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disabled ppl should be required to pay more taxes

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Started: 9/12/2018 Category: Places-Travel
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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i think that disabled ppl should have to pay more taxes, B/c they consume too much crap. For example, The glasses, The crutches, The wheelchairs, Leg braces, Hearing aids, And special needs stuff, As well as diapers, Cost too much material to manufacture

with the same amount of production costs, We can instead build a time machine, Go back in time, And nuke india so they won't stink up the world according to reggee, Indians smell like f_cking curry so they should be illegal

thus all disabled ppl should pay at least 100, 000 bucks for each yr they live, Starting from now on

well im pro, So guess you gotta be con

please go


Hello Pro,

First of all, Not all people with disabilities use wheelchairs or crutches. There are people with mental disabilities or intellectual disabilities. Also, People that wear glasses have an eye disability, Which equals to 75% of the total adult population in the US (https://www. St-andrews. Ac. Uk/hr/edi/disability/facts/). So, In that trail of ideas, Are you suggesting that at least 3/4 of the total population should pay $100, 000 because of something they can't control such as a birth disorder?

Second, You are copying this whole idea and argument from another debate previously posted on this platform, Therefore I don't really see why your comments are even valid since you didn't even come up with them. )

Thirdly, Your comments about "nuking" India are not only unethical but also suggest that you are a really discriminatory person, Which would also show why you think disabled people need to pay more. Not because you think is better for the country, But because you are a horrible person that needs to respect that people have rights just like you
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cuz i said so


Don't know where that comment is coming from, But I still stand firmly on my argument :)
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Posted by rizetours 3 years ago
One of the things I remember writing is the way I rizetours. Blogspot. Com They don't believe God just because they can't see GOD but have then seen any supernatural power. See atheism in the way many atheists carry themselves, So by saying you have faith that there is no supreme beings, You are actually saying there's a possibility. Is not so much a lack of belief but the presence of disbelief.
Posted by HurricaneStorm37 3 years ago
Pro, Your language and reasons were unethical, As well as prejudiced. Your use of the word f***ing was uncalled for. Please refrain from using these words in the future.
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