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Robot Tax

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2/3/2020 6:41:12 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
I had a random thought I wanted to share with people to get feedback. I want to say up front that I have no idea whether what I am about to propose makes any sense, Since I don't hold a degree in economics or anything, And I've done a generally poor job of managing my own finances, Like many people. However, In my deluded state, I think I'm onto something here:

Businesses love replacing humans with machines. If this results in a business letting people go because they are no longer necessary, I contend that businesses should STILL have to pay taxes equivalent to what the State has lost in income and payroll taxes. This way the gov't revenue stream isn't left out of this hypothetical business' boon.

This could assure that while businesses still increase their profits (by not having to pay actual humans for their work), They won't get to be too greedy and keep all of the profit to themselves. Obviously one could argue that they get taxed on their total net profits or whatever anyhow, But somehow that hasn't stopped many companies from reaping appalling profits while paying next to nothing in taxes.

So start with how many humans it would require to manufacture or service something (and indeed, How many man hours) with the safe minimum of machine equipment. Then start adding it up from there.

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