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xbox is better then Ps3

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Started: 2/12/2012 Category: Technology
Updated: 10 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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xbox 360 is better the the ps3 for many of reasons, sure you need to pay for the online but $60 a year is nothing, and you pay for what you get, ps3 have alot of hackers but for 360 theres much less if any at all.


Alright I will accept this debate, and refute claims made so far, note I do not actually prefer either console, nor do I play games very often, so information from personal experience and understanding of exact situations may not be accurate, only to the best my research shows.

First I will define "better"
"more attractive, favorable, or commendable" [1]
For the purpose of this debate we will need to look at what consumers may find better about each product in order to get a real idea of which is better.


First claim

" sure you need to pay for the online but $60 a year is nothing"
Actually nothing is equal to 0.
Since 0<60 we can confirm that this is false.

I will go ahead and argue based on prices, the claim of $60 per year, vs $0 per year is fairly alarming. $350 in 5 years, $700 in 10 years, etc, which will matter when combined with my next point.

Console costs.

Both cost $289.99 [2, 3]
Since they are equal prices just to obtain, the first year costing the extra $60 puts the xbox360 as a higher price than the PS3, which is something consumers care about.

Second claim

"ps3 have a lot of hackers but for 360 there's much less if any at all"

Of course hackers will exist with any electronic device, computer hackers, game hackers, even phone hackers, this does not reflect on the value of each system, if anything it would show people care enough to take the time to hack into the PS3 rather than the xbox360, or that the xbox360 hasn't had it's wave of hackers, yet.

I will now make arguments of my one.


Content and selection

1} Parental concerns

Many parents feel their child is too immature to handle certain games with mature content, and so look at the ratings games hold as a guideline for what they will allow their child to play, as well as the child seeing it as a guideline for what he/she would be interested in.

Xbox360 only has 792 games rated anything under E10+ [4]

while PS3 has 927 games rated anything under E10+ [5]

Which gives an additional 135 game options for immature children, a plus for concerned parents.

2} Access to mature content games for those that are mature

PS3 has 1,662 games rated either M or AO [6]
Xbox 360 has only 316 games which fit under that same category.
PS3 has 1,346 more games in these categories than Xbox360.
That gives the PS3 1,346 more games for mature players and 100+ games for young or immature children.

3} Access to games rated T

Games rated T are some of the more enjoyable ones, since many kids are mature enough to handle most games in this rating category, and older gamers are more likely to find them enjoyable (think GTA or SpongeBob's Magical Unicorn adventures) so it would be wrong to group it into the adult, or child categories, and equally wrong to leave it completely out.

PS3 has 1719 games rated T [8]
while Xbox360 only has 1595 games that are rated T [9]

This gives PS3 124 more games in this category.


The Xbox 360 costs more and has less selection. Parents can rejoice over having more games appropriate for their children while more mature players can enjoy the greater selection offered in the more mature categories, making the PlayStation better for most consumers, especially those that have a family with differing interests and ages.









Debate Round No. 1


narutowalter forfeited this round.


I extend all previous points.
Debate Round No. 2


narutowalter forfeited this round.


Extend all arguments once again.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by lovelife 10 years ago
I will be using this debate against you, just fyi.
Posted by lovelife 10 years ago
lol it's alright. If it was a topic I cared about I'd debate you, but it's not a serious debate on my part, lol.
Posted by MarquisX 10 years ago
Oh this is a couples thing. Sorry about that.
Posted by lovelife 10 years ago
well we don't have a dvd player, so it helps out with watching movies.
Posted by narutowalter 10 years ago
lol i been trying to make her buy one but it cost money so she wont (also shes not a gamer and knows or care about the things thats are better for xbox. and that is why i give up in this debate
Posted by lovelife 10 years ago
I prob will buy an xbox tho, just cause. I need money first.
I already have a ps3 but I haven't really played it (like 2 turns on a fail asss sonic game)
Posted by lovelife 10 years ago
Posted by lovelife 10 years ago
marquisx, I don't have strong feelings either for or against ps3 or xbox360, I'm only debating cause my bf challenged me and has been trying to shove xbox support down my throat for weeks, lmao.
Posted by MarquisX 10 years ago
I just did this debate and wiped the floor of my opponent. Lovelife challenge me. By the end of the debate you'll be buying a 360
Posted by 16kadams 10 years ago
Eh.. Ps3> wii
Ps3> Xbox

Wii> Xbox

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