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Excerpt from a children's book in the future

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11/9/2019 9:24:51 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
The adventures of Calmana

In the land of the free and the home of the brave there once lived a little girl called Calmana in a beautiful little house together with her Mother, Father, Brother and their dog Bravie.

Wnat no one knew was that Calmana had superpowers, Not even Mommy or Daddy knew about this and Calmana didn't say anything about her superpowers to Mommy or Daddy either, She just didn't want Mommy or Daddy to be worried or scared about her superpowers, So she kept it a secret.

Calmana never used her superpowers when she was around people because she didn't want anyone to know about her superpowers, So she only used her superpowers to rescue kittens down from trees when no one was watching, She slowed down cars from accidentally running over other people, She made falling bricks land safely on the ground instead of hitting peoples heads and she made many other good things to keep both people and animals and nature safe.

Calmana could do all these things because her superpowers made her able to move things through air from a distance, She could slow down time on any place, She could lift very heavy things, She could run superfast, She could become invisible and she could also fly through the air just like an airplane, Only much faster than any airplane in the whole World.

Also, Calmana was a very smart little girl so she had no problems with solving tricky puzzles either, She could solve any crossword puzzle, But she also didn't say anything about how clever she was to anyone either because she didn't want people to be scared about how intelligent she was because people normally though that little girls shouldn't be as intelligent as Calmana was, People thought that it should be impossible for a little girl to be that intelligent, That's just what people think, They would be scared if a little girl turned out to be more intelligent than they.

So when Calmana played chess online she always told her opponents that she was an old man so they wouldn't do anything strange if they found out that they lost in chess to a sweet little girl.

One day the news reported of a strange being having been sighted running around in a wild forest somewhere scaring a lot of people and this strange being looked like some orange kind of wild beast with a mane flapping around as he ran around aimlessly, Shouting and scaring everyone he saw.

The news reporters referred to this being as a "Trump" who was a creature who had run away from a circus and no one, Not even soldiers, Police, FBI, CIA, NSA, Could do anything to stop Trump from running around scaring people and farting.

Calmana decided to take a look at Trump to see if anything was wrong with Trump, So she told her Mommy that she was going to go out and play in the backyard, Then she went out and when no one saw her she made herself invisible, Flew off to the wild forest and with her super eyes she saw Trump sitting down with his back resting on a tree while he was crying.

Calmana gently got closer to Trump, Gently stroked Trumps mane and said -"What's the matter, Trump? "
Trump said -"No one believes me".
Calmana -"Why do no one believe you? "
Trump -"Because I lie all the time"
Calmana -"But why do you lie all the time? "
Trump -"I don't know"
Calmana -"I tell you what, Trump. I will follow you back to the circus and I will make sure that no one can hurt you either, Then I can come and visit you now and then and pet your mane, Would you like that? "
Trump -"Yes I would very much like for you to come to me and pet my mane, That would make me very happy and I would stop lying also"
Calmana -"Did you just lie to me, Trump? "
Trump -". . . . Noooo. . . . "
Calmana -"Ok, I see. Tell you what, We go back to the circus and there you can pretend that I sometimes come over and pet your mane so that you can be happy, Would you like that? "
Trump -"I think so"

Calmana lead Trump back to the circus and the circus personnel all looked scared as they thought that Trump had fled the circus for good, But they opened the gates and let Trump back in and they didn't say "Thank you" to Calmana either for having helped putting Trump back into his cage.

But Calmana didn't mind that the circus personnel were ungrateful for getting Trump back, She just made herself invisible again, Flew back home, Went inside and then Mommy gave her cookies and milk, Calmana then brushed her teeth and happily went to bed knowing that she had stopped Trump from scaring anymore people.
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11/14/2019 8:25:42 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
One day when Calmana was playing hide and seek with her friends in the backyard of her house, Her superhearing heard cries for help from far far away somewhere.

Calmana then said to her friends that she wanted to rest for a while and that they could play again tomorrow so when her friends went back home to where they lived Calmana then went inside her house, She then told her Mom that she wanted to rest for a while, Then she went into her room, Made herself invisible, Opened a window and flew away to search for where the cries of help came from.

It didn't take Calmana very long to find the people who cried for help so she landed behind a hedge next to all these helpless people, Then she made herself visible again and ran to them and said "What's wrong, Why are you crying for help? "
One of the helpless people then said "Because Trump took away all our spines".

Calmana saw that all the helpless people wandered around bent over so much forward that their noses almost touched the ground.

Calmana said -"But why did Trump take away all your spines? ".
They said -"Because Trump wanted to make us all spineless".
Calmana -"Why? ".
They -"Because Trump likes that we're all spineless".
Calmana -"But why do Trump like that you're all spineless? ".
They -"Because then we can't push Trump into a cage".
Calmana -"Don't worry, I will help you get your spines back".
They -"No you don't have to help us, Trump PROMISED to give us our spines back, He just wanted us to stop trying to put him in a cage for a little while, That's all".
Calmana -"But Trump lies all the time, So when he said that he promised that he would give you your spines back then that means that he will NEVER give you your spines back".
They -"Yes we know, But we're so happy that Trump leaves us alone, So we want to be cowards, Because then Trump will never scare us again"
Calmana -"But why did you all scream for help? ".
They -"Because we can't eat or drink or do anything the way we used to be able to do back when we had spines. Can you show us how to do all these things please? ".

Calmana then worked out a plan so all the spineless cowards learned how to ask other people who both had spines and who also WANTED to help all these spineless cowards to get some food, To drink milk, To brush their teeth, To take baths and do all the other things that the spineless cowards could do when they had spines, Just like normal people.
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11/20/2019 7:23:29 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
One day Calmana's Mom said -"Now we're gonna go on a picknick, So everybody get your jackets and shoes on and also fill your back packs with things you want to bring along with you and palay with at the picknick".

Calmana put some books on advanced calculus in her backpack, Then she also put a frisbee in there so that she could play catch later on with Bravie.

Then they all got into the car and Dad then drove the whole family to their favourite picknick park and when Dad had parked the car they all walked over to a beautiful green lawn and there Mom laid out a big blanket on the grass and Mom and Dad put all the picknick food on the blanket and then the whole family enjoyed a delicious picknick together in the sun.

After picknick and after having read through a few calculus book chapters, Calmana then took out her frisbee from her backpack and said "Come Bravie, Let's go play some catch".

Calmana walked away a little bit from the picknick place, Then she started throwing the frisbee which Bravie then chased and caught and brought back to Calmana again so she could throw it for Bravie to fetch again.

Suddenly when Calmana threw the frisbee a wind caught it and landed it behind some bushes and Bravie tried to search for a way through the bushes but he couldn't find a way through there so Calmana walked up to the bushes to see what they looked like.

Calmana then heard some people talking behind the bushes, So she then used her supereyes to see through the bushes and on the other side of the bushes she could see that it was the spineless cowards that she tried to help earlier and it looked like they all were having some kind of meeting there behind the bushes.

Calmana then made a passage through the bushes using her superpowers, She then went through the passage with Bravie tailing her out to the other side, To the spineless cowards.

Bravie found the frisbee, Picked it up and brought it back to Calmana, But Calmana wanted to know what the spineless cowards were doing there behind the bushes so she said -"Hello all spineless cowards. What are you doing here? ".

The Spineless cowards, Also known as the Spinards, Said -"We're hiding from Trump here because we don't want him to put our spines back into us again because we're afraid of Trump".

Calmana -"But what if I showed show you how you can all grow yourselves brand new spines so that Trump wouldn't have to put your spines back into all of you again? "

Spinards -"No, We don't WANT any spines, We're GLAD that we don't have any spines because now we don't have to talk to Trump anymore and we like that because Trump scares us so much and we don't want Trump to scare us anymore, So we want to be spineless cowards becuse we like to be spineless cowards"

Calmana -"But aren't your families and your friends worried about that you don't have any spines? ".

Spinards -"We don't CARE about our families and our friends, We only care about not being scared by Trump".

Calmana -"But what if your loved ones feel sad for you now, Wouldn't you feel sorry then? ".

Spinards -"No, Because they are not IMPORTANT, The only thing that's important is to stay away from Trump".

Calmana turned around, Said "Come here Bravie", Then she and Bravie started walking back to her family's picknick again, She didn't want to speak to the spineless cowards anymore, She knew that all the spineless cowards wanted to remain spineless cowards more than anything in the whole wide world.

As Calmana walked away the spineless cowards taunted her by singing -"We are spineless cowards / naa na naa na naa naa / Trump don't need to scare us / naa na naa na naa naa"

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