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The Spring Festival is a

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1/7/2019 1:26:46 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
The Spring Festival is a day that everyone is looking forward to, And I am no exception. I am very happy in the Spring Festival of the Year of the Rat! There are so many wonderful times, I only take a few tidbits to share with everyone. Ceful New Year's Eveen the New Year's Eve arrived, My mother made a hearty dinner. At the dinner table, I toast my mom and dad, Wish them a happy new year and good health. Mom and Dad also wish me to learn and progress in the new year and grow up happily! R dinner, My dad and I went downstairs to put fireworks. I ignited an "spaceman" and saw that he flew into space after a few spins on the ground [url=www. Fesshelby. Com/marlboro]Newport Cigs Cheap[/url], And the sparks illuminate the sky. At this time, I found that the streets in front and behind the streets were full of colorful sparks. Everyone is happy to welcome the arrival of the New Year. 8 o'clock, The Spring Festival Gala began. A wonderful show made us laugh a lot. Especially the essay "Dream Home" is the best. This is "Why? " Because Miss Cai, Who likes it, Likes "Why? "ely square New Year's Day [url=www. Prideconcept. Com/marlboro]Marlboro 100S Cartons Us[/url], I went to the Star Plaza with my parents. I saw a lot of people here, Very lively. All kinds of selling are endless with ears. Here is the "sheep kebab [url=www. Prideconcept. Com/marlboro]Cheap Newport 100S Free Shipping[/url], Authentic Xinjiang kebab. " There is "squash cake [url=www. Webvipsmoking. Com]Discount Newport 100S Cigarettes[/url], Sweet and sweet, One yuan. " I ran over, Bought two pumpkin cakes, And ate it with relish. In the middle of the square, A stage was set up, Surrounded by people. On the stage, The Yue opera "Three Beats Tao Sanchun" is being sung. After each sing, A burst of applause bursts out! The white clouds and waterfalls that flowed forward also flowed. Because this waterfall is man-made, Water will only pour out on holidays. My mom and dad took a group photo in front of the waterfall. Asant spring toure fourth day of the New Year, My father and mother took me to Changyu. As soon as I came here, I was attracted by the scenery in front of me. I saw that it was full of red lanterns, Full of festive celebrations. There are also many people who come here to visit, And all faces are filled with smiles. In the cave concert hall in the evening, The actors dressed in festive costumes and performed beautiful music, Beautiful! The tourists are still in front of Maitreya Buddha [url=www. Wholesalenewport. Com]Wholesale Newport Cigarette Store[/url], Burning a wish before the Guanyin image. I also silently wished our family to be safe in the new year, And there is no snow or ice disaster in our country. E Spring Festival is enjoyable, Peaceful, Lively and festive. The 2008 Spring Festival will remain in my memory forever.

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