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should guns be banned?

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Started: 2/25/2020 Category: Politics
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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guns should DEFINITELY not be banned, I can see 1 reason why guns should be banned: school shootings, But there is a solution for that, Kids should be required to have a gun or schools should have military grade security guns can be used to protect yourself from stalkers and other types criminals. Guns can be used for hunting too and people who dropped out of school could make money off of hunting


I can see reasons for why guns should not be banned, Mainly the 2nd Amendment which gives people the right to own guns and protect themselves.

However, Specifically addressing your arguments, School shootings are horrible, And should be prevented if possible, BUT giving all students guns will not help. Many school shooters are students at the school, So giving guns to each student could potentially allow more students to be involved in shootings.

Furthermore, Having security guns at a school could be dangerous; if it were automatic or connected to a facial recognition system, There could be an error or a visitor using a wrong door, And an innocent person or student could be shot. If the guns were controlled manually by people, They could also make a mistake, Or if the gun is left unattended someone else could take control of the gun and cause a lot more damage than with a normal gun. Also, Many schools already have security officers or police officers who are armed and trained to react to a shooter and protect the students.

As for hunting, There are environmental concerns about that: if everyone hunted, Then animal populations would decline, Which could destroy the existing ecosystem. Also, If students drop out of school, They might be able to get enough food from hunting to survive (assuming they know how to cook it and prepare it so they don't get sick), But they probably wouldn't be able to earn a living off of hunting.

Overall, I think the issue with guns is responsibility. If people show warning signs of mental health issues or if they're always angry, Then there should be better checks on who is allowed to buy and access guns. If a student gets a gun, It might be the fault of the parents for not carefully keeping their children away from the gun. If guns are made accessible to everyone, Then there should be required safety classes, Tests, And then an instructor should take people to a shooting range so they can demonstrate they can safely handle a gun before they're certified.

If people refuse to be safe with guns, Or if shootings continue to get more common, Then guns should be banned for the public safety. If there are no guns (for civilians), Then shootings can't happen because there would be no guns or ammo to use. And for national security, Trained officers or military could still have guns (after being thoroughly certified) so they can protect in the event that someone did get a gun.
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Posted by GodlessGourd 1 year ago
yes but the most deadly and violent school shootings happen with automatic weapons there is no need for weapons of war in civilian hands. There is a reason why we can't have 50 cal machine guns.
Posted by SD_Card 1 year ago
Most school shootings are done with a hand-gun, Which are not high-capacity or automatic, So banning those automatic/high-capacity guns would have little or no effect.
Posted by GodlessGourd 1 year ago
outright banning guns is not the solution however banning high capacity and automatic guns would help the situation tremendously.
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