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How to prevent malware infection

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2/24/2020 7:31:54 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
If you started worrying about the security of your site, Then the recommendations from this article will help you avoid malware infection. We will try our best to prevent infection.
Site Status Monitoring

Many Search Console features help you identify potential problems. Examples:

"Try a Google search using the site: operator to see which pages appear in your search results. We recommend that you repeat this action from time to time and make sure that no one has added pages or inappropriate content to your site. If you find such pages or materials, Your site may have been hacked. With the site: operator, You can only search one specific site.
"The security report contains all the hacked pages on your site discovered by Google, As well as troubleshooting instructions.
"If Google finds malware on your site, We will notify you of this on the Search Console home page and send a notification to the Message Center.

Safety measures list

In addition to regular monitoring of the site, We recommend that you follow these recommendations:

To all webmasters

"Use strong passwords. Follow the guidelines for your Google Account.
"Choose your third-party content providers carefully. Before installing an application from a third-party vendor (such as a widget, Counter or ad network), Carefully check it. Ad space is often provided to third parties unknown to the website owner. On the Internet you can find a variety of quality content from third-party suppliers. However, They can use such applications to plan attacks against your users (dangerous scripts, Etc. ). Choose applications from trusted sources, Such as: https://chrome. Google. Com/webstore/detail/veepn-unlimited-free-fast/majdfhpaihoncoakbjgbdhglocklcgno? Hl=en. Is there an official website with customer support and contact information?
"Contact your hosting provider or publishing platform developer for support. Most companies have security pages and / or support groups ready to provide the necessary assistance. If an RSS feed is running on a security page or site, Subscribe to it to stay informed.
"Secure all computers. Make sure that the latest workstation software, Antivirus programs are installed on the local workstation (especially when working on the website), And there are no viruses, Trojans or other malware.

Webmasters with server access

"Check server configuration. Instructions for configuring server security from Apache, As well as technical resources for IIS when using Microsoft servers (https://www. Microsoft. Com/), Can be found on the official websites of these manufacturers.
"Back up the HTACCESS file. A backup file will allow you to recover data in the event of an error. Delete the backup file after recovery.
"Install the latest software updates and patches. There are many tools that make building websites easier, But at the same time increase the risk of attacks. Many webmasters make the same mistake: create a forum or blog on the site and forget about it. As the car needs maintenance, The site needs the latest updates of installed programs. Make a complete list of the software and plug-ins used on your website with version numbers and stay tuned.
"Check the site for common vulnerabilities. Avoid using directories with open permissions. It's like leaving home, Leaving the door wide open.
Verify that the following vulnerabilities are missing: XSS and SQL injection.
"Use secure protocols. For data transfer, Google recommends using SSH and SFTP, Rather than simple protocols such as telnet or FTP. SSH and SFTP use encryption, So these protocols are more reliable. These and many other useful tips can be found on the Tips for cleaning and protecting the website located at stopbadware. Org.
"Stay up to date with the latest site security news. You can find a lot of useful information about online security and safety, As well as links to other resources on the Google Security Blog on the Internet.
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2/25/2020 2:37:26 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
Hi! Great tips! Thanks. Can i suggest you? I use https://sitecheck. Sucuri. Net for perform malware scan.

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