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Police Profiling

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Started: 12/12/2007 Category: Politics
Updated: 13 years ago Status: Challenge Declined
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How is police profiling - and by that I mean stopping, searching and sometimes even arresting someone based on no more than, say, their skin color - not a violation of our Constitutional rights????
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Posted by DebatingJay 2 years ago
Are you crazy? Even though there is a pattern among criminals, Who gave police officers the right to profile anybody? Second of all, Nigger is an offensive word, And by using that word openly to express your racist opinions, You're being racist and offensive. Third of all, Just because someone is black doesn't mean that they are going to commit a crime. Skin color is not a reflection of character or anyone's predicted actions. It is illogical to conclude that just because someone is black, That they are going to commit a crime. Fourth of all, "unbiased statistics? " So it was unbiased when police officers choked Eric Garner, An unarmed black man? So it was unbiased when George Zimmerman didn't go to jail even though he clearly racially profiled an unarmed black male by the name of Trayvon Martin?
Posted by SourceBaker 3 years ago
Because policeman know that teyhere is a pattern among criminals. Most of them happen to be niggers, So they are more likely to break a law. Thats called unbiased statistics.
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