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should pit bull go extinct????

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Started: 2/3/2018 Category: News
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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i think they should



Pitbulls are sweet dogs with a generally pleasant demeanor. Some people train the dogs to be aggressive, but that has nothing to do with breed. Rather they are strong animals with a good bite, so selfish animal abusers take advantage of that.

Every dog is different, and should not be judged by those who take advantage of them.

Pit bulls can be service animals,

Sweet family dogs,

And even save peoples lives.

In short, don't be dog racist.
Debate Round No. 1


those links don't even go with what you are saying

trust me, i read then all.


They do, unless you were trying to copy/paste the links. Just hold click on them, and drag to a new tab before releasing.

Here are the titles of the linked articles:

This Dog Is A Service Animal. He Is Also A Pit Bull.

These 16 Dogs Are Heroes. They Are Also Pit Bulls.

10 Reasons Why Pit Bulls Rule

Those are all entirely relevant. Also, to add another argument, a pit bull isn't a specific breed. It is a group of breeds and traits, that share certain features.

Dogs shouldn't be treated differently because of how they look, anymore then the color of a person's skin.
Debate Round No. 2


if you watch the news, kids are killed playing or walking with pit bulls. there was this one girl who was walking in her backyard and then was attacked and killed by her pit bull.

think about that!!!


And under what situation? Dogs as a whole are still animals and act out under stress, if threatened, and if poorly trained/socialized.

Not to mention the actions of a few dogs doesn't make even close to the lot bad. If we go back to my links, lets remember what some pit bulls did.

One serves his disabled owner as a mobility dog.

One saved his entire family including other dogs from a house fire.

Yet another risked his life for a cat being attacked by coyotes.

And one even took a bullet for his owner!

Never should the actions of a select few dogs, affect the whole. And, as I said before, "pit bull" isn't even a breed.

Dog aggression is caused by other factors rather then breed. Frustration, Fear, and Illness being common.
Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: Pros sole argument against pit bulls was an example of a child being attacked by her pit bull. Con gave multiple examples where pit bulls saved lives or behaved in positive manner. Con also noted that how dogs are treated determines some of their behavior. Con sources appeared applicable to their arguments. Spelling and grammar were understandable on both sides thus tie in that. Both sides were polite enough, so tie there. Con wins in convincing and sources.

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