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rap battle 3

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Started: 2/13/2013 Category: Arts
Updated: 9 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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who wants to have a rap battle with this crazy bitch???
first round is acceptance
second round is battling
third round is for battling
fourth round is end battle round

no videos only raps
no songs or song lyrics


Debate Round No. 1


first i wish to say that this will be the only time i post on this rap cuz i wont have access to internet so you sha'll have many chances to bring this back and try to win

yo mr. pirate guy,
how about you lose the sty,
then you won't have to wear a patch on your eye,
do you have a peg-leg,
when i'm done with you... you will beg,
for ya life,
unlike you i dont blow on a fife,
i'll cut your head off with my deadly scythe,
i am a grim reaper,
your just a lonely peeper,
stalkin little girls like a creeper,
i may not be a king,
but you will still bow before me and kiss my ring,
i'm like a bee i attack with a deadly sting,
you have such a small ding-a-ling,
i bet your a pedophile,
trying to fire off your projectile,
hell i'm gonna make you run a mile,
your gross man you stink like bile,

whats with pirate,
are you that irate,
i may be only half straight,
but i'm in this to win,
now i kick you in the shin,
and toss you in a bin,
store you away,
and there you stay,
trying to act gay,
but my demons sha'll keep you at bay,
i sha'll not be lead astray,
i'm up all day everyday,
when i'm done with will be totally frayed,
guess you should've stayed,
in that bin,
i willl not keep you delayed,
for i'm a green light,
but not in that way,
for i won't go down without a fight,
in the middle of the night,
i'll give you such a fright,
you can try with all your might,
to win this rap,
but you look real dope wearing that ball cap,
you need directions??? let me print you out a map,
but it sha'll take you to losertown,
you try to win this crown,
but you are rewarded with a frown,
is this why you look so down,
now i turn it over to the fool,
who thought it would be cool,
to take me on,
but you cannot win against con.
drops mike and exits in dramatic gangster fashion.


Yo... Excuse the profanities, this is rap :P

You say that you're the grim reaper,
Oh dear I'm so scared of you creeper,
I'm just kidding, now let's look in to the problem you face deeper.

I'm undead, yes I've already been taken,
If you think you will take me again then you are very mistaken,
I don't claim to be immortal,
I don't claim to have found a magic portal,
I'm just a silly pirate who knows what it means to live life by the bottle,
I'm a foolish drunken insane beast,
I'm like a monstrous terrorist straight from the Middle East,
On your fear it is that I shall feast,
I've killed men with a flintlock, with a cutlass, I've seen them fall to their knees,
As they beg "PLEASE OH PLEASE" as I cut their head off and see them bleed,
As I do you dirty work, grim reaper, and kill men and women like their lactose intolerant and I'm cheese.

I'm a monster, perhaps not as grim as you,
But I'm a biological time-bomb that will do what it has to,
If it means that I have to betray my entire crew,
Then I'll murder them one by one, through and through,
I have no morality,
I don't fear my fatality,
I've been there and done that,
As a matter of fact I'm back,
I have no care for legality,
I am a connoisseur,
My taste in rap is so pure,
I saw your mamma's pu$$y last night,
I sure...
Made it purr,
She OW! MEOW!,
She was crazy,
I was lazy,
She hated that I didn't try,
So went hard, Penetrated her like a glass shard,
She was so used to being abused that she didn't cry.

Your mom might be tough but you...
You're just Grim as you say,
I don't know if your d!ck size is more than two,
But your mom was so tight so your father either has a tiny d!ck or only does foreplay,
And you got his genes, so you better remember,
You may be the grim reaper but I'm a pirate with a MIGHTY TEMPER,
You wanna mess with me? COME AT ME BRO,
You the grim little grinch well here's my HO HO HO!
One ho for your mother, the other two for the only chicks you'll get to f*ck,
The only chicks you get are easy, with guys you would have better luck,
Heck you'd fit right in the gay community
Shaking round your cute itty bitty,
Excuse for a penis, when they see it they'll be like "OH WHAT A CUTEY"
And they'll put a condom on, so fruity,
F*ck your self-proclaimed bisexual throat for all the other gays to see,
You will find the flavour brilliant and the experience to juicy,
Then they'll enter you a$$ like they do in the gay porno movies,
But as a matter of fact, when you start your homosexual rap,
You'll realise once you go homo, fo sho, there ain't no going back.

BYE BI, see what I did?
At rap I'm a man, You're just a wannabe kid,
You'll never make is big,
You'll always rap like sh*t.

That rap was so whack as matter of fact,
That I'd rather be beaten blue and black,
Than have to listen to rhymes that,
A little baby girl could come up with you a$$hat.

You've been annihilated,
You've been obliterated,
Goodbye, please go to hell,
When I die again I'll see you later.
Debate Round No. 2


yo your bars are dirt,
woud you lke some soap with your shirt?,
oh you say my mom made you squirt,
you try to hurt,
me with those bars,
now i send you to mars,
but first i smash you with cars,
i leave you with new scars,
you collide with many stars,
i will make you into a farce,
your right my mom was used to being abused,
my father was a a bigger monster than myself,
thats why i put his and my relationship high up on a shelf,
havn't seen him since i was four,
when my mom kicked him out the door,
for being a criminal,
my bars are literal,
he hijacked a car,
with a crowbar,
i sh*t you not,
he is worth less to me than that of a cot,
my father used to cheat on my mom,
and beat her,
i watched my father stike my mom,
like she was a match,
this i did manage to catch,
thats why i now run the intercom,
i have seen sh*t you would not believe,
so now i roll up my sleeve,
and strike you down like a lowly peasant,
my childhood was always unpleasant,
one christmas i didnt even get one present,
i grew up in poverty,
my life is one big tragedy,
my life is f*cked up,
i cant even afford to buy a simple cup,
my money goes to rent,
i'm left without a single cent,
welcome to my life,
where i have always had to strive,
simply just to survive,
day to day,
i live in total dismay,
i constantly pray,
to God with no response,
yet i still shine bright,
like that of a 600 lumins flashlight,
when you see me i blind you,
and you are left without a single clue,
now your face turns blue,
i admit your a worthy adversary,
but it is now february,
so you need to step,
the f*uck up,
you can no longer rely on luck,
or i will strike you down again,
if you lived in a glass house,
would you watch your mouth?,
and if you got a glass jaw,
you should watch your mouth,
cuz i'll break your face,
you call that a rap...more like a remedial disgrace,
now i ask you to forfeit the game,
now i take you outta the frame,
your name has been put to shame,
while my name lives in fame,
you cannot win this,
this is no longer a game,
you will lose and have yourself blame,
this is a battle you cannot win,
i am the king pin,
i always live in sin,
i always conquer,
i am a conquistador,
and you are a little wh*re,
wait let me put that in a term you understand,
your but a lowly wench,
with an awful stench,
between your legs,
above those pegs,
your but a skank,
who smokes weed that is quite dank,
as you have realised now you just shrank,
you cannot fill my shoes,
i bet you still watch blues-clues,
while your parents snooze,
your bars so lame they makin me dooze,
only true fools,
accept my par battles,
cuz when i step up to the plate,
i represent,
why are you still acting irate,
i'm practically admonishing you,
yet you still haven't the slightest clue,
cant even tie a shoe,
face is turning oh so blue,
im choking you out,
yet you let me,
your bars cannot affect me,
you think you can direct me???,
first you need to erect me,
yet you cannot cuz i was never alive,
i am the reaper...,
here is where you strive,
you cry out,
i kill you without a doubt,
now your soul is mine here you sit and pout,
you tried to get up off the ground,
you try to scream out,
you try to make a sound,
although nothing comes out,
on top of that noone is around,
here is where i pound you,
into the ground,
try again here is your turn,
this time giveme something,
to yern for.


My flow, oh so ill, it's ridic'lous,
Just kidding, I only need your mom,
I only need her to bend over and show me a big bum,
And when it shines at me like a golden sun,
I'll be seeing the a$$ of a hoe, if I have ever seen one,
Enough of this sh*t it's time for a pun,
Oops I've run out of ideas... Your mom has a PUNNY cunt.

Anyway down to business,
What was this bad rap I witnessed?
It's like Stephen Hawking attempting fitness,
Like a lonely guy f*cking female dogs thinkin' he bangin' hot b!tches,
Like a tomboy showing off her non-existent penis,
You think men come from Mars and women come from Venus?
Well you come from Pluto, dwarf, there's huge mental and physical gap between us.

You call that a R..A..P?!
It sure was a Retard Attempting Poetry,
The only skilled thing about it was all lines were short,
the consistency was admirable like a weak nerd playing sport,
At least you're bad every time you try,
At least there's no mystery as to why,
You're retarded, you can't help it disabled and I,
Should have had the decency of not rapping against you, it's like a frog and a fly,
When I spit and move my tongue, you're already dead,
You are incapable, so disabled, like a bull straight form the STABLE seeing red.

I'm a pirate, I don't f*ck my abusive dad, instead I f*ck wenches,
I'm like a German World war one sniper shooting the nooby British in their trenches,
When I walk in a room every bitch's underwear drenches,
When you walk in and start talking everyone's fist clenches,
You talk such sh*t, you think that you can spit?
I'm a captain, steering a ship you're just my deck boy b*tch,
All you can do is clean the floor,
When you're done I say do more,
And you do it and love it because to you it's not a chore,
It's at your level, you have no greater ambition,
You're well behaved, oh so enslaved to all your competition,
Every single line I see form you is repetition,
You're like a wannabe ninja on a suicide mission,
Now I know pirates hate ninjas but I hate you more,
I don't simply hate your exterior, I loathe your core,
every single thing about you is epitome,
Of irrational, unfashionable stupidity.

You just go thrashed,
Seems we were mismatched,
They put the alpha male rooster against a chick that just hatched,
Yeah I'm the rooster, the cockerel, You're mom's a en,
Tell her last night was amazing, I wanna do her again.
Debate Round No. 3


ockcatdaddy forfeited this round.


Connoisseur forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
5 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 5 records.
Posted by sbaik610 9 years ago
It's quite ironic huh?
Posted by ockcatdaddy 9 years ago
wow lost by a voteomb by one person hee hee wonder if he even read it -_-
Posted by ockcatdaddy 9 years ago
this is my actual life story
Posted by ockcatdaddy 9 years ago
please vote i hate having ties there dreadful
Posted by ockcatdaddy 9 years ago
wow his account closed
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Vote Placed by qopel 9 years ago
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Total points awarded:07 
Reasons for voting decision: What goes around, comes around.
Vote Placed by imabench 9 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Agreed with after the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Who had better conduct:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:Vote Checkmark--3 points
Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:30 
Reasons for voting decision: Whoever this connoisseur guy is, hes a tremendously bad rapper who clearly cannot rap or rhyme to save his life.... ;D

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