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7/28/2011 7:12:13 PM
Posted: 10 years ago
Welcome to the official Orientation. This thread has been in development for quite some time by members of the community. Please do not post in it as we hope to keep this thread read-only and stickied once we are done posting.

Table of Contents:

1. Terms/Jargon
2. Starting a debate
3. Mafia
4. Private Messages
5. Profile Editing
6. Reporting
7. Voting
8. User President and Elections
9. Summary
10. Extended Code of Conduct

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7/28/2011 7:12:41 PM
Posted: 10 years ago
1. Members and Jargon

To be acquainted with some of the core members on, watch this introductory video:

-DDO: Is an abbreviation of Debate Dot Org

-votebombing: Is a practice on DDO where a member puts all of his votes towards one member either because he agrees with that member or because he wants that member to win. Never, ever votebomb, and if you feel it is necessary to put all 7 votes towards one member, make sure to leave a Reason For Decision (RFD) that explains your reasoning.

-RFD: Is an abbreviation for Reason For Decision. These are mandatory on most debates. When a user votes and leaves an RFD, it should explain why he voted for a certain member in each voting category.

-noob sniping: A term used for when an experienced member debates a noob (and wins) just to inflate his Win/Loss Record.

-spam debates: Debates with no purpose that are [usually] made to annoy members of DDO. Some spam debate resolutions: "lkdfsall;kklasdfjlk" or "Rabbits will eat my opponent". Do not confuse with joke debates, which are non-serious resolutions with serious arguments.

-spamming: When a user annoys other users by posting a lot of text on nothing. There are two types of spamming. Text spamming, such as "LOLOLOLYOULOSTTHEGAMELOLOL" and argument spamming "I like cheese, do you like cheese?". Most spammers make their own threads to spam in, though if they infect a serious thread the consequences can be disastrous.

-troll: A user who finds pleasure in annoying other members. To learn how to deal with a troll, watch the second video.

-Record Attempt At Most Posts Thread: Is a thread in the misc. section of the site where members are free to spam and troll as much as they want.

General Debate jargon

Some members have done debate in high school or college. There are a few specific terms these forms use that the users may replicate on site debates.

Case - The opening argument for a position.

Contention (C) - One of usually two or three key arguments.

Card - Piece of evidence, usually a quote.

Drop - An argument is dropped when it is not responded to. Arguments that are dropped are usually considered true for the remainder of the debate. You must respond to an argument once it is made, you cannot wait until the next round.

Warrant - Reason why something is true. If you just say "Drugs are bad", opponents will say your argument is unwarranted.

Impact - Why an argument is important. Ex: Environmental protection must be maintained; not doing so will result in the extinction of several key species.

Cross-examination/Cross-Ex - Time when you can ask your opponent questions. They can be any type of question.

Disadvantage/Disad - Affirming or negating the resolution will cause X bad thing to happen.

Turn - Used when your opponent uses an argument that actually supports your side. For instance, if your opponent says that we should pull out of Iraq because a lot of people are dying there, a turn would say that leaving Iraq would actually cause more people to die.

Impact turn - Used when your opponent argues that a certain consequence will happen if you affirm or negate the resolution, and say that this consequence is either good or bad. An impact turn would say that the consequence actually isn't good, its bad. Or vice versa. For instance, one side may argue that offshore oil drilling will reduce gas prices. You can impact turn this by saying that lower gas prices will reduce our desire for alternative energy. Thus, low gas prices are actually bad.
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7/28/2011 7:15:01 PM
Posted: 10 years ago
In this video is a walk through for starting a debate. Remember to go to the actual page so you can see annotations.

For a text walk through please see below.

-First you need to click on DEBATE at the top of any page once you have logged on (a)

-Second click START A NEW DEBATE on the left side of the screen. (b)

-Now you will see this page.

-Make sure to fill out all sections on this page.

(a)Decide how many rounds you wish to have. The more rounds the longer the debate. Be careful going to large or too short, to large may make some voters not want to take the time to read it. If it is too short they may not take it serious.

(b)Decide on how long other members can vote on your debate. Most new members choose a long time period for their first debates.

(c)Decide on how long you and your opponent will have to argue in each round. Don't cut yourself too short, life comes out of nowhere sometimes and it is usually seen as poor conduct to forfeit a round.

(d)Decide on how many characters you and your opponent will have in each round. This is much like deciding on the time to argue, don't cut yourself short but also remember an abnormally long and drawn out debate gets less voters.

(e)Decide if you would like voters to give a reason for decision (RFD) when they place a vote on your debate. This is a great tool to get feedback on how you and your opponent did.

(f)This is where you will place your main argument. Some like to have extra rounds (a)and use the first round for definitions and acceptances of certain guidelines specific to the debate.

(g)This is your resolution or topic of the debate, this will be seen when someone is reading through the lists of debate on Try to make it interesting but most important try to stay away from resolutions that can fall prey to semantics. An example of a semantic prone debate would have a resolution like this.

"President Obama will not get re-elected"

In addition, when typing your debate argument, there is a common way of citing sources on DDO. In your argument, when you have just typed an argument that references a source, you simply put a number in brackets [1] like so. [1] References the source listed below as #1. This is the same source citing technique Wikipedia uses. [2]
Remember ALWAYS to give the actual page you got your info from, not just the site (inorrect:

Organizing rounds

The following video will show how you are expected to format arguments on this site. Organization is imperative to convincing judges to take your arguments seriously.
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7/28/2011 7:15:44 PM
Posted: 10 years ago
3. Mafia


"Mafia" and many other fun forum games can be found in the "Games" section of the forum.
•How to play

Mafia is a game in which there are usually two factions: the town and the mafia. There can also be a cult and other third party roles, but these aren't in every game. There are two phases: the day phase and the night phase. In the day phase people talk and try to figure out who the mafia is, and they vote to lynch whoever they think is mafia. In the night phase, people use their roles and the mafia collectively decides on a townie to kill.

The mod will PM you a role and a character. The PM will also tell you whether you are town or mafia.

If you are town: Your job is to kill off anyone who is part of the mafia. You can do this by lynching people in the Day Phase, or by killing them in the Night Phase if your role allows that. You win when there is no mafia left.

If you are mafia: Your job is to kill off the town. You can do this by voting to lynch them in the Day Phase. The mafia has a PM where the mafia players can communicate. Each Night Phase, the mafia agrees on one player to kill. Be careful not to look guilty, the townies are looking to find and lynch you.
•List of roles
--Cop: Can investigate one person every night phase, telling the cop whether the player is guilty (anti-town) or innocent (town).
--Doctor: Can protect one player every night phase. Protected players cannot be killed.
--Vigilante: Can kill one player every night phase.
--Jack of All Trades: Can kill, protect, or investigate one player every night phase.
--Miller: Appears guilty when investigated
--Bulletproof: Cannot be killed in the night phase. Not immune to lynching.
--Paranoid Gun Owner: Kills anyone who tries to use a night action on them.
--Mason Recruiter: Can recruit other players into a PM.
--Role Blocker: Can block the role of one player every night phase.
--Godfather: Appears innocent when investigated.
--Tracker: Can watch a player during the night phase to see who he visits (uses a night action on).
Third Party
--Jester: The jester wins the game by getting lynched.
--Survivor: The survivor wins by not getting killed during the game.

•Modding list

The mod list is where people can sign up to be a mod. It is divided up into two sections; one for large games and one for small games. To sign up, put your name at the bottom of the appropriate list. When your name reached the top, it is your turn. The mod list is used to control the amount of games going at once, so that there are not more games then there are people willing to play them.
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7/28/2011 7:16:47 PM
Posted: 10 years ago
4. PM

A common question is how to use the message feature. Commonly refereed to as PM.

Though before we get into the gist of the topic, please be aware that having too strict privacy settings may mean that some people may have to friend request you before sending you messages. This can be terribly problematic when the message is urgent or a mafia role message. It's good to keep your PM settings to "public" so any member can PM you. A common side effect of this is "Love-Spam" where a [spam] member will send you a message saying he/she loves you and wants to give you money. An example of Lovespam can be found here: "Hi Dear,
My name is miss Tricia.I saw your profile today and become very interested,so please it is urgent that you have to contact me immediately through email id (##########) so that i will tell you my mind and give you my picture,thanks so much for your understanding,i will be waiting for your reply now, please write me direct with my email address as I give you above and below here because I have something IMPORTANT to tell you.
warm regard

In this video you will see many of the features and abilities involving the pm system on DDO.

For a screenshot walk through please read the steps below.

-First click on My Messages

-To send just click compose. There is a place to add the person you want to message. If you type a letter a list will come up of users that have been added to your friends list.

-If they are not your friend you will have to type their name or visit their profile and click send message.

-If the "send message" link is black instead of blue you will have to add them as a friend before you can send them a PM.

You can also send group messages. Just keep adding members when you are composing your message.

-If you decide you no longer want to continue in a certain pm you can stop the thread and you won't receive any further messages the sender or others if it is a group pm.
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7/28/2011 7:21:24 PM
Posted: 10 years ago
5. Profile editing

It is important to fill out your profile. It tells other members a lot about you. Filling out your "big issues" helps others to know your stance and can offer debates that you may be interested in.

This video outlines the steps to editing your profile.

For a screenshot walk through please see below.

-It only takes a few minutes to edit and customize your profile. By personalizing your profile it helps other members get to know you better.

-First you can click on EDIT PROFILE (a) once you log in.

-Second you can choose any of the category(b) and fill out the information.

-Make sure to click save changes after you do anything in this section. (c)

The home page is your individual page and the first one you see after logging on.

Towards the right hand side (a) you will see and list of things your friends (people you have accepted as friends) are doing, everything from posting in threads and commenting on debates to updating their profile and who they have accepted as friends. All the threads, debates and members can be clicked for easy navigation. This tool is widely used by many members. Though some prefer to do it the old fashioned way and go directly to the forums and browse the various categories. The only downside to only using the home current activity section is you might miss out on a conversation if it doesn't involve one of your friends.
You can also use the home screen to view any debate challenges, friend requests, or debate arguments you need to post. This is especially helpful because it notifies you when its your turn to write an argument.

In the box to the bottom you can see your recent activity. This box shows whether people have posted to your profile, updated your debates, or etc. This information applies specifically to you, while the box on the left applies to your friends. You can think of the home page like the "control panel" of DDO.
Don't take me too seriously plz, i'm rarely on here sober
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7/28/2011 7:23:23 PM
Posted: 10 years ago
6. Reporting

Hopefully you will never find a reason to need to report another user on DDO but if you do here are some basics guidelines.

•Here is a link to the TOS (Terms of Service) at DDO:

It is at the bottom right hand corner of any page when logged on.

The general rules are pretty basic in regards to what most people expect on the internet. Due to the nature of this site there is a lot of interpretation needed when it comes to issues and the TOS.

The biggest thing to know is that this site is full of different and (most of the time) opposing views. This is one thing that makes this site great but also makes it hard to deal with at times. If you need any help deciding what to report please consult the TOS or ask another member.

One thing that will get you banned is trolling, posting spam debates, vote bombing and posting personal info of other members on this site. Here is a recent post by the moderators dealing with the last violation. You can contact any of the members listed above for more info on any of the violations.
Don't take me too seriously plz, i'm rarely on here sober
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7/28/2011 7:33:16 PM
Posted: 10 years ago
7. Voting

How to Vote:

As we all know, voting is one of the most important features of Version 3.0 introduced an amazing new voting system and here are some tips to use it more effectively. The first two questions you see are opinion based questions. There are no points given for these questions and you can answer them however you want. The next four questions break down a debaters score by looking at the four most important aspects of the debate. These questions are where the points come from. Remember, voting on is based on fact and NOT on Opinion.

Who did you agree with before the debate?
(0 Points)
Which of the two sides (Pro or Con) did you agree with before you read the debate?

Who did you agree with after the debate?(0 Points)
Which of the two sides (Pro or Con) did you agree with after you read the debate? This question and the previous question are used to calculate how many voters changed their opinion on the topic at hand.

Who had better conduct?(1 Point)
Which debater, on balance, was more composed, and used fewer or no personal attacks against their opponent? Improper conduct includes personal insults, profanities, and bad sportsmanlike behavior.

Who had better spelling and grammar?(1 Point)
Which debater, on balance, took the time to insure their writing was easy to read with proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation?

Who made more convincing arguments?(3 Points)
Analysis - Which debater, on balance, did a better job of clearly explaining their arguments and of exposing the weakness of their opponent's arguments?
Refutation - Which debater critically analyzed their opponents' arguments the best and developed clear, appropriate, and understandable responses?
Organization - Which debater organized their arguments the best, creating an easily understood and readable path to follow?

Who used the most reliable sources?(2 Points)
Which debater, on balance, proved their argument with sufficient quantity and appropriate interpretation of evidence? Was the evidence easy to read? Did it support the correct argument or was it just a link tossed in to try and fool the unsuspecting?

Remember, the basis for decision should NOT include:

Opinions held you, but not mentioned by the debaters.
Conversation with any persons during or after the debate round.
Comments made by other members of the site.

Don't take me too seriously plz, i'm rarely on here sober
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7/28/2011 11:20:29 PM
Posted: 10 years ago
8. User President and cabinet and elections

The Presidential elections are a fun and interesting time to come together and vote for the member you think will best represent DDO. The elections are held every six months and the only requirements to vote are three debates or 200 forums posts.

These elections serve as a chance to elect a member to be the spokesperson to the site owner for the community here at DDO.

Here is a list of the current elected officials:


In summary, its easy to be a good member on DDO, all you have to do is be respectful, contribute, spell correctly, and don't troll.

Here is an insightful video created by a former member Koopin. You will learn a lot from it.
Forum Moderator
4/3/2012 4:16:09 PM
Posted: 10 years ago
Extended Code of Conduct for (DDO)

1. Definitions

1.1 Terms of Use. The rules agreed to by members as a condition of membership, given at Sometimes referred to as terms of service [TOS].

1.2 Trolling. Use of inflammatory language, personal attacks, or extreme and unsupported claims aimed at provoking emotional response rather than debate.

1.3 Vote bombing. Abuse of DDO voting privileges by awarding points to a debater for reasons unrelated to the arguments or evidence presented in the debate.

1.4 Moderator. A person granted authority by the site owners to enforce the rule of the site.

2. Scope

2.1 If there is any conflict between this document and the Terms of Use, the Terms of Use takes precedence.

2.2 This document establishes trolling and vote bombing as offenses punishable by a Moderator or through trial.

2.3 This document establishes the procedures for holding trials of members in cases where violations of the rules as judged by a Moderator are for any reason unclear. Trials are at the sole discretion of a Moderator, and the provision of the Terms of Use whereby members may lose membership privileges is unchanged.

2.4 The Moderator retains the ability to remove a member or restrict privileges without benefit of a trial.

3. Warnings

3.1 The Moderator shall issue warnings to members upon observing patterns of their apparent trolling or vote bombing. The forum post, debate, or debate comment exhibiting the offense shall be cited in the warning. The member may choose to respond with a defense of the behavior.

3.2 The warning shall advise the member that repeating the offense may result in loss of membership privileges.

3.3 If an offense is repeated after the member has received a relevant warning, the member may be subjected to, at the option of the Moderator, revocation of membership privileges or subjecting the member to DDO trial.

4. Trials

4.1 The member shall be notified in advance of the trial.

4.2 The Moderator shall appoint a prosecution team.

4.3 The accused member may select a defense team or request that the Moderator solicit a defense team.

4.4 The Moderator shall establish accounts for prosecution and defense for the trial, which will be conducted as a DDO debate. The trial debate shall be four rounds of 8000 characters with a three day response period. The voting period shall be two weeks.

4.5 The Prosecution shall prepare charges and post the charges with links to supporting evidence as a challenge to the Defense. No new charges or evidence of offenses may be introduced after the challenge. The Prosecution may, however, post additional evidence in rebuttal to defense claims.

4.6 All members having voting privileges may vote on the trial debate.

4.6.1 At the option of the Moderator, the Moderator may appoint a jury prior to the start of the trial and announce that the verdict will be determined by the vote of the jurors alone. If a jury is appointed there shall be either three, five, or seven jurors. Each juror shall have participated in at least ten debates. The jury may consider the membership vote in making their decision, but are not bound by it.

4.6.2 The standard for voting for the Prosecution is that the charges have been proved beyond a reasonable doubt. A reasonable doubt is not any doubt, but rather the doubt that a reasonable person would have given the evidence of the trial.

4.6.3 Voters shall be instructed in the Prosecutors' R1 that they may vote up to all seven votes for the prosecution or the defense.

4.6.4 Voters finding the defendant guilty may use the RFD to recommend a suspension of privileges rather than permanent loss, and they shall be advised of this by the Prosecutors in R1.

4.6.5 The Moderator shall comply with the result of the trial. If a guilty verdict is found, the Moderator shall select the level of punishment.

4.6.6 The Moderator shall act as judge in ruling upon trial procedures.

Created by: Wnope, RoyLatham, and Unitedandy

Commissioned and endorsed by: President innomen.

By using this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use.