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style savvy:styling star is a great game

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Started: 3/26/2019 Category: Games
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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You can do a lot. You can design clothes.


I joined cuz why not and I need some brushing up after not doing debate for about 1 month. From the reviews I read, I can already tell you this game is not worth playing. It relies on 2 main points, And a 3rd slightly less important point.

    • It makes people feel good in a moral sense for helping others
    • It allows you to design clothes
    • It simulates business (this one's less important, But still a point)
I can say that this game is unimportant, And not worth playing, I don't even have to play it to say this, But I'm starting it a little to play it, To be closer to the debate.

Let's break down the 3 points. The reason it is not worth playing, Is that the game-base behind it is so commonplace, That you could find these values nearly anywhere else.

For the First reason, The moral well-feeling after helping others, Even if they're just AI. This comes from Kotaku's review of the game, Which also includes the fact you can design clothes. I can tell you already, That this isn't as useful a reason as it seems. Many games can use the ploy of giving the player something to rescue, And feel the hero, Or make a game with something that needs saving, And it makes you want to save it, Regardless of if it's fake.

Take Pet Rescue, For example. This game uses the fact that you need to, Well, rescue pets. Even the title of the game is a marketing ploy. Knowing a person's love for pets, The game uses the title to their advantage by saying they need to save these pets. THAT'S what the moral well-being does for this game. It's not really original. . .

Second, Is that it lets you design clothes. Well, What makes this special? I know games that don't need portable consoles to do this! AND THEY'RE FREE! Take "Design Home" for example. They let a person design a house/room, And then get feedback from other people about how well it is furnished. But, That game isn't some super-game that everyone should love, Its just another mobile game to most. Again, Telling you why this game isn't exceptional.

The third and final reason is that it simulates business. The game seems to try to capitalize on the tycoon-styled gameplay from popular games like Game Dev story, Planet Coaster (AKA Coaster Park Tycoon), And even going as far back as Diner Dash!

Seriously, This game is nothing special, Just another tycoon but this time with the abiliy to design clothes. What makes that special?

I know games that design Home Fashion, Personal fashion, Tech Fasion, Building Cities, Restaurat fasion, Fasion towards a business, Fashion toward restaurants, The list goes on and on. And the irony, Most of these games are free! You don't have to pay the money for these games!

For a game to be great, Since you didn't specify it, We can base this off of a few main factors, Which I'll debate next round:

    • Visuals
    • Music
    • Plot
    • Gameplay
Your turn, Tell me why the game is exceptional in these categories, And you win my G.
Debate Round No. 1


You can have your player character wear a kimono.


So? I can make my character look horrible! It doesn't matter whether they can wear it, it's if they can pull it off that counts. I could, As a boy, Wear a dress, But would that make me great? No. So what matters in making any one character wear something? It's the designing to pull off the dress that means everything, Anyone could tell you that. And that designing isn't original, There are others like it.
Debate Round No. 2


The music is awesome. Have you ever heard the song Twinkle Fantasia? The game has no true plot, But neither does Super Mario Maker.


I can tell you, There are so many better soundtracks out there:
Fire Emblem
FF series
Bravely: Default
Pokemon series
LoZ: Majora's mask
luigi's mansion
Kirby: Triple Delux
Kirby: epic yarn
Kirby: Planet Robobot
Kid Icarus.

All of these games are on 3DS

Seriously, The game's soundtrack is good, But when compared to other 3ds games, It is mediocre at best! Also, Mario maker doesn't count, That is an online game. It's almost like comparing God Of War to Fortnite, They are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT GAMES.

The game has no plot, No real good soundtrack, And relies on something already used all over games. There is no point buying a game that you could get a similar experience from free games. It is a waste of money
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Spoilerina 3 years ago
As for the visuals, It looks like a magical girl anime.
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