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How to Setup and use Echo Dot?

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1/15/2019 11:29:41 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
As every other Echo device, You can use Echo Dot with Alexa to do little daily things in your life. Setup process of Echo dot is described here.
=614;Install Alexa App on your smartphone form the Play Store or App Store.
=614;Then plug in your Echo dot with power supply and turn it on.
=614;Then open Alexa and from "My device" menu choose Echo Dot and connect it to Alexa.
=614;Make sure to use the same network to connect both Alexa and Echo Dot.
=614;Then greet Alexa by saying "Hello Alexa" and start using it.
This are the process to set up and use Echo dot. Take Echo Alexa technical support number help if you face any difficulty.
Visit here: http://www. Customer-service-tollfree. Com/amazon-echo-customer-support/

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