs only shows how intolerant you are against those who are different than you. Quit judging people for their sexuality and stop being a bias conservative bigot.


Children do exist that is a fact, Literly no scentific body on earth exists that agrees with you. Are you denying the observable differences between a child and an adult? The fact that a childs sexual organs haven't developed yet. If you communicate with a child, You will see that there is a large difference between the mental capacity when compared to an adult. I never said that Democrats don't support the LGBTQ+ community, They just don't support "pedosexuals".

You haven't proven that:

1. Children don't exist

2. Consent doesn't exist

3. Age doesn't exist

4. Rape doesn't exist

5. That I'm a conservitive.

I believe that I said that i'm a marxist earlier in this debate.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by lesibianpotato 2 years ago
Please stop considering being a pedophile as part of the lgbtq+ community. Children can't consent. It's really creepy. You should seek help. I mean this in an kind way.
Posted by aquariumkind 2 years ago
lad i stg stop tryna do this debate over and over again in hopes u might win nonces belong in prison
Posted by missmedic 2 years ago
Your interactions give credibility to a sick mind-set.
Posted by Yoshikage69Kira 2 years ago
You think so? I'm just debating him for the lols really.
Posted by missmedic 2 years ago
Your wasting your time on a person unworthy of it.
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